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Announcing…Eager Zebra Games!

Did you know that one of the most popular things to do online today is play games?  It’s a fact.  A recent 17-page study, titled “2013 State of Online Gaming Report,” found that 44 percent of the world’s online population are gamers.  And it is estimated that over one BILLION people worldwide play online games on a regular basis–with more than 100 million playing DAILY!

WOW!! That’s a marketplace we want to be in!  TripleClicks has flirted with games in the past–such as with “Pick The Price,” but starting today, to use a card game term, we’re going “all in.”

logo-EagerZebraComMeet…Eager Zebra!  Eager Zebra is the name of our new game division at TripleClicks.   All the games that we’ll be developing will be built under the Eager Zebra banner (similar to how our penny auction are promoted under the Pricebenders banner).

Our first game, a very simple prediction game we call Time Machine, debuts today.  You can learn all about Time Machine HERE.

We’re kids at heart at SFI, so we’re really excited about Eager Zebra and we think you’re going to be get excited too once you see the whole program and all the additional games we’ve got coming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be excited about some silly games being added to TripleClicks?
As noted earlier, those “silly games” represent a massive and hugely-profitable, multi-billion dollar industry played by more than one billion people worldwide!  But, moreover, we expect Eager Zebra games to attract millions of new people to TripleClicks.  That’s potentially millions of new shoppers, new customers, and new PRMs (with their lifetime commissions) for you.  The larger TripleClicks grows in traffic and popularity, the more we can do as a company, the more and better ECAs we can attract…which builds the groundwork for more and better products, better prices, reduced shipping costs, and many other benefits.  All of this results directly in what?  More sales and bigger commissions for SFI affiliates of course.  Yes, it’s truly an awesome time to be an SFI affiliate!

Time Machine…just ONE game…that’s it?
That’s definitely not it!  We have to crawl before we can walk…and walk before we can run.  Time Machine is a great little game to get the ball rolling, to “cut our teeth” on, but it’s definitely only the beginning.  We have at least five games already in development and even more on the way–many which are much more elaborate than Time Machine.  And, this Fall, one of the THE most popular online games in history is scheduled to arrive at TripleClicks.  So, yeah, we’d have loved to have launched Eager Zebra with several games, but even the world’s greatest symphony starts with but a single note.

When will the next Eager Zebra game debut?
The next game should debut within 45-60 days, a third hopefully within 3 months.

Why do you think online games will be successful at TripleClicks?
Look at Pricebenders.  Our Pricebenders penny auctions became successful in just a few short months because the perfect infrastructure for it already existed.  We just needed to create an auction feature and “plug it in.”  We feel the exact same way about games at TripleClicks except, this time, SFI and TripleClicks are about five times bigger!

Can I earn the new bonus AVP (Action VersaPoints) by playing Eager Zebra games?
Yep, up to 200 VP every month!  You’ll also earn 5 MRP for each game entry!

Which games can I earn the bonus AVP (Action VersaPoints) on?
For now, Time Machine and Pick The Price.

Why the name Eager Zebra?
There are actually lots of reasons why we chose the name, but most of all, we just think it’s a cool and fun name.  And isn’t it hard not to smile when you think of such an animal?  An enthusiastic, magically-striped go-getter!

Will we be able to promote the games under the new Eager Zebra brand name?
Yes!  In the near future, you’re going to have a whole cool new way for you to attract PRMs by promoting Eager Zebra games, such as by offering free game tokens to play any game.  The possibilities are limitless!  Do you know anyone who plays games?  We all do!  Yep, you’re soon going to have a near-surefire way to get them to sign up and check out TripleClicks!

So we can make money just for getting people to play games?
Just about.  They have to become TripleClicks customers/buyers of course before any commissions can be earned (we pay commissions only on sales).  Of course, once you’ve introduced them to TripleClicks, there are not only the games, but also Pricebenders auctions, the opportunity to sell their unneeded items at TripleClicks, TC Music, and over 100,000 products and services to pique their interest!  And that’s just today; there’s much more coming to TripleClicks in the future!

Do we own the domain EagerZebra.com?
Yep, and we’ll be populating it with all our games down the road…similar to what we’ve done with Pricebenders.com (check it out, it’s one of our best-looking sites).

Who is Zack?
If you’re going to have a zebra, you have to give him a name…and we’ve named ours Zack.  We also named our TripleClicks “jackpots” after him.  That is, we call ’em ZACKPOTS!

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Introducing…Time Machine!

Time Machine gameTime Machine is the first official game from our new Eager Zebra game division.  

Time Machine is very simple; just correctly predict the answer to a question that will be answered in the future.  Predict the correct answer and you’ll win (or share in) a TCredits jackpot that we call a “Zackpot.”  Plus, you’ll also win a nifty new badge for your TripleClicks homepage!

Play for just one TCredit. There’s no purchase necessary to play or win.   You can submit up to one new entry (prediction) each day.

If no one predicts the correct answer, we reset Time Machine, a new question is added, the Zackpot rolls over–and keeps rolling over–until someone claims the pot!

