New Milestone Badge–get yours Monday, July 7th–24 hours ONLY!

As you know, we have a bevy of fun, new online games in development.  On Monday, July 7th, one of these games, KNOCKOUT TRIVIA, will go live!

To mark the premiere of this new Eager Zebra game , we have created this special “milestone badge,” which is available to every SFI affiliate and TripleClicks member:


To earn this new badge–which tells the world YOU were part of Eager Zebra history by playing Knockout Trivia on its very first day–simply enter one of the Knockout Trivia matches during the 24 hour period starting at approximately 10 AM CT on Monday, July 7th.  We expect a new game to start approximately every 35 minutes.  Note that entry for every other game throughout the 24-hour period will be 100% free (no TCredits required).

Upon completion of the match, your badge will be displayed at:

  • Your SFI Homepage
  • Your SFI Leadership Page
  • Your SFI Affiliate Snapshot
  • Your TripleClicks Homepage
  • Your TripleClicks Member TConnect page

This is a permanent badge but can ONLY be earned during the 24 hour period starting with the 10 AM CT launch.  If you’d like to add this special milestone badge to your “mantel,” be sure to play Knockout Trivia during the 24 hour window.  Again, this badge cannot be earned at any other time, this is a ONE-TIME-ONLY event.


Two BoxersIn Knockout Trivia, your objective is to outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions.  For each question, you’re provided with four answers to choose from.  Choose the right answer and you’ll move on…or get knocked out with a wrong one. Be the last player standing to win 80% of the Zackpot (20% goes to the runner-up or is shared if multiple runner-ups).

Complete information and rules on Knockout Trivia, tips for winning, and more, will be provided before the 10 AM first match, so be watching for the announcement(s).

To enter Knockout Trivia on Monday and earn your Premiere Player badge, visit the GAMES index and click the “PLAY!” button (button will not be displayed until Monday, approximately 10 AM CT) here:

DiscussAtForum2ArrowLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers. Post your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions. THANKS!

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