September 17, 2018
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29,075 free VP awarded in latest Spin & Win

Did you miss out on the most recent Spin & Win contest, held between September 14th through September 16th? Affiliates who spotted the Spin & Win notice–announced in the monthly SFI Rules of Success Newsletter, mailed out Friday, September 14th–and who entered the free contest grabbed 29,075 free VP!

Yet, that number is only a tiny fraction of the total amount of free VP we set aside for each Spin & Win contest! Don’t miss out on these easy, rank-advancing VersaPoints and the accompanying earning benefits. Be on the lookout for Spin & Win alerts in our newsletters–and make sure everyone in your downline is looking for them as well. Readers are leaders!

Here’s how Spin & Win works:

At least once every month–and up to three times every month–we include a notice in our newsletters announcing that a new Spin & Win contest is underway.  NOTE: There is no mention of Spin & Win in the subject line. You must read each newsletter you receive in its entirety to find the new Spin & Win contest notice.  When you find it, get to the Web page URL referenced as soon as you can (the entry period will typically be 48 to 72 hours, but could be less).

When you arrive at the Spin & Win Web page, answer the simple questions there about SFI or TripleClicks.  Answer correctly and you will get one free spin of the VP wheel–with a chance to win up to 1,000 VersaPoints (everyone is guaranteed to win at least 5 VP per spin).  There is NO obligation and NO purchase is necessary.  Just enter the correct answers, spin the wheel, and you’ll be a instant winner…with up to 1,000 VersaPoints added immediately to your account–just for reading your SFI e-mails!

September 12, 2018
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Step-It-Up September Contest!  Win 13,000 CSAs!

September is historically the time of the year when growth kicks back in…and we want to take it to the maximum this year!  That’s why we’re announcing today our STEP-IT-UP SEPTEMBER contest!

The Step-It-Up September (SIUS) contest is going to award qualifiers up to 13,000 business-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)!

How?  Just step up your rank!  That is, attain a higher rank by the end of September than you had in August…and you’ll receive 500 CSAs.  It’s that easy!  But you don’t have to stop at 500.

  • Step up twice (e.g. from EA to STL), and you’ll receive 1000 CSAs!
  • Step up three times and you’ll receive 1500 CSAs!
  • Step up four times and you’ll receive 2000 CSAs!
  • Step up five times and you’ll receive 2500 CSAs!
  • Or, pull off the ultimate advancement (Affiliate to Diamond Team Leader), and you’ll receive a whopping 3000 CSAs!

In addition to the above, one lucky person will win a bonus grand prize of 10,000 CSAs!  To be entered in this drawing, simply step up your rank.  One step up gets you one entry, two steps up gets you two entries, three steps up gets your three entries, and so on.

Important Note: Should the SIUS contest exceed our best expectations and run us out of unassigned CSAs, fulfillment will be paused until additional, new CSAs can be acquired. Regardless, you will receive all CSAs qualified for.

Q: Who is eligible for the Step-It-Up September contest?
All SFI affiliates who joined SFI on or before September 12, 2018.

Q: How soon will I receive my CSAs after advancing my rank?
They’ll typically appear in your Genealogy within a few hours.

Q: How soon will I be able to earn commissions on my new CSAs?
As soon as they appear in your Genealogy, you’ll immediately be eligible to start earning Co-Sponsor Commissions.

Q: For this contest, does the month of September include the order back-dating period of the first 8 days of October?

Q: What if I was a Silver Team Leader earlier in the year, but in August I was only an Executive Affiliate?  Would I qualify if I advanced to Bronze Team Leader by the end of September?
Yes, advancing from EA in August to BTL in September would qualify you for 500 CSAs.

Q: Should I tell my team about this special promotion?
ABSOLUTELY!  This is a fantastic opportunity to create excitement, growth, and momentum in your team!  Do everything you can to make sure you’ve got as many team members as possible working to step up their rank by the end of the month.  And make sure you’re making yourself available to provide assistance, support, and motivation.  Speaking of which, you may want to consider running your own parallel contest (same advancement rules and deadline) but with your own prizes added to sweeten the pot and really get your group engaged and energized!

Q: Are the CSAs I will receive new or Second Home CSAs?
All CSAs are CSAs that have never been assigned a co-sponsor or only have 1-3 assigned co-sponsors currently.

Q: People who joined SFI in September don’t have a status for August because they hadn’t joined SFI yet.  So how does that work?
For persons who joined SFI in September, we’ll consider their rank for August as Affiliate.

Q: What if I’ve already advanced my rank from August to now?
Congratulations, 500 CSAs will be appearing in your Genealogy momentarily!

