New Eager Zebra game beta test invitation

logo-EagerZebraComTo: All SFI affiliates
From: Gery Carson, SFI President


As you may know, we plan to make online games a big part of TripleClicks.  We have a number of fun, new online games in development, and one that is getting very close to being ready for primetime is KNOCKOUT TRIVIA.

As an SFI affiliate, you are hereby invited to participate in our first major public beta test of Knockout Trivia on Wednesday, July 2, at 2 PM CT.

In Knockout Trivia, your objective is to outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions.  For each question, you’re provided with four answers to choose from.  Choose the right answer and you’ll move on…or get knocked out with a wrong one. Be the last player standing to win 80% of the Zackpot (20% goes to the runner-up or is shared if multiple runner-ups) and a nice badge too of course.

No TCredits are needed to participate during this beta testing.  Entries, lifelines, and revivals (see Special Notes on this below) are all free for the beta testing.  The winner and runner-up(s) will, however, share a 50 TCredit Zackpot.

One of the main reasons we are doing beta testing is to get feedback about the game so that it can be as good as it can be before we launch.  Please log in at the Affiliate Center first and then let us know your thoughts about the game, both good and bad, at the SFI Forum (TripleClicks/Eager Zebra section).

We will also post the URL for the game’s entry page at the forum tomorrow about 1:30 PM CT.  So, check the forum (TripleClicks/Eager Zebra section) tomorrow afternoon, grab the URL, and then join us for the beta test.


1. Because players could otherwise find the answer with a quick Internet search, players only have about 12 seconds (on average) from the time the question is revealed until answers can no longer be accepted.  So when the game starts, be ready to go and beat the clock located in the right corner or you’ll get knocked out!

2. Every player is provided with three opportunities to use a 50/50 “lifeline” any time during a game.  What this means is if you’re not sure of the answer to a question, you can just click on one of the 50/50 lifeline buttons.  The system will instantly remove two of the wrong answers.  If you’re still not sure of the answer, you can use another 50/50 lifeline to have the correct answer selected for you.  There is no cost to use the lifelines during this beta test.

3. If you get knocked out in an early round of a game, you’ll automatically be presented with the opportunity to buy back in with TCredits.  The number of TCredits required depends on the round (the later the round, the more TCredits it will cost you to get back in the game).  For our beta testing, however, as mentioned previously, no TCredits will be required for “revival.”

4. There are some other fun little game elements that won’t be included in the beta testing, so if you see any references to “doubling down” or “kick-ins” or “bribes,” you can ignore those.  They will be in the final version of the game but they are not operational for this beta test.

I hope that many of you can participate in the beta test.  Come have a little fun and then help us finish up and get the game live for the public by submitting your feedback on the Forum.

Thank you!

Gery Carson

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