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September’s TC Music “Song of the Month” contest has begun!

i_tc-musicSeptember’s TripleClicks Music “Song of the Month” contest began Monday, and we’re off to an awesome start with 23 great contenders in several music genres. Help us make this month’s contest the best ever by welcoming these competing artists, listening to their songs, voting for your favorite and helping choose the month’s best song at:


About the contest: Each month, TripleClicks challenges independent artists worldwide to compete for the best song of the month–as chosen by our members. And as a W3 Member, you get a FREE download of the month’s winning song!

Artists: Enter your song for October’s contest now FREE for major exposure & benefits. Learn more at:


DON’T FORGET: You earn bonus AVP (Action VersaPoint) for each song you vote on and download–for up to 50 VP per month.  You’ll also earn 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) for each downloaded song–with unlimited MRP.

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September W3 Member Deal of the Month

W3LogoThis month’s exclusive W3 member deal is for an M&M’s M10CR7 Projection Clock Radio.

Sweet! Keep your candy cravings at bay with the M&M M10CR7 Projection Clock Radio. In addition to an alarm and radio to help wake you up, the M&M clock features a neat, sugary 120-degree red projection of the time on the wall or ceiling. It’s also just really, really cool!

* M&M design
* Projects time on the wall or ceiling
* AM/FM radio
* Sleep and snooze
* Rotary front control for time and alarm setting
* Wake to alarm or music
* 0.6-inch Red LCD Display

In the box:
* M&M’s M10CR7 Projection Clock Radio
* Manual
* AC power cord


Normally $51.18, it’s yours for just $23.36 as a W3 member!

To order yours at this special, exclusive W3 member price, see this page at TripleClicks.com!

Maximum 1 order per member.

Not a WAVE3 Member? Join for free HERE.

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New movie added to Your Choice auction

auc_choicemoviepackNow available in Your Choice Movie Pack auctions: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (DVD / Blu-ray Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy). Remember, with Your Choice auctions, you get to pick the movie title you want and receive 50 TCredits!

About the movie: Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen in this thrilling second adventure from The Hunger Games saga. Against all odds, Katniss and fellow tribute, Peeta, have returned home after surviving the games. Winning means they must turn around, leaving their loved ones behind, and embark on a Victory Tour through the districts. Along the way, Katniss senses a rebellion simmering–one that she and Peeta may have sparked. At the end of the Victory Tour, President Snow announces a deadly 75th Hunger Games (Quarter Quell) that could change Panem forever.

As of now, auction winners can choose from among the following 21 choices (all in Blu-ray/DVD combo packs):

  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
  • Argo
  • Avatar
  • Gravity
  • Iron Man 3
  • Frozen
  • Lone Survivor
  • Man of Steel
  • Marvel’s The Avengers
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  • Prometheus
  • Skyfall
  • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • The Amazing Spider-Man
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • World War Z

We refresh the list regularly with popular new releases and classics, so stay tuned!

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This week’s W3 Cash Drawing Winner

ImageStanislava Bosnjakov of Beograd, SERBIA, just won $250 in the WAVE3 weekly cash drawing. Congrats, Stanislava!

Next week, it could be YOU. For each W3 member you refer, you receive an entry in our weekly drawing (winners drawn each Tuesday). Ten runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, go to: tripleclicks.com/Wave3/makewaves.php

New games, TD Tally and Pick Or Punt, are here!

We have just kicked off our two new Eager Zebra games, PICK OR PUNT and TD TALLY, for fans of the NFL (National Football League) and Fantasy Football!

Fantasy Football, if you are not aware, is one of THE most popular online games in the world.  It is estimated that more than 36 million people play some form of Fantasy Football each week of the NFL season!

Following is an overview of each game:


ABOUT PICK OR PUNT: Think you know the NFL?  Predict the winner of each game each week.  Survive the upsets and finish amongst the top prognosticators and you’ll share in the big weekly TCredits “Zackpot.”  Plus, compete for the top spots on the Pick Or Punt Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!  Play each week FREE.  No purchase necessary to win.

