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New auction item at Pricebenders!

PricebendersLogoArriving at Pricebenders Auctions: the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier …introduced in a special DP Auction in which every bidder receives double the MRP normally awarded for every bid placed. That’s 10 MRP every time you place a Pricebenders auction bid!

image-s1-1xUltrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Moisturize the dry air in your home or office in minutes with the whisper-quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier from Pure Enrichment. This powerful and aesthetically pleasing tabletop humidifier is packed with smart features that make it the perfect solution for improving the air quality in any room.

The humidifier’s 1.5-liter tank delivers a moisture output of 150 milliliters per hour making it the perfect solution to relieve the symptoms associated with dry air. On the low setting, you can expect up to 16 hours of continuous, safe operation.


* Ultrasonic cool mist technology safely moisturizes the air for up to 16 hours of continuous operation so you can breathe easy and get more restful sleep.

* 1.5-liter tank capacity provides ideal coverage for bedrooms, offices, and other medium-sized rooms.

* 360-degree mist nozzle and dual-speed control make it easy to adjust mist direction and speed to fit your comfort level.

* Automatic shut-off safely turns humidifier off when water level is low or the water tank is removed.

* Optional night light offers soothing glow for maximum relaxation.

Look for this auction for the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier:

Friday, January 27, at 6:30 AM

Remember, this auction will be a special DP Auction, where all bidders receive double the MRP–10 MRP–normally awarded for every bid they place! Set up an auction reminder at:


ATTN: Winning bidders living outside the U.S. and Canada can have this Pricebenders item shipped for free to a U.S. address! Alternately, international winners of this item can choose to participate in our Gift Certificate Exchange or the “Your Choice Dropshipping” program.

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December’s UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!


We are delighted to announce the winners of December’s UNSTOPPABLE contest!  The December 2016 contest challenged SFI affiliates to develop new EA2s.

Our grand champion and winner of $500 cash was UNOMA ARINZE of Nigeria.  Congratulations, Unoma, you’re awesome!

A hearty congratulations also goes out to the rest of our top ten (shown in red below), who grabbed a total of $1,200 in additional cash and Signing Bonuses.  For our top 50, all cash, digital prizes, and badges will be awarded in the next few days and automatically added to your account (for you t-shirt winners, be looking for an alert to choose your shirt size and confirm your shipping address).

Note: If you’re not yet entered in the current JANUARY contest, what are you waiting for? Get entered and win great cash and more!  Full details HERE.