You can go check out Time Machine and enter right now at:


And here’s a special bonus for SFI affiliates with a rank of at least EA2: If the Time Machine winner is one of your PSAs or PRMs–provided YOU have at least one entry in the game yourself–you’ll automatically receive a 10% match of his or her winnings.  Example: Your PRM wins 2000 TCredits, so you win 200 TCredits!

Here’s what the Time Machine “dashboard” looks like:

Time Machine Directions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn the new bonus AVP (Action VersaPoints) by playing Time Machine?
Yes, you can earn 28-31 AVP (Action VersaPoints) every month (depending on how many days there are in the month).  And you can earn up to 200 AVP for ALL Eager Zebra games each month.

How many TCredits can I win in Time Machine?
We start the Zackpot at 500, so the minimum number of TCredits that will be won is 500.  Once we’ve reached 500 entries, you’ll see the Zackpot “odometer” start climbing upward as new entries come in.  We have no way of knowing how high it might get, but since every TripleClicks member can enter once a day, we’d like to think it will be a very nice number!

What if more than one person predicts the right answer?
If more than one person predicts the right answer, the Jackpot is evenly split (rounded up if necessary) between the winners.

I know what TCredits are and what you can do with them, but my prospects won’t.  Isn’t that a flaw?
When we started TripleClicks, no one had ever heard of a TCredit.  Today, millions of people have.  As we go forward, many millions more will learn about TCredits.  And to help, we’ve just introduced our new “Mighty TCredits” page.  Check it out!  Tip: Be sure you’re logged in at TripleClicks.com to see all 8 of the things you can do with TCredits as an SFI affiliate.

Is there an SFI Gateway or affiliate link for Time Machine?
Yes, you can refer prospects to: http://www.tripleclicks.com/XXXX/games/TimeMachine.php.  OR, if you prefer, you can use: http://www.tripleclicks.com/games/TimeMachine.php/XXXX.  XXXX = your SFI ID

Are there any banners or other marketing aids available to promote Time Machine with?
Not yet, but we’ll be adding them to the Marketing Center soon.

You say that there’s no purchase necessary to play or win, but I have to spend a TCredit to enter.  So how is that free?
We distribute well over a MILLION free TCredits every year to our members.  Tens of thousands are awarded as monthly bonuses to SFI affiliates.  The free WAVE3 program distributes tens of thousands each month.  T-Time alone awards over 1400 free TCredits every day.  Then there’s the Daily Grand and E365 Contests which award hundreds of free TCredits every day, too.  You can also request up to one free TCredit each day via postcard.  And if all that wasn’t enough, we also have games coming where fellow players will be offering free TCredits to enter games.

How will I know if I’ve won?
You’ll receive an email notification.  Plus, you’ll be listed on our Winners list page.

When will the TCredits get awarded to me if I win?
They’ll normally be deposited into your TripleClicks Member account within 72 hours, but see Official Rules here for complete details.

You said that if we win, besides the Zackpot, we get a badge for our TripleClicks homepage.  Did you mean for our SFI homepage?
Surprise!  Badges are now coming to TripleClicks, too, and we’ve got a whole bunch of cool and fun badges you’ll be able to start earning later this year.  There will be badges for every Eager Zebra game, badges with added “bling” for when you win a game more than once, plus many more for auctions and ECAs and more.  And you’ll actually get to display your badges both on your TripleClicks homepage AND your Member TConnect Page.

Why the NCAA “March Madness” for the first Time Machine question?
It’s estimated that more than 50 million people will fill out a March Madness bracket to predict the winner this year!  In other words, there’s a HUGE built-in interest that Time Machine can tap into.  More importantly, you can use this built-in interest to sign up lot of new PRMs.  Here’s how:

In thousands of offices across the world, workers will soon be filling out March Madness brackets.  Where you work may even sponsor a March Madness contest!  If you keep you ears open, especially if you live in North America, you’ll likely soon hear co-workers, friends, family members, and even strangers on the street discussing who’s going to win the March Madness tournament! This is what we call a great opportunity for you as an SFI affiliate.   That is, they’re already involved in March Madness, so tell them about OUR March Madness prediction contest (see info on the SFI affiliate link to use above)!  It only take a few minutes to enter and it will make March Madness even more fun for them.  And if you really want to make it easy, hand them a TripleClicks Gift Card too and point out that, with the card, they can enter the contest up to six times at no cost!  Just give them the card and tell them that after registering to go to the GAMES section and look for Time Machine.

Why not use something more international instead of a United States sporting event?
Again, the NCAA basketball tournament is one of the largest sporting events in the world but, yes, we certainly recognize that we want our games to have mass appeal worldwide.  But for our inaugural contest, which is a bit of a “trial run,” we felt it would provide a good test.  Going forward, rest assured that we will be trying to use questions whenever possible with the broadest international interest possible.  Feel free to submit suggestions for questions to use to our Suggestion Box.

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New Bonus Action VP and MRP!

Effective immediately, there are now 300 additional AVP (Action VersaPoints) available to all SFI affiliates–that can be earned each month.

You now earn 1 Action VP and 5 MRP for:

Note: These is no limit on MRP.

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