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This week’s W3 Cash Drawing Winner

ImageAdela Musinovic of Sarajevo, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, just won $250 in the WAVE3 weekly cash drawing. Congrats, Adela!

Next week, it could be YOU. For each W3 member you refer, you receive an entry in our weekly drawing (winners drawn each Tuesday). Ten runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, go to: tripleclicks.com/Wave3/makewaves.php

This week’s W3 Cash Drawing Winner

ImageSabina Loncar of Zagreb, CROATIA, just won $250 in the WAVE3 weekly cash drawing. Congrats, Sabina!

Next week, it could be YOU. For each W3 member you refer, you receive an entry in our weekly drawing (winners drawn each Tuesday). Ten runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, go to: tripleclicks.com/Wave3/makewaves.php

New Knockout Trivia game type

Two Boxers

Today we have begun testing a new game variation for Knockout Trivia.  We call it QUICK PICK.

Here’s what’s different:

  1. You have to answer faster.  There are two seconds less for answering each question.
  2. There are up to TEN 50/50 lifelines available for you to use.
  3. Winning a Quick Pick game gets you two extra shares of the Knockout Trivia daily Zackpot.

There will be approximately three Quick Pick games a day while we are testing.  We hope you enjoy Quick Pick.  Let us know on the SFI Forum how you like it…and let us know if you have other ideas for Knockout Trivia game variations you’d like to see.

More winners for Gold Streak!

h-goldstreak-2Effective today, so there can be more daily winners, we are now awarding shares of the Gold Streak daily Zackpot to the top FIVE longest streaks.

  • All contest entrants with the longest streak for the day will receive 8 shares of the day’s Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the second-longest streak will receive 5 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the third-longest streak will receive 3 shares of the Zackpot. 
  • All entrants with the fourth-longest streak will receive 2 shares of the Zackpot.  
  • All entrants with the fifth-longest streak will receive 1 share of the Zackpot.

If you haven’t played our popular Gold Streak game yet, check it out HERE.  Tip: Each play earns you 5 MRP and 1 Action VersaPoint (200 max. Game Action VP/month).  One play of Gold Streak also gets you an entry in the new DAILY CROWN drawing.  Each day we draw 152 winners for over $1700 in prizes!

Member TConnect Update

Since our major update of TripleClicks last Tuesday, there has been a significant amount of confusion regarding Member TConnect pages.  Following are some FAQs to alleviate the confusion.

Q: Why did you change the Member TConnect pages?
In order to accommodate numerous overall site improvements at TripleClicks.

Q: What happened to my name and picture?
Member TConnect pages must be anonymous now.  Your Member TConnect page is linked to from your username…which appears on Pricebenders auction bid logs, on various leaderboards, at Eager Zebra games, Member Listings, etc.  Usernames are so that you may play, bid, etc. with anonymity (many people will not participate without this protection).  Similarly, your identity is protected when you sell stuff (and use other types of listings we have coming using Member Listings).  If your TConnect page revealed who you actually are, all of this would be for naught of course.  Therefore, we can’t use your real name and picture on your Member TConnect page.  Note: If you don’t care if everyone knows who you really are, simply make your username your real name (you can make this change by submitting a ticket).

Q: Why a flag for the image?
It’s only temporary.  You will soon be able to create your own personalized avatar to go with your username.

Q: What happened to the list of ECAs I connect with?
It had to be temporarily removed.  This element will be returning shortly, however.

Q: What happened to the list of members I connect with?
Because connections between members served no real purpose, we’ve removed this element for now.  Down the road, when future features make connecting with members valuable, it will return.

Q: What happened to the “stuff I’m selling” tab?
More than 90% of members have no products listed.  So to eliminate this clutter and wasted space, we moved product listings to its own panel underneath your badges.  That is, if you have any Member Listings, they are now displayed in a new carousel banner beneath your badges.  If you aren’t listing any products, you won’t see this panel (as it would be empty).

Q: How can I edit my Member TConnect page?
You can do via the Member Center at https://www.tripleclicks.com/myaccount/.

Q; Where’s the text I used to have at the top of my Member TConnect page?
Due to massive abuse (spamming, cross solicitation, profanity, and other violations), we can no longer offer this.

