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Achieving your May goals?

Dart & targetHow are you doing on your monthly SFI goals? Did you collect your 5 VP for setting your goals for the month (before the 10th), along with 1 VP each day you review your Goals Tab?

MORE importantly: will you reach some (or all) of the goals you’ve set for this month?

If you’ve answered no or are not sure, take a moment right now to review your progress:


Then, stop by the Ask SC archive at the Affiliate Center and search for “goals” to read top answers to questions about setting and reaching goals in SFI and helping your downline to do the same. You’ll also want to check out the SFI Forum for more ideas, tips, and advice on setting goals that will help you succeed in SFI. And don’t forget all the business-building training and support articles available for free to all affiliates at the SFI Affiliate Center!

And get ready for June!

On June 1st, it will be time to set new monthly goals. If you set goals for May, use what you learned to set realistic June goals. The most important thing is to have goals and always strive to achieve them. Various studies PROVE that those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who do not…and we want all of our affiliates to experience bountiful success!

The Daily Grand just got…grander!

Effective immediately, we’ve upped the number of daily winners in the Daily Grand from 200 to 250!  That’s 50 more chances every day for you to win a share of now over $2500 daily in valuable, business-building prizes!

iStock_000071827871_SmallWith this announcement, we are also debuting something new that we call PROMO BIDS.  What’s a Promo Bid?  They work just like TCredits except that you can only use them for bidding at Pricebenders…and they do not include VP, MRP, or Bid & Build.

We will be awarding 10 Promo Bids to 50 lucky affiliates each day through the Daily Grand.  Recipients can immediately use them at Pricebenders on over 60+ daily auctions and have a chance to win one or more of the great products being offered.

Here’s how to use your Promo Bids: When you have Promo Bids to spend, the standard “Bid” button on all eligible auctions will instead display “Bid Free.” The button label will continue to display “Bid Free” as long as you have Promo Bids.  Click the button to place a bid. Your TripleClicks User Name will now be displayed as the current high bidder.  Tip: Before you start bidding, you may want to review How Pricebenders Works and Tips For Winning At Pricebenders.  If you run out of Promo Bids, the button will change back to the standard “Bid.”  Note that you can, of course, continue bidding using TCredits if you wish to.

One more important note: Promo Bids expire in 24 hours.  So when you win Promo Bids, don’t wait too long to start using them.

We hope you are excited about Promo Bids!  We think it will help thousands of new people discover the fun and thrill of Pricebenders!

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8 ways to reduce (or eliminate) shipping costs at TripleClicks [re-post]

Shipping costs got you down? No problem! Here are several easy ways to get your favorite products at TripleClicks without being weighed down by the high cost of shipping:

1. Shop the ECA(s) located in your country or region.  TripleClicks features thousands of ECAs from all over the world.  You can earn unlimited VP buying from your local ECAs while greatly reducing shipping costs and delivery times.  To find your local ECAs, use the links located on your ECA tab at the Affiliate Center.

2. Connect with your local ECAs.  Some ECAs occasionally offer special reduced and/or free shipping promotions.  By being connected with them, you’ll be alerted to these special promotions.  To connect with your local ECAs, use the link located next to your country’s flag on your ECA tab (if available).

3. As a Pricebenders Auction winner living in the U.S. and Canada, you get your winning item shipped free! And international auction winners can opt to have their Pricebenders items shipped to a United States address at no additional cost as well! Just enter the name of the friend or family member and their U.S. address in the Ship-To fields during checkout.

4. Many ECAs offer the “Will-Call” option–which allows you to pick up your orders personally at their local store. Look for the Will-Call option at checkout, or select “Local Pickup” from the search column to the left side of any product category listing at TripleClicks.

5. “Take the bull by the horns” and sign up ECAs in your area!  By doing so, you’ll get the exact products that you want to promote and sell, and because they’re local businesses, shipping can be greatly reduced or eliminated.  Best of all, you can be earning lifetime royalties every time any SFI affiliate or other TC member buys or sells the products of the ECAs you’ve referred.  To learn more about this powerful opportunity, see the ECA Referral Guide HERE.

6. Look for ECA products offering free shipping.  You can find these items by using the “Ships to me for free” filter in the TripleClicks Search column.

7. Buy digital products at TripleClicks.  “Mighty TCredits,” for example, are 100% digital can be delivered to your TripleClicks account instantly and have no shipping cost.  But there are hundreds of other digital choices with no shipping costs, too.  Check them out HERE.

8. Some ECAs may charge more than they should.  Use the “Report Abuse” link on their product details pages to report excessive shipping costs.  If enough TripleClicks members do this and don’t buy the ECA’s products because of it, they will get the message and lower their shipping costs.

Did you get your free TCredits this month?

TCreditsCommissions and perks have recently been processed for May, and we wanted to remind you that if you were at least a second-month EA (Executive Affiliate) in May, we’ve just added 10-24 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at http://www.tripleclicks.com. They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks member benefits. Use your TCredits for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, and more.


NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from receipt.

Fast-Track to be discontinued June 6th

Yes, Fast-Track is going away, but don’t fret!…because this is actually a very POSITIVE move!

Here’s why:

As mentioned in recent memos, we have been drilling down deep into our data over the past few months to determine why so many brand new affiliates register and then quickly become inactive.

There is significant evidence that Fast-Track plays a major role in overwhelming new affiliates…and overwhelmed affiliates don’t stick around.  Keep in mind that new affiliates are already dealing with a broad, multifaceted program in SFI to begin with.  Now add in E365 and then Fast-Track on top of that too.  Fast-Track, we believe, is “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

We have also determined that many perceive Fast-Track to represent a purchase requirement.  It does not, of course, but many mistakenly see it as such and this has caused great numbers of affiliates to be immediately turned off (especially since they were just told that SFI is free and has no purchase requirements).  It would appear that many sponsors have also made this situation worse by applying their own “pressure” to spend money or get a Standing Order–something that sponsors need to be careful about (see this Ask Gery article).