Q: When will the winner of the grand prize of 10,000 CSAs be drawn and awarded?
The grand prize will be awarded on or about October 10th after commissions for September have been processed.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

September 7, 2018
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WOW! Over 20 million Rewardicals awarded last month!

WOW! Last month, SFI Affiliates and Members received 22,403,088 Rewardicals from our Biz Quiz, Daily Grand, Daily Crown, and Badge Quest contests! Congrats to all our contest winners and good luck to all our September contest participants!

Remember: In addition to winning Rewardical Tokens (RTs) in SFI and TC drawings and contests, you can earn RTs when shopping at local and online stores via the Rewardical loyalty program. You can then exchange Rewardical tokens HERE for a variety of great goodies, including PSAs, CSAS, free gift cards, Bitcoin, silver bullion, and more.

  • By the way, you can now earn Rewardicals at 318 locations on 61,785 products and services!
  • See ALL the ways you can earn Rewardicals HERE.

Boost your business! A great way to attract new Rewardical members is to pass out Rewardical X-Cards, designed to promote Rewardical and digital Rewardical Reward Tokens, to anyone and everyone you like. As their referrer, you’ll now be set to earn unlimited 10-1 Rewardicals on every Rewardical they earn…for life!

September 7, 2018
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August’s Grandmaster Poker Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Grandmaster Poker’s top 10 scorers for August!

  1. Zoran S. (469,709)
  2. Ana M. (450,431)
  3. Erich W. (446,443)
  4. Kim L. (446,424)
  5. Rohinton H. (441,690)
  6. Byron H. (438,270)
  7. Ahmed M. (431,256)
  8. Stefano C. (430,974)
  9. Zaklina P.a (420,142)
  10. Marija B. (416,625)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Grandmaster Poker CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

Haven’t played Grandmaster Poker yet?

Play for FREE as many times as you want daily to win this exclusive t-shirt and other great prizes.  Exciting league play with your friends and SFI team members is also available!

Play Grandmaster Poker HERE

September 7, 2018
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August’s Brain Sprint Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brain Sprint top 10 scorers for August 2018!

  1. Aubrey M. (3,800,530)
  2. Joanne S. (2,832,475)
  3. Jeannine G. (2,596,010)
  4. Aaelsie K. (2,520,250)
  5. Nataša R. (2,456,895)
  6. Ali F. (2,308,400)
  7. Allyson L. (2,269,305)
  8. Sead Š. (2,211,810)
  9. Cheryl K. (2,179,405)
  10. GT B. (2,120,625)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Brain Sprint CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

Haven’t played Brain Sprint yet?

Play for FREE 10 times daily to win this exclusive t-shirt, unlimited Rewardicals, and other great prizes.

Play Brain Sprint HERE

September 7, 2018
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August’s Zackjack Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Zackjack’s top 10 scorers for August 2018!

  1. Zlatko P. (348,880)
  2. Jenny B. (343,785)
  3. Stevan N. (332,056)
  4. Ivana D. (331,039)
  5. Jackie F. (327,023)
  6. Zoran S. (324,151)
  7. Becky F. (323,248)
  8. Rohinton H. (321,980)
  9. Kim L. (321,421)
  10. Vladimir S. (319,400)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Zackjack CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

Haven’t played Zackjack yet?

Play for FREE as many times as you want daily to win this exclusive t-shirt and other great prizes.  Exciting league play with your friends and SFI team members is also available!

Play Zackjack HERE

September 7, 2018
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100,000 Rewardicals awarded in August Badge Quest drawing!

We recently completed our August 2018 Badge Quest drawing…and the following 40 SFI Affiliates will receive an equal share of the 100,000 Rewardical bounty pot.

Congratulations to our drawing winners!

  1. Catherine N. (KENYA)
  2. Даниела П. (MACEDONIA)
  3. Jovana M. (SERBIA)
  4. Farida H. (GHANA)
  5. Daniela M. (MACEDONIA)
  6. Ognjen R. (SERBIA)
  7. Earl W. (UNITED STATES)
  8. Nandanee M. (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
  9. Harry H. (UNITED STATES)
  10. Anna Liza C. (HONG KONG)
  11. Gyula B. (ROMANIA)
  12. Christine D. (GIBRALTAR)
  13. Patrice Alberto B. (MADAGASCAR)
  14. Edward U. (NIGERIA)
  15. Darko D. (SERBIA)
  16. Dhanu T. (SRI LANKA)
  18. Nagoor A. (SRI LANKA)
  19. Dalibor N. (MACEDONIA)
  20. Earnest M. (ZAMBIA)
  21. Snjezana R. (SERBIA)
  22. Emanuel C. (BRAZIL)
  23. Remus T. (ROMANIA)
  24. Carsten M. (DENMARK)
  25. Don M. (UNITED STATES)
  26. Terry M. (UNITED STATES)
  28. Milan S. (SLOVENIA)
  29. Mithun D. (INDIA)
  31. Ilonka G. (AUSTRALIA)
  32. Simona G. (SLOVENIA)
  33. James N. (MALAYSIA)
  34. Darko S. (SERBIA)
  35. Rade M. (SERBIA)
  38. Abah O. (NIGERIA)
  39. Abas N. (INDONESIA)
  40. Stephen P. (NIGERIA)

…And GOOD LUCK to September’s Badge Quest participants!