Q: What about announcements I used to get from the ECAs I connected to?
It’s still there.  You just now click the button in the top right corner of your Member TConnect page to read these posts (and we are working on further enhancements of this element).

Q: All I have displaying on my Member TConnect page is a few badges I won for playing games.  What’s the point of this?
Your TConnect page is designed to show viewers what kind of TripleClicks member you are–with your badges playing a major role.  At the moment, we primarily only have badges for games live.  However, there are NUMEROUS badges on the way, which will provide viewers much, much more information about you, such as how long you’ve been a member, if you’re a W3 member, how many reviews you’ve done, the ECAs and TripleClicks artists you follow, how you are rated as a member by other members, and much more.

Q: I sure miss having my name, picture, and the text, as I used my Member TConnect page for prospecting for SFI.  Is there something else I can use in its place?
Yes, to fill this void, we will soon be introducing brand new prospecting pages, completely personalized for you.  They will feature your phone, name, all of your SFI badges, and much more.  You’ll also be able to add custom text so your page can have a personal message from you.  These new pages should be available in less than 30 days.

Q: I’m an ECA.  These new Member TConnect pages don’t work AT ALL for me to sell my products.  What am I supposed to do?
Remember, there are MEMBER TConnect pages and there are ECA TConnect pages.  We have not made any changes to your ECA TConnect page, which you use exclusively for selling your ECA products at TripleClicks.  So the answer is, just use your ECA TConnect page–as always.

Q: Is this it for the Member TConnect page?  Is there anything else coming?
Yes, there are a number of elements, some from the previous version and some brand new ones that will be appearing in the weeks to come.

Q: Why release this new, unfinished Member TConnect page now?  Why didn’t you wait until everything was ready?
Member TConnect pages are just a small component of the overall TripleClicks site of course.  Numerous major features (everything from payments, to security, to Support, and much more) have been stalled until the rewrite of TripleClicks could go live.  These major features are MUCH more important in the big picture than Member TConnect pages…and it was not possible for the rewrite to go live and keep the old Member TConnect pages.  Therefore, it was necessary to launch the new Member TConnect pages in a “phase 1″ state.  The good news is, the doors have now been opened wide for the introduction of dozens of powerful new additions and improvements at TripleClicks.  Meanwhile, Member TConnect pages will quickly be enhanced.  In short, sometimes you have to take a step backwards to advance forward.  This was the case with Member TConnect pages but, rest assured, this temporary step backwards is well, well worth the minor inconvenience.

Q: Why do things have to change so much?  
Great things are built one step at a time.  We intend for TripleClicks to become a billion dollar e-commerce site…and we have a multi-year roadmap for how we will achieve this.  We realize that without seeing this roadmap it can be difficult to understand why we make certain decisions, but please have faith that each and every move we make  is a step towards something extraordinary–which you will come to see and that you will come to benefit from.

i-forum_arrowLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

This week’s W3 Cash Drawing Winner

ImageAbdulmoiz Farooqi of Karachi, PAKISTAN, just won $250 in the WAVE3 weekly cash drawing. Congrats, Abdulmoiz!

Next week, it could be YOU. For each W3 member you refer, you receive an entry in our weekly drawing (winners drawn each Tuesday). Ten runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, go to: tripleclicks.com/Wave3/makewaves.php

Introducing…Fast-Track 2.0!


Today we are truly excited to announce a brand new Fast-Track program…with great new benefits–including monthly bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool!

For complete details on the new qualifications and benefits, head over to our new Fast-Track central info page now at:


Fast-Track 2.0 is now live, and all newly-registered affiliates are being introduced to the new benefits and qualifications at this very moment.  Of course, we know that thousands of our existing affiliates would like to have the opportunity to go Fast-Track, too.  Hence, we’re offering the following two grandfather clauses:

If you joined SFI before today, and are NOT already a Fast-Track Member, you may attain basic Fast-Track Member status by simply meeting the basic Fast-Track qualifications no later than October 17th.  If you’d like to have GOLD Fast-Track Member status, you’ll need to also set up a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order by October 17th.  NOTE: if you already have a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order (and you’ve completed the five required Getting Started actions from your To-Do List), you’re all set; you’re already qualified as a gold Fast-Track Member (and you should see your new gold badge on your SFI homepage now).