  1. Unoma Arinze, Nigeria
  2. Hans Bergmeier, Germany
  3. Tamara Moncrieffe, Jamaica
  4. Chris Manels, Canada
  5. Elizabeta Paunoska, Macedonia
  6. Stone Evans, United States
  7. Alex Zubarev, United States
  8. Brian Futureco, United Kingdom
  9. Erich Winnecke, United States
  10. Tim Braun, United States
  11. Nada Vujović, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  12. Mark & Urseureka Baldus, Philippines
  13. Jethro Baruka, Kenya
  14. Ravindra Teotia, India
  15. Dr. Hilal Aw, Egypt
  16. Valentina Sokolovska, Macedonia
  17. Janko Balej, Serbia
  18. Biljana Todorovska, Macedonia
  19. Lado Zavolovsek, Serbia
  20. Merima Goralija, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  21. Lejla Civcic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  22. Jovic Danka, Serbia
  23. Zivanka Mandic, Serbia
  24. Radica Ivanovska, Macedonia
  25. Sebas Broekhof, Netherlands
  26. Giuseppe Francavilla, Italy
  27. Zlata Markovic, Serbia
  28. Israel Fakeye, Cote D’Ivoire
  29. Maurice Otiang’a, Kenya
  30. Marija Banovacki, Serbia
  31. Alina Florica Garbin, Croatia
  32. Veneric Flores, Philippines
  33. Goran Vidovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  34. Ijeoma Chinwuko, Nigeria
  35. Radmila Novakovic, Serbia
  36. Aleksandar Stefanovski, Macedonia
  37. Brian Minter, United Kingdom
  38. Brian Mario Fernandes, United Arab Emirates
  39. Marija Neskovic, Serbia
  40. Suzana Sevic, Serbia
  41. Adam Harding, United Kingdom
  42. Ivan Stojanov, Macedonia
  43. Radmila Trbic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  44. Ahmed Musthafa Rajasekaran, India
  45. Timothy Mwashimba, Kenya
  46. Filip Milosavljevic, Serbia
  47. Rama Krishna behara, India
  48. At Coetzee, South Africa
  49. Sidi Zidani, Switzerland
  50. Ladislav Odreitz, Slovenia
  51. Lana Kraljevic, Croatia
  52. Olufolake Stephen Adams, Nigeria
  53. Dragana Vesic, Serbia
  54. Olaitan Wahab, Nigeria
  55. Kathy Middendorf, United States
  56. Josephine Chinonso, Nigeria
  57. Alan Kennedy, United Kingdom
  58. Branko Babić, Serbia
  59. Sanja Šilić, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  60. Esther Waeni, Kenya
  61. Mark Malizia, United States
  62. Dominic Guimont, United States
  63. Sanja Matanovic, Croatia
  64. Gerald Begg, Australia
  65. Lester Lennon, Jamaica
  66. Irena Vehar Dragan, Slovenia
  67. Michael Oliver, United States
  68. Kristina Benic, Croatia
  69. Lajosne Szabo, Hungary
  70. Ahmad Musleh, United Arab Emirates
  71. Zeljko Mitic, Serbia
  72. Gorica Catleska, Macedonia
  73. Sijuk Suzana, Serbia
  74. John Andrzejewski, United States
  75. Sajid Khan, Pakistan
  76. Atul Mahajan, India
  77. Jorge Valledor, Philippines
  78. Kristijan Vojnic Purcar, Serbia
  79. Aleksandra Karakuleva, Macedonia
  80. Miroslav Vuckovic, Serbia
  81. Azra Kalusic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  82. Daniela Čolović, Serbia
  83. Nikola Dzekov, Macedonia
  84. Marjan Merlak, Slovenia
  85. Igor Sepcenko, Serbia
  86. Dragana Bačić, Serbia
  87. Dragan Mitevski, Macedonia
  88. Lakhi Nath Barbaruah, India
  89. Ljubisa Markovic ,Serbia
  90. Trent Brownrigg, United States
  91. Nilo Bezerra, Brazil
  92. Sylvia Lategan, Zimbabwe
  93. Danica Kolar, Croatia
  94. Mara Vlajkovic, Serbia
  95. Kristine Kobjakova, United Kingdom
  96. Dejan Kunovski, Macedonia
  97. Eugene Uchuvatkin, Russian Federation
  98. Olivera Djinovic, Serbia
  99. Darko Bogdanovic, Serbia
  100. David Yaweh, Nigeria

Per the contest rules, for ALL who entered the contest and developed at least one new EA2, we also drew ten winners of 50 TCredits each (to be added to your account shortly).  Those winners were:

  1. Klara Kosik, Serbia
  2. Hicham El Falah El Alaoui, Canada
  3. milan janicijevic, Serbia
  4. Jeff Mulligan, United States
  5. Cynthia Hayles, Canada
  6. Israel Fakeye, Cote D’Ivoire
  7. Poornima Palanisamy, India
  8. Olufolake Stephen Adams, Nigeria
  9. Dijana Asenov, Serbia
  10. Martina Nenadic, Serbia

Once again, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all our UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!  We look forward to seeing your name in the top 10, 20, 50 or 100 again in the months to come!

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New at Pricebenders: Essential Oil Diffusers

screenshot_761Pricebenders continues to expand its product offerings with three essential oil diffusers you can bid on and win…introduced in special DP Auctions in which every bidder receives double the MRP normally awarded for every bid placed. That’s 10 MRP every time you place a Pricebenders auction bid!

Oil diffusers have been growing in popularity in recent years. Studies indicate they can improve your health, relieve stress, improve sleep, elevate your mood, ease cold and flu symptoms, provide a safe alternative to candles and incense, and MUCH more. Plus…with just 3 to 5 drops of your favorite essential oil, they just smell GREAT!


AromaCare Zen Orb Cool Mist Ultrasonic Nebulizer

With its tasteful wood grain design and large capacity water tank, the ultra-quiet, easy-to-use AromaCare Zen Orb Cool Mist Ultrasonic Nebulizer not only delivers hours and hours of soothing cool mist, but also fits tastefully and seamlessly with any home decor!

Look for these auctions for the AromaCare Zen Orb Nebulizer:

  • Monday, January 23, beginning at 4:30 AM
  • Thursday, January 26, beginning at 06:30 PM


PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Refresh the air naturally in your home, office, or spa using the advanced ultrasonic technology of the PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuse. With its whisper-quiet operation and large capacity water tank, this diffuser distributes a gentle, cool mist into the air for hours and acts as a gentle moisturizing humidifier for dry rooms.