Enter PICK OR PUNT now at:



ABOUT TD TALLY: Each week we choose one offensive player from each NFL team. Your objective?  Predict how many touchdowns each chosen player will score. Finish amongst the top prognosticators and you’ll share in the big weekly TCredits “Zackpot.” Plus, compete for the top spots on the TD Tally Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!  Play each week for just one TCredit.  No purchase necessary to win. 

Enter TD TALLY now at:


1. Before you play, make sure you read our two TIPS FOR WINNING articles here and here.

2. Review our recent announcement about how to market these games and gain PRMs here.

3. A brand new gateway for promoting all now SIX Eager Zebra games will be available in a few days.


There’s a special bonus for SFI affiliates with a rank of at least EA2: If a TD TALLY or PICK OR PUNT winner is one of your PSAs or PRMs…AND you have entered the contest yourself–you’ll automatically receive a 10% match of his or her winnings.  Example: Your PSA wins 200 TCredits, so you win 20 TCredits!  Plus, there’s no limit to how many TCredits you can win in this way, so encourage your PSAs and PRMs to play!

You can also earn 1 AVP (Action VersaPoint) for entering TD Tally (maximum 200 Game AVP/mo.).  You’ll also earn 5 MRP for each TCredit spent for TD Tally and PICK OR PUNT with no limits.


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New Milestone Badge–get yours Wed, Sept. 3rd–24 hours ONLY!

Gold Streak sneak peek!

On Wednesday, September 3rd, we will launching GOLD STREAK, an exciting new Eager Zebra game that we think everyone is going to really, really like!

Complete details will be revealed on Wednesday, but we wanted to let you know NOW that--to mark the premiere of this new Eager Zebra game–we have created this special, gold-trimmed “milestone badge,” which is available to every SFI affiliate and TripleClicks member:


To earn this new badge–which tells the world YOU were part of Eager Zebra history by playing GOLD STREAK on its very first day–simply play Gold Streak during the 24 hour period starting at approximately 10 AM CT on Wednesday, September 3rd.

Upon completion of your game, your badge will be displayed on:

  • Your SFI Homepage
  • Your SFI Leadership Page
  • Your SFI Affiliate Snapshot
  • Your TripleClicks Homepage
  • Your TripleClicks Member TConnect page

This is a permanent badge but it can ONLY be earned during the 24 hour period starting with the Wednesday morning launch.  If you’d like to add this special milestone badge to your “mantel,” be sure to play Gold Streak during the 24 hour window.  Again, this badge cannot be earned at any other time, this is a ONE-TIME-ONLY event.

SFI Milestone: a2a hits the 200,000 member mark!

sfi-WeDidItWe’ve recently welcomed our 200,000th a2a member at SFI!

This SFI social network allows you to search, browse, and exchange messages with any SFI affiliate; identify and befriend SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or city; search by gender, age, join date, and common goals; create “best buddy” lists, brainstorm, share tips, discuss SFI news; and much more. You can also easily befriend an affiliate via Affiliate Snapshots just by clicking the a2a “Friend Request” button below the affiliate’s picture.

PLUS…You get 1 VP a day simply for visiting the a2a tab on your SFI homepage! Be sure to browse for new a2a members each day in your area, country, etc., and connect with them for the best ideas and strategies on promoting SFI in your country or region of the world.

Have YOU checked out this great resource at the Affiliate Center? You can register in less than 30 seconds at the a2a tab on your homepage. Remember: upon submitting your registration for a2a, you’ll receive 60 VP instantly and get a cool a2a badge for your homepage!

As an a2a Member, you can learn from others how to become successful in SFI. SFI affiliates can also send group messages to all of their a2a friends, easily sharing their best tips and ideas.

You’ll also be able to lend assistance to other SFI affiliates, helping them to grow and succeed as SFI business owners. And keep in mind, through the TripleClicks Executive Pool, a whopping 40% of all the CV of EVERY TripleClicks order is distributed via shares to all Executive Affiliates and Team Leaders. When tens of thousands of SFI affiliates become more active due to great support from other a2a members, millions of dollars in new sales at TripleClicks will follow, the TC Executive Pool skyrockets…and everyone’s commissions go UP, UP, UP.

For more information on a2a see this page. For answers to frequently asked questions, click HERE.


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