So, as of June 6, 2016, Fast-Track will no longer be a part of the SFI program.

No doubt you have lots of questions.  Following are the questions we are anticipating and the answers to them.  If you don’t see the answer to your question, please join our discussion at the Forum HERE.

Q & A

Q: Why June 6th?
Many people have 20-day extensions for Fast-Track that have just started.  We need to honor these extensions we’ve granted.  Also, much of Fast-Track is being rolled into a powerful, new and improved E365 program (more on this in a moment), and we need a few weeks to finish up these changes to E365.

Q: What happens to all of the Fast-Track benefits previously qualified for?
There were nine Fast-Track benefits.  Here’s the status on each:

  • 250 Bonus VersaPoints

– Discontinued as of June 6th, but being replaced in the new & improved E365 program (more on this in a moment)

  • Monthly Co-Sponsored Affiliates via CSA Rewards program

Discontinued as of June 6th, but these CSAs are planned to be made available later via another action–watch for announcement

  • $20 Signing Bonus (for silver FT), $80 Signing Bonus (for gold FT)

Discontinued as of June 6th, but moving to the new & improved E365 program (more on this in a moment)

  • 30 free entries in the Daily Grand drawing

Discontinued as of June 6th, but being replaced in the new & improved E365 (more on this in a moment) and the new “12 green” bonus entry

  • Fast-Track Bonus Shares

Discontinued, but has been found to have little to no impact on income (see question/answer below)

  • Exclusive Fast-Track Member badge for your home page

If you’ve qualified for Fast-Track by June 6th and, hence, have earned the badge, it’s yours to keep

  • Your name and photo added to our Fast-Track Wall of Fame

If you’ve qualified for Fast-Track by June 6th and, hence, are on the wall, you’ll remain on the wall

  • Fast-Track Member certificate

If you’ve qualified for Fast-Track by June 6th and, hence, have earned the certificate, it’s yours to keep.  Or you may also download it any time between now and June 6th

  • Exclusive Fast-Track Member Lapel Pin

If you’ve already received or ordered the pin (or qualify for it by June 6th), it’s yours to keep 

Q: How is a new E365 going to be better?
First, the $20 and $80 you could have added to your Signing Bonus account for going Fast-Track…will now come through E365 (and without any sales or Standing Order requirements!). Yes, many of your affiliates are now going to be starting in SFI with a $100 Signing Bonus!

We’re also making changes to eliminate elements that caused a lot of confusion for affiliates participating in E365 (e.g. the green line).

We’re also going to be shining a brighter light on E365.  That is, we’re going to be promoting E365 more aggressively to your new affiliates and in new, creative ways.

In short, E365 is going to be better than ever and should substantially increase activity for new affiliates.  And to top it all off, E365 is getting a classy new look (similar to what we recently did with GS3).  We can’t wait to show you the new E365 on June 6th!

Q: Isn’t losing the Bonus Shares going to reduce my income?
Probably not or not a noticeable amount.  We did test runs of commissions earlier this month with and without the Bonus Shares.  Without Fast-Track Bonus Shares, total commissions for thousands of affiliates, approximately 50% of those receiving Fast-Track Bonus Shares, stay the same or go UP.  For the other 50%, total commissions are reduced, but a negligible amount.

Q: If I’m getting 10% more shares of the pool, how can losing 10% have no or little impact on my earnings?
Because it’s a pool and we’re talking about shares of a pool.  The vast majority of those earning shares of the pool are Fast-Track members.  So it has resulted in simply devaluing share values to where it’s nearly a wash without any shares or with 10% more. Many affiliates will actually earn more without the 10% Bonus Shares due to overall shares values being increased by this change.

Q: If the impact of the Bonus Shares is mostly negligible, why not just let everyone who has qualified for Bonus Shares keep them?
The issue is that as we get further down the road, those Bonus Shares will gradually grow into something significant, because no one else will ever be able to qualify for these extra shares.  This would be an unfair advantage to everyone else and keep TripleClicks Executive Pool share values down.  Bottom line: It’s best for all if we retire Bonus Shares now.

Q: Can I or my new affiliates qualify for Fast-Track between now and June 6th?
Yes, however, extensions will become unavailable the closer we get to June 6th.  For example, the 72-hour extension available from sponsors would no longer be available after June 3rd.  Special note:  You/they will only be qualifying for some of the Fast-Track benefits (see information on this above).


Q: So without Fast-Track, should I expect there to be less purchases and Standing Orders with my new affiliates?
We don’t believe so, no.  The fact is, Fast-Track has never produced a particularly large amount of orders.  Meanwhile, having your affiliates focused on E365 can result in sales just as readily  and even MORE because sales produce VP–and VP is what’s needed to win in E365 of course.  In other words, Fast-Track is actually redundant, competes with E365, and, hence, diminishes the E365 contest.  Let’s remove that redundancy, create a clearer path for our new affiliates, and all prosper for it!

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Turn ’em green, get a free DG bonus entry!

We’ve just added a cool new way to earn an extra entry in the Daily Grand each day!

Here’s how it works:

You currently have 12 action tabs on your SFI homepage for which you can earn 1 VP each daily (12 total VP daily).  But now, if you turn all 12 tabs green, you also earn a bonus entry in the Daily Grand!


Each day, the Daily Grand drawing dispenses over $2000 in prizes to 200 lucky affiliates. Now, by turning all 12 tabs green, you can grab an extra entry each day and significantly increase your chances of winning valuable, business-building prizes.

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


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