June 22, 2018
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Time for an SFI check-up?

SFI has launched A LOT of major changes and enhancements to our programs, Websites, and features in the past several months. In addition to launching an updated SFI Compensation Plan, the new Brain Sprint and updated UberPicks Eager Zebra games, and the “Zing Network” moniker, we’ve also introduced major new programs that expand your SFI business opportunities: Localvantia and Rewardicals.

With all these changes, improvements, and enhancements implemented, NOW is a good time to take a moment and review SFI News Blog posts for the last six months or so and refresh your knowledge of all our recent program improvements and initiatives. Then, review your Best Tip and make sure it reflects the most up-to-date information about SFI. Also, check out the Blog section on your Leadership Page, your PSA Welcome and CSA Welcome messages–and any other articles, tips, tutorials, or advice about SFI on your personal Websites, blogs, social media posts, etc.–to ensure all your information about SFI is accurate and all your links are working.

By keeping your posts, tips, articles, and other communications fresh and up to date, you’ll help avoid confusion or misunderstandings by your PSAs. You’ll also assure all your readers that you’re a knowledgeable and professional SFI sponsor and business owner!

June 21, 2018
by admin

Uber-Picks is back!

We’re excited to announce today that our popular Eager Zebra sports games, Uber-Picks, are back!


If you love sports, you’ll love playing Uber-Picks!  By playing Uber-Picks alongside your favorite sports, you’ll add even more excitement and enjoyment to being a sports fan!

The objective of Uber-Picks is to tally the highest score possible by correctly picking winning teams of sports of your choosing, but that’s only the start.  You’ll maximize your score by strategically assigning “Confidence Points” to each of your picks (the more confident you are of a pick, the more points you should assign).

For each game you pick correctly, you’ll earn the number of points you assigned to that game. 

Uber-Picks also features “Sidekicks”–which you can use to boost your score even further and add even more fun to playing.

Win shares of the big weekly Zackpots by posting one of the 50 highest scores (the total of the points you’ve assigned to winning teams, plus Sidekick Bonus Points).

Also earn cool badges and compete for the top spots on the Uber-Picks Leaderboards!  See full details HERE.


Uber-Picks is available now for:

  • MLB (Major League Baseball)
  • FIFA-North America

Make your picks now for games starting July 2nd.  Then, return weekly to pick new slates of games and keep the fun rolling!

Uber-Picks will also be available for the following sports when their season starts (or as soon as we can access schedules/scoring):

  • NFL (National American Football League)
  • NBA (National Basketball Association)
  • NHL (National Hockey League)  NEW!
  • FIFA-Europe
  • Cricket
  • NCAA Football (American college football)
  • NCAA Basketball (American college basketball)

AND, we’re also looking to add rugby, volleyball, and more!  Let us know what sports YOU want to see!

Choose the Uber-Picks sports of your choice to play from our games index HERE.


→ Uber-Picks now features unlimited FREE entry!  Previously, there was only one free entry per month for all sports.  Now, you, your friends, and all your PRMs can play every sport, every week, for FREE!  

→ The Zackpot is now 10,000 Rewardicals each week for each sport!

→ To make Uber-Picks feasible, we’ve had to eliminate live, continuous score updates.  Instead, we will now just post the final scores for all the games upon completion of the last game.  This will typically be 24-48 hours after the final game when each week’s 50 winners are announced.

→ Each week’s slate will typically feature 12 games (for each sport), featuring the most popular teams (as voted by Uber-Picks players).

Make money with Uber-Picks

With literally hundreds of millions of viewers, watching sports is one of the most popular pastimes there is in the world today.  And with Uber-Picks, as an SFI affiliate, you can now easily tap into this HUGE built-in segment of prospects and turn them into your own PRMs (Personally Referred Members) and position yourself for lifetime commissions!  

And what could be easier?  Know someone who loves football?  Provide them with the link to play Uber-Picks football for FREE every week, with a chance to win a share of 10,000 Rewardicals.  At a party and the conversation turns to basketball?  Give ’em your link for Uber-Picks basketball.  And so on.  And/or start up a league and provide a link to join your weekly league play.

