Special announcement for fantasy football fans

We have THREE brand new and exciting Eager Zebra games that will be debuting the first week of September.

Two of these are games for fans of the NFL (National Football League) and Fantasy Football.  Fantasy Football, if you are not aware, is one of THE most popular online games in the world.  It is estimated that more than 36 million people play some form of Fantasy Football each week of the NFL season!

So that our affiliates may tap into this MEGA HUGE marketplace, we are rolling out PICK OR PUNT and TD TALLY:


ABOUT PICK OR PUNT: Think you know the NFL?  Predict the winner of each game each week.  Survive the upsets and finish amongst the top prognosticators and you’ll share in the big weekly TCredits “Zackpot.”  Plus, compete for the top spots on the Pick Or Punt Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!  Play each week FREE.  No purchase necessary to win.


ABOUT TD TALLY: Each week we choose one offensive player from each NFL team. Your objective?  Predict how many touchdowns each chosen player will score. Finish amongst the top prognosticators and you’ll share in the big weekly TCredits “Zackpot.” Plus, compete for the top spots on the TD Tally Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!  Play each week for just one TCredit.  No purchase necessary to win. 

Why are we letting you know about these games NOW?  Because, right at this moment, tens of millions of Fantasy Football fans are preparing to get together for their Fantasy Football DRAFT.  This is a GREAT opportunity to sign up a bunch of fresh, new PRMs, so we’ve created a quickie flyer for you.  Download this flyer, make copies, and pass them out at your draft.  Also, ask about at your workplace, school, etc. if anyone is attending a Fantasy Football draft