If you joined SFI before today, and are already a Fast-Track Member, you’re all set for basic Fast-Track Member status; there’s nothing further you need to do.  If you’d like to have GOLD Fast-Track Member status, however, you’ll need to set up a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order by October 17th.  NOTE: if you already have a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order, you’re all set; you’re already qualified as a gold Fast-Track Member (and you should see your new gold badge on your SFI homepage now).

REMEMBER: This second chance to grab a Fast-Track badge and six other Fast-Track benefits is a 10-day window ONLY.  Don’t miss out!  After October 17th, it’s gone forever.


Money stashPreviously, qualifying as a Fast-Track Member brought some nice recognition, but being a Fast-Track Member can now also boost your INCOME!  With Fast-Track 2.0, we’re introducing a new element to the SFI compensation plan that we call Fast-Track Bonus Shares.

With this new feature, every month you can earn valuable bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool.  It works like this:  For every 10 VP you earn, you’ll earn one additional bonus share of the Executive Pool.

Example:  You earn 10,000 VP; you get paid an extra 1000 shares of the Executive Pool!  And this isn’t just once.  You can earn this special new bonus EVERY MONTH!  As you build your group, this bonus could be worth hundreds of dollars to you every year.

Please note that earning Fast-Track Bonus Shares requires that you are at least an EA (Executive Affiliate) and account for a minimum of $20 in sales and/or purchases.


With seven great benefits (including the new income-boosting Bonus Shares), MANY new affiliates will be going Fast-Track.  And when they do so with a purchase, that means you’ll be earning Direct Commissions (45% of the CV of the item purchased)!

To help you stay on top of this new feature, and so that you may provide assistance wherever needed, we’ve added new Fast-Track icons to your Genealogy and also to your My Movers page.  A green jet indicates that the person is eligible for Fast-Track.  A red jet likewise indicates eligibility for Fast-Track–but that less than 72 hours remains of their 10-day window.

We’ve also added Fast-Track icons to let you know who has already qualified: A silver jet indicates basic Fast-Track qualification.  A gold jet indicates a gold Fast-Track Member.  Note:  If you’re seeing both a green or red jet AND a silver jet, that means the person has already met the qualification for basic Fast-Track Membership, but still has time to go gold by setting up a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order.

We’re also introducing a set of new badges to recognize sponsors who are helping their PSAs achieve Fast-Track Member status.


Earn this new badge with just five Fast-Track PSAs.

  • Sport a bronze jet with 10 Fast-Track PSAs
  • Sport a silver jet with 20 Fast-Track PSAs
  • Sport a gold jet with 40 Fast-Track PSAs

BTW, these new badges will be changing to being fully dynamic soon, so that whatever your number of Fast-Track PSAs is, that number will be displayed on your badge!



The best way to guarantee lots of Fast-Track qualifiers is with a great $20 product that every SFI affiliate will want to get of course.

Meet the New Member Pack (NMP).  The NMP comes loaded with:

*With an EZ Express token, you can play any Eager Zebra game, even if you’ve reached your play or win limit for the day!

That’s a total value of $61.40; you save $41.20!


As a FREE BONUS, NMP also includes 30 FREE entries in the brand new TripleClicks Daily Crown Drawing.  That’s one free entry each day for the next 30 days to win a share of over $1,700 in daily prizes!

PLUS…as an SFI affiliate, there’s EVEN MORE.

As an SFI affiliate, when you purchase the NMP, you’ll also receive:

  • 3 New CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)
  • 500 VersaPoints

With all those mighty TCredits, Member Rewards Points, Eager Zebra Game tokens, and a plethora of valuable free bonuses, we think you’ll agree that NMP is a slam-dunk bargain.


The NMP includes $6.70 CV.

Plus, we’re allowing SF Affiliates and TC Members to buy up to five NMPs (limited to the first 10-days window).

And if you’re an SFI affiliate and you buy THREE NMPs, we’ll add yet another bonus:

20 more new CSAs (29 total)!

Or buy FIVE NMPs and we’ll add 50 new CSAs (65 total)!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The additional 20 or 50 bonus CSAs will not be added to your Genealogy until October 18th.