Where do you get the links for people to sign up (and automatically become your PRMs)? Just log in at TripleClicks and go the desired Uber-Picks sport entry page. You’ll see a “SHARE” button. Click this button to get the link which you can now share with friends and co-workers on social media, via email, etc. Just don’t spam!

Also, in the SFI Marketing Center, you’ll find a nice selection of banners that you can use to promote Uber-Picks on your blog or on third-party websites.  Tip: Choose Eager Zebra as the Program (top left) and page through until you get to the Uber-Picks banners.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

June 21, 2018
by admin

Did you get your free TCredits this month?

Commissions and perks have been processed for May, and we wanted to remind you that if you were an EA (Executive Affiliate) in May, we’ve added 10-24 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at http://www.tripleclicks.com. They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your member benefits. Use your TCredits to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play Eager Zebra games, and more.


NOTE: You can use your TCredits as you wish and at any time, but they do expire one year from receipt.

June 7, 2018
by admin

May’s Brain Sprint Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Brain Sprint top 10 scorers for May 2018!

  1. Aubrey M. (3,444,600)
  2. Moira C. (3,381,755)
  3. Ahmed R. (2,960,380)
  4. Aaelsie K. (2,937,355)
  5. Allyson L. (2,881,745)
  6. Tim B. (2,777,825)
  7. Sead S. (2,748,360)
  8. Sanjay S. (2,605,530)
  9. Jacqueline G. (2,457,170)
  10. Jeannine G. (2,405,170)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Brain Sprint CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

Haven’t played Brain Sprint yet?

Play for FREE 10 times daily to win this exclusive t-shirt, unlimited Rewardicals, and other great prizes.

Play Brain Sprint HERE

June 6, 2018
by admin

100,000 Rewardicals awarded in May Badge Quest drawing!

We recently completed our May 2018 Badge Quest drawing…and the following 40 SFI Affiliates will receive an equal share of the 100,000 Rewardical bounty pot.

Congratulations to our drawing winners!

  1. Akuyoma E. (NIGERIA)
  2. Zubia K. (PAKISTAN)
  3. Scott L. (CANADA
  5. Aleksandra B. (SERBIA)
  6. Alexander M. (SOUTH AFRICA)
  7. Gideon K. (ZAMBIA)
  8. Ballo G. (ROMANIA)
  9. Ermias B. (ETHIOPIA)
  10. Zaklina P. (MACEDONIA)
  11. Oluwamuyiwa I. (NIGERIA)
  12. Zilmar E. (BRAZIL)
  13. Silvana S. (MACEDONIA)
  14. Wisdom E. (NIGERIA)
  16. Dorie A. (PHILIPPINES)
  17. Rigfel S. (BHUTAN)
  18. Sangeeta S. (INDIA)
  19. Ngawang Z. (BHUTAN)
  20. Miloje V. (SERBIA)
  21. Corici Laczko A. (ROMANIA)
  22. Višnja B. (CROATIA)
  23. Tathiane C. (BRAZIL)
  24. Iva S. (MACEDONIA)
  25. Natalie P. (CANADA)
  26. Aida K. (ALBANIA)
  27. Mesrane A. (ALGERIA)
  29. Ogechukwu U. (NIGERIA)
  30. Iliescu E. (ROMANIA)
  31. Joseph O. (UGANDA)
  32. Sasa V. (SERBIA)
  33. RaviTeja S. (INDIA)
  34. Hajar S. (MOROCCO)
  35. Ojo O. (NIGERIA)
  36. Lucille O. (UNITED STATES)
  37. Md Harun O. (BANGLADESH)
  38. Halimat S. (NIGERIA)
  39. Sammy N. (KENYA)
  40. Priscilla L. (UNITED STATES)

…And GOOD LUCK to June’s Badge Quest participants!

Remember: Each month, for every* new badge earned by all SFI affiliates–companywide–SFI will put two Rewardicals** into the Bounty pot (the current pot amount will be displayed on your WIN IT tab), with a guaranteed minimum of 100,000 Rewardicals. At the end of the month, we draw 40 winners, who each receive an equal share of the bounty pot.

NOTE: Rewardicals can be redeemed for a variety of cool products and other irresistible goodies HERE.