Remember: Each month, for every* new badge earned by all SFI affiliates–companywide–SFI will put two Rewardicals** into the Bounty pot (the current pot amount will be displayed on your WIN IT tab), with a guaranteed minimum of 100,000 Rewardicals. At the end of the month, we draw 40 winners, who each receive an equal share of the bounty pot.

NOTE: Rewardicals can be redeemed for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies HERE.

*Excludes SFI rank badge and Member badge–which are awarded automatically to all affiliates.
**SFI reserves the right to adjust the ratio of Rewardicals per badges earned

September 5, 2018
by admin

Astro Auction Gateway now available!

We’re excited today to announce that the new Astro Auctions Gateway is now available for your marketing campaigns.

Tip: This new Gateway is for signing up PRMs…and if they like Astro and begin buying TCredits and bidding regularly (especially if they become VIPs), you’re going to earn GREAT Direct Commissions (52% of CV), plus loads of VersaPoints, too!

But before you dive in…

There are some special rules that go with using this Gateway, so please read the following carefully:

First, there are TWO versions of the Astro Auctions Gateway.  Which version your prospects see depends on YOU.

Version One offers your prospects a free bid.  That is, after signing up, they can immediately enter any open Astro Auction with guaranteed prizes for them but with absolutely no cost or risk!  This if of course a fantastic way to build your list of PRMs and, more importantly, get them engaged and making purchases (that earn you commissions).  With Version One of the Gateway, however, you’re required to provide the TCredits for the free bid (we automatically transfer one TCredit from your account to the new member’s account upon registering).

Version Two of the Astro Auction Gateway does NOT offer your prospects a free bid.  Instead, it simply highlights all the cool features of Astro and encourages them to sign up to try it out.  Of course, to try it, they’ll need to first buy TCredits, so your success rate of creating engaged new customers will likely be less, probably substantially less.


1. Go to and choose your level of participation. That is, choose how many TCredits per day you want to make available to your sign-ups (once this amount is reached, until the next day, your prospects will automatically see Version Two of the Gateway which doesn’t offer the free bid).  Note that you can change your limit, up or down, any time.

2. Begin promoting Astro, referring your prospects to:  (XXXXX = your SFI ID number)


To help you get started right away generating hits for the new Gateway, we’ve created some cool new banners in several sizes.  Here are three samples:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are choosing to use Version Two of the Gateway, you may only use the banners that do NOT offer a free bid. 

You can find all the new Astro Auction banners at our Marketing Center HERE.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

August 30, 2018
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New Time Machine contest has started!

Time Machine gameZack is back…with the latest edition of our highly popular Eager Zebra game, Time Machine!

The new question is:

What will the all-time box office rank for THE PREDATOR (2018) be on October 23rd?

Enter your new prediction at:

TIP: Make sure you head over to our blog at (or click the RULES button at the top of the Time Machine page) to get some valuable tips for winning the new Time Machine contest.

TIP: You can enter a prediction daily to win a share of what will, no doubt, become a HUGE Zackpot.  And with each Time Machine entry, you also can get a free entry for the  Daily Crown and a chance to win a share of over 35,000 Rewardicals!  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

GOOD LUCK to all our players!

August 30, 2018
by admin

272 Winners share Time Machine 9,556 TCredits Zackpot!

We have a winner!Our most recent Time Machine game ended today, giving us our long-awaited answer to our question, What will the all-time box office rank for MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT be on Aug. 28?

272 different TripleClicks members predicted the correct answer of 175.

With a final Zackpot of 9,556, each winner received an equal share of a whopping 35 TCredits!

For a complete list of all the winners, see:

Fun Fact: Time Machine has now awarded over 717,064 TCredits to over 11,156 winners!

Note! A brand new Time Machine question is now live. To enter your prediction, go now to:

Tip: See our Time Machine Tips HERE to help you win the new Time Machine Zackpot!

On behalf of Zack the Zebra, CONGRATULATIONS to our latest Time Machine winners!  Enjoy all those mighty TCredits and your new badge!