Achieving your March goals?

Dart & targetHow are you doing on your monthly SFI goals? Have you collected your 5 VersaPoints for setting your goals for the month, along with 1 VP each day for monitoring your goals?

More importantly: will you reach some (or all) of the goals you’ve set for March? Take a moment now to review your progress on the GOALS tab of your SFI homepage:

Why is setting goals so important in becoming successful in SFI?

140 SFI affiliates submitted answers for this important question. Click the following link to read our top vote-getting answers:

Get ready for April!

On April 1st, it will be time to set new monthly goals. If you set goals in March, use what you learned to set realistic April goals. But the most important thing is to have goals and always strive to achieve them. There is a direct correlation between setting goals and achieving success…and we want all of our affiliates to experience bountiful success!

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