*Excludes SFI rank badge and Member badge–which are awarded automatically to all affiliates.
**SFI reserves the right to adjust the ratio of Rewardicals per badges earned

June 5, 2018
by admin

New Internet Income 2.0–Lesson #39: Email & Newsletters

We continue our revised course with Internet Income 2.0, Lesson #39:  Email & Newsletters: Getting Started. In the last two lessons, course author, George Little reviews and expands on using email to create continuing contact with both potential customers and active customers.

About Internet Income: Each new lesson of SFI’s revised, exclusive course contains updated tips, real-world advice, and in-depth, step-by-step instructions on setting up your Internet-based business. Author George Little uses plain English to explain the ins and outs of starting and running a profitable online business in today’s ever-changing global market.

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

June 5, 2018
by admin

WOW! Over 14 million Rewardicals awarded last month!

WOW! Last month, SFI Affiliates and Members received 14,137,051 Rewardicals from our Biz Quiz, Daily Grand, Daily Crown, and Badge Quest contests!! Congrats to all our contest winners and good luck to all our June contest participants!

Remember: In addition to winning Rewardical Tokens (RTs) in SFI and TC drawings and contests, you can earn RTs when shopping at local and online stores via the Rewardical loyalty program. You can then exchange Rewardical tokens HERE for a variety of great goodies including at free gift cards, Bitcoin, silver bullion, and more.

  • By the way, you can now earn Rewardicals at 319 locations on more than 65,000 products and services!
  • See ALL the ways you can earn Rewardicals HERE.

Boost your business! A great way to attract new Rewardical members is to pass out Rewardical X-Cards, designed to promote Rewardical and digital Rewardical Reward Tokens, to anyone and everyone you like. As their referrer, you’ll now be set to earn unlimited 10-1 Rewardicals on every Rewardical they earn…for life!

June 5, 2018
by admin

May’s Grandmaster Poker Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Grandmaster Poker’s top 10 scorers for May 2018!

  1. Ahmed R. (468,662)
  2. Kim L. (459,694)
  3. Zoran S. (458,248)
  4. Marijana P. (429,580)
  5. Erich W. (427,960)
  6. Byron H. (424,634)
  7. Ana M. (423,636)
  8. David C. (419,503)
  9. Lejla C. (419,391)
  10. Peter O. (419,331)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Grandmaster Poker CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

Correction: The list of names originally posted on 6/5/18 were incorrect. The correct list of top scorers is now displayed.

Haven’t played Grandmaster Poker yet?

Play for FREE as many times as you want daily to win this exclusive t-shirt and other great prizes.  Exciting league play with your friends and SFI team members is also available!

Play Grandmaster Poker HERE

June 5, 2018
by admin

May’s Zackjack Top 10!

CONGRATULATIONS to Zackjack’s top 10 scorers for May 2018!

  1. Zlatko P. (341,475)
  2. Jenny B. (340,847)
  3. Ivana D. (340,081)
  4. Becky F. (327,753)
  5. Zoran S. (323,304)
  6. Stevan N. (323,107)
  7. Johan V. (318,082)
  8. Anshul A. (315,734)
  9. Jonjevic S. (315,232)
  10. Radmila V. (313,155)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive Eager Zebra Zackjack CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above are equal to the sum of the prize points earned in prime games.

Correction: The list of names originally posted on 6/5/18 were incorrect. The correct list of top scorers is now displayed.

Haven’t played Zackjack yet?

Play for FREE as many times as you want daily to win this exclusive t-shirt and other great prizes.  Exciting league play with your friends and SFI team members is also available!

Play Zackjack HERE

June 1, 2018
by admin

New Comp Plan Improvements


Effective immediately, VersaPoints’ one and only role will be to determine rank (e.g. 1500 VP = Executive Affiliate).  No longer will VersaPoints also represent shares of the Executive Pool.  This is because we are replacing the Executive Pool with something more powerful and lucrative!

Presenting…TEAM OVERRIDES!  Through our new Team Overrides—available to all Executive Affiliates and up—you can now earn 4% on up to 12 dynamically-compressed levels!