Look for this auction for the PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Diffuser on Sunday, January 22, beginning at 4:30 AM.


InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect for small- to medium-sized rooms with a sleek, modern design that complements any home decor. Multiple mist settings, easy operation, and a 7-color transforming light-up unit will make this diffuser a favorite way to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Look for these auctions for the InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser:

  • Tuesday, January 24, beginning at 8:30 AM
  • Thursday, January 26, beginning at 2:30 AM
  • Friday, January 27, beginning at 8:30 PM

Remember, ALL these new item auctions will be special DOUBLE MRP auctions, where you’ll get double the MRP normally awarded for every bid placed! Check out the complete schedule and set up an auction reminders at:


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42,380 free VP awarded in latest Spin & Win

spin-and-win-2Did you miss out on the most recent Spin & Win contest, held between January 13, 2017 through January 15, 2017? Affiliates who spotted the Spin & Win notice–announced in the monthly SFI Rules Of Success Newsletter, mailed out on January 13th–and who entered the free contest grabbed 42,380 free VP!

Yet, that number is only a tiny fraction of the total amount of free VP we set aside for each Spin & Win contest! Don’t miss out on these easy VersaPoints and the earning benefits that come with them. Be on the lookout for Spin & Win alerts in our newsletters–and make sure everyone in your downline is looking for them as well. Readers are leaders!

Here’s how Spin & Win works:

At least once every month–and up to three times every month–we include a blurb in our newsletters announcing that a new Spin & Win contest is underway.  NOTE: There is no mention of Spin & Win in the subject line. You must read each newsletter you receive in its entirety to find the new Spin & Win contest blurb.  When you find it, get to the Web page URL referenced as soon as you can (the entry period will typically be 48 to 72 hours, but could be less).

When you arrive at the Spin & Win Web page, answer the simple questions there about SFI or TripleClicks.  Answer correctly and you will get one free spin of the VP wheel–with a chance to win up to 1,000 VersaPoints (everyone is guaranteed to win at least 5 VP per spin).  There is NO obligation and NO purchase is necessary.  Just enter the correct answers, spin the wheel, and you’ll be a instant winner…with up to 1,000 VersaPoints added immediately to your account–just for reading your SFI e-mails!

New likes/loves features on Stream

We’ve just added a cool new feature to Stream.

Effective immediately, when you post on Stream, you can now see who in your group liked and loved your posts (most recent likes/loves—for up to 40 people).

To access this new feature, click on the blue menu icon (looks like a “V”), then choose the “Who liked/loved” option.


Stream will now display for you a list that looks like this:



  1. You can instantly contact any of your “likers” and “lovers” by clicking on their name or photo.  Doing so will open up their Affiliate Snapshot with multiple options to review their status, communicate with them, send an E-Card, etc.
  2. If you see a solid green “chat bubble”under their name, this means they are currently online at the Affiliate Center (meaning you can instantly initiate live chat with them by clicking the bubble).
  3. You can also access your likes/loves list for any post by clicking the “posted X days ago” link following your name.

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Did you get your free TCredits this month?

TCreditsCommissions and perks have been processed for December and we wanted to remind you that if you were at least a second-month EA (Executive Affiliate) in December, we’ve added 10-24 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at http://www.tripleclicks.com. They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use your TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, and more.


NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from receipt.

Meow! Themes for Zackjack!

When we launched Zackjack on January 3rd, we told you that there was lots more to come…IF the game was a hit.  Well, with nearly TWO MILLION games played already, it’s definitely a HIT!

So, we’re pleased to roll out one of those planned features today…Zackjack THEMES.  For the cost of just a few TCredits, you can now choose to play Zackjack using fun, new card decks, backgrounds, and sound effects!


Our first such theme is CATS.  Our whimsical feline theme provides you with a deck of 52 colorful, different cat cards, designed exclusively for Zackjack by local Lincoln, Nebraska artist Katie Nieland. It also comes with matching backgrounds and fun kitty sounds when you achieve 21’s, Zackjacks and more!  Meow, indeed!


And this is just the start.  More themes are on the way.


  1. If you get tired of a theme, you can switch back and forth between available themes whenever you want.
  2. Like the cards but prefer the default, original background?  You can choose to use the cards you want with the standard background.


Just click the “Theme” button (before, during, or after any game) and follow the simple directions.


Save 20%!

Order the new Zackjack cat theme within 24
hours and it’s yours for 20% off the regular price.
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DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.