Each sale of an NMP to a retail customer earns you 500 VersaPoints (i.e., earn 1500 VP EA status with just three sales a month to new PRMs).  Each sale of an NMP also generates $6.70 CV (Commission Volume). The Direct Commission for the seller is $3.02.  And can you handle one more bit of exciting news?  Shortly, every time you sign up a new PRM (personally referred TripleClicks Member), they’ll receive from us special promotions of the NMP on your behalf!  And why not?  The NMP is a great value for new members and is a great product to introduce them to all the awesomeness happening at TripleClicks every day.  And we’re sure you won’t mind earning all that new CV, right?  More on our promotions of NMPs to your PRMs soon.


Q: Is SFI forcing affiliates to buy something?
Absolutely not.  First of all, Fast-Track Membership is 100% optional.  You can achieve the highest rank in SFI and become the highest earner in SFI without being a Fast-Track Member.  Furthermore, the $20 Fast-Track requirement can be met with SALES–as little as one sale to a single customer (the New Member Pack is a particularly great option–low price, big bargain, and immediate delivery with no shipping fees!).

Q: Will a combination of sales and purchases qualify?
Yes.  Any combination of sales and/or purchase totaling at least $20 meets the Fast-Track requirement.

Q: What if I can’t make the required $20 in sales and/or purchases within my 10-day window?
You will have the opportunity to apply for an extension (more time) if you are a facing a hardship such as limited payment options.  Watch for a separate announcement on this soon.

Q: If I set up (or already have) a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order, do I need to also account for separate $20 in sales or purchases?
No. Your minimum 1500 VP Standing Order, regardless of when it is processed this month, takes care of the $20 requirement.

Q: Are ALL the new Fast-Track benefits (such as the Bonus Shares) available to existing affiliates?
Absolutely, yes.  Just get qualified (if you’re not already) by October 17, 2014, per the Grandfather Clause (see paragraphs 5 and 6 at the top of the page).

Q: I have a Standing Order.  Why do I not have the Fast-Track badge yet?
Your badge won’t appear until your Standing Order has been processed.

Q: If sometime in the future I fail to generate the minimum $20 in sales and/or purchases in a month, do I lose my Fast-Track Member status and benefits.
No.  Once you’ve qualified, all benefits are yours for as long as you remain an SFI affiliate.  However, Fast-Track Bonus Shares will not be paid any month that you do not have a minimum of $20 in sales and/or purchases and are not at least an EA (Executive Affiliate).

Q: What are the five Getting Started actions from the To-Do List that are required for becoming a Fast-Track Member?

  • Valid, confirmed email address
  • Whitelisting of SFI to ensure email delivery
  • Completed Affiliate Profile
  • Account photo uploaded
  • “Ready to go” commitment to sponsor

Q: What is benefit of being a GOLD Fast-Track Member?
The benefit of going gold is that you set an example for every person you recruit for the rest of your career in SFI. You want your new affiliates going for gold (a 1500 VP Standing Order) and not “settling” for silver.  Remember, the more team members you have with a Standing Order, the more secure your income will become.  If you, their sponsor, is silver, you can’t expect them to want to do more than you.  LEADING BY EXAMPLE is CRITICAL in our business, and displaying a gold Fast-Track Fast-Track badge helps you set a clear and strong example.

Q: Do I need to let my new affiliates know about Fast-Track?
You can certainly mention it and offer to answer questions, etc.  But there’s no need to do much if anything beyond that (and it may be even counter-productive), because new affiliates will now see special Fast-Track alerts and banners at the Affiliate Center and LaunchPad.  They’ll also receive three brief email reminders during the 10-day window.  Tip: Whenever you need to explain what Fast-Track is to someone, just point them to our Fast-Track central info page at: http://www.sfimg.com/FT

Q: What about EXISTING affiliates?  Should I let them know about the new Fast-Track second chance opportunity?
For existing affiliates, yes.  Especially if you’re a Team Leader, it would behoove you to help make sure that affiliates in your group who might otherwise miss our corporate announcements know about this important and limited-time development.

Q: On the Fast-Track PSA badges for sponsors, does it matter if the PSA is a gold Fast-Track Member?
No, for these badges, we’re simply looking at your PSAs who have qualified for Fast-Track, regardless of whether it’s the standard or gold membership.

i-forum_arrowLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


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