What does “dynamic compression” mean?  It means you now can earn rich override commissions infinitely deep in your group!  You’re no longer limited to just 6-12 generations as before.  Now, because any generation in a line not represented by an Executive Affiliate is automatically passed over (“compressed”), you can earn 15, 20, 25 50, or even more generations deep into your organization! 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • If you’re an EA, you’ll earn 4% of all CV on 3 compressed generations
  • If you’re a BTL, you’ll earn 4% of all CV on 6 compressed generations
  • If you’re an STL, you’ll earn 4% of all CV on 8 compressed generations
  • If you’re a GTL, you’ll earn 4% of all CV on 10 compressed generations
  • If you’re a PTL, you’ll earn 4% of all CV on 11 compressed generations
  • If you’re a DTL, you’ll earn 4% of all CV on 12 compressed generations

The higher your rank the deeper in your organization you can earn (see attached illustration for an example of how dynamic compression works at end of announcement).

Three more BIG benefits of Team Overrides:

1. Until now, there have been only indirect earnings (from Matching VP) available on retail sales at TripleClicks generated by your group members.  Now, you can earn overrides directly on every sale made by the affiliates in your group…infinitely deep…on ALL sales at ALL Zing Network sites!

2. Previously, all CV (Commission Volume) on Localvantia and Rewardical sales just went into the Executive Pool.  Now, Direct Commissions, Co-Sponsor Commissions, and Team Overrides are earned and paid out directly on ALL these vendor sales!  To put it another way, whenever a vendor dishes out Rewardicals to a customer, commissions to Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, and 12 upline EAs/Team Leaders are immediately generated!

3. We will have the ability to do Instant Pays on ALL commissions (no need to wait until days after a month ends to calculate share values).  Speaking of share values, you can now erase this term from your SFI vocabulary.  No more worrying about shares values, whether they’re increasing or decreasing; just focus on building your business, adding to your team, referring new members, and generating sales!

By the way, to make it so many more of our affiliates can enjoy our new deep, deep, deep overrides, we’ve also lowered the qualifications for all Team Leader ranks!  See next section…


We’ve now made it easier to become a Team Leader.  The new qualifications (monthly) are:

Bronze Team Leader (BTL)

  • Minimum 3000 VersaPoints (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (3) PSAs
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 3 ratings)

Silver Team Leader (STL)

  • Minimum 4000 VersaPoints (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (3) PSAs, one with the minimum rank of BTL
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 3 ratings)

Gold Team Leader (GTL)

  • Minimum 5000 VersaPoints (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (3) PSAs, two with the minimum rank of STL
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 3 ratings)

Platinum Team Leader (PTL)

  • Minimum 6,000 VersaPoints (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
  • Minimum (3) PSAs with the minimum rank of GTL
  • Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 3 ratings)

Diamond Team Leader (DTL)

  • Minimum 1,500 sales VersaPoints
  • Minimum (3) PSAs with the minimum rank of PTL

Note that you can of course, as always, have as many PSAs as you want, but we recommend focusing on three PSAs as the best way to grow and advance your rank.  Once you’ve established three strong teams (with a strong Team Leader PSA at the top), add a fourth, then a fifth, and so on.  But the key, to maximize your growth, is to establish no more than three strong teams before adding more teams.  Learn more HERE.


All VersaPoints will now automatically transfer to the next month (if less than 1500).  No more will you have panicked new affiliates at the beginning of new months wondering why their VersaPoints are showing zero!  Instead, if less than 1500 VersaPoints are earned, we’ll just automatically transfer the points to the new month so the affiliate can continue, uninterrupted, towards achieving Executive Affiliate status.  And, again, this will happen every month automatically.  

Special Note: To prevent fraud, to earn EA perks such as Bonus TCredits, qualifying VersaPoints must be earned in the prior 45 days from when commissions are processed.


Our (Co-Sponsored Affiliate) program is one of SFI’s most popular programs.  So we’ve decided to give it an even bigger role!

Effective immediately, we are allocating 32% of CV to the CSA program.  However, instead of just a single Co-Sponsor, every affiliate will now have up to four Co-Sponsors, each earning 8%.

Important note: For all existing, currently-assigned CSAs, the current Co-Sponsor will be populating TWO of the Co-Sponsor “slots.”  So, instead of 15% commissions, you’re now going to be earning 16% (8% x 2)!

Why go from one Co-Sponsor to up to four?  There are two big reasons:

  1. We feel that new affiliates will benefit from having additional Co-Sponsors to assist and support them.
  2. The new Smart Start program is doing nicely, with the current incentive of up to 50 CSAs.  With our new allocation and method of assigning up to four Co-Sponsors, however, we will be able to offer even more CSAs (watch for announcement) which will make it even harder to resist, and will result in even more of your new affiliates advancing to EA in their first 30 days.  This of course can explode group activity and commissions for sponsors and upline Team Leaders.

Also, effective immediately, you’ll now earn Rewardical Referral Matches on all your CSAs!  For every 25 Rewardicals earned by your CSAs, you’ll now earn 1 Rewardical.

Special Note: With up to three more Co-Sponsors now in the mix, it’s critical that all persons supporting new affiliates (Sponsors, upline Team Leaders, and Co-Sponsors) clearly know their role.  Please review this important new “Leadership Do’s & Don’ts” article so that you are providing proper support while not overstepping your responsibilities.


The new Smart Start program has substantially increased the number of new affiliates going EA daily.  Now we need to provide ample reason to retain that EA status every month!

To that end, we are introducing this month a handsome new trio of bonuses for all EAs…

As you know, new affiliates, through Smart Start, now begin their SFI adventure with an allotment of up to 1000 Rewardicals and up to 50 CSAs.  We want to expand this!  So, effective immediately, upon requalifying, all EAs (starting with their second full month in SFI) will receive, each month, (following commission processing):

  • Up to 100 Bonus Rewardicals!
  • Up to 20 Bonus CSAs!
  • Up to 20 Bonus TCredits!

See Benefits Chart for exact breakdown by rank.

Note: To make this possible, we need to modify the CSA Rewards program.  Effective immediately, we will be eliminating the current dozens of miscellaneous ways to earn CSAs, and focus this program primarily on awarding as many CSAs as possible for retaining the rank of EA. 

Why?  Our data indicates that modifying the CSA Rewards program in this way will result in much greater retainment of EAs and, hence, higher commissions for everyone.  Yes, every Executive Affiliate on your team will now have the opportunity to realistically build a team of hundreds of active CSAs over time.  And no one will want to give up their EA status and the potential lifetime profits of their CSAs by forfeiting them!

And, of course, the more EAs you have on your team, the more Team Leaders are going to materialize in your group, and the more overall momentum and activity will manifest. And THAT is how BIG incomes get created and Diamond Team Leaders come to be!


  1. With the discontinuation of the Executive Pool, Milestone Shares no longer make sense and, hence, have been discontinued, effective immediately.  Note: If you qualified for Milestone Shares in May, you will receive in your May commissions the value of those shares.
  2. To accommodate our new features, Direct Commissions now start at 20%.  However, with Team Overrides, you’ll be able to boost your de facto Direct Commissions to 24% or more.
  3. Check out our new compensation plan details page: https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan
  4. The “My Earnings” panel has been temporarily removed from the Scoreboard tab to allow for needed updates.
  5. Since Matching VersaPoints are no longer a thing, we’ve removed the section of the Genealogy (top left corner) that provided Matching VP data.
  6. With the big change to the Executive Pool and CSA program, the Genealogy may be down temporarily for new code to be put in place.  Some other pages within the Affiliate Center may also have some temporary downtime and/or missing information during the transition.  Please bear with us.


Following is an example of how the new Team Overrides use dynamic compression to allow you to earn deep, deep, deep into your group!

In this line of sponsorship, the black dots represent the 12 EAs & Team Leaders qualified for Team Overrides.

The white dots represent generations in the line NOT qualified for Team Overrides.  Hence, they are skipped (“compressed”).

The red dot at the bottom of the line represents a sale with $40 CV.

4% of the CV ($1.60) is paid to each  of the 12 qualified upline EAs and Team Leaders in the line.

You’ll note that the Team Leader at the top of this example earned a Team Override 19 generations deep!

The sponsor (represented by the black circle immediately above the red dot) would have also received a 20% Direct Commission on the sale in addition to a Team Override ($9.60 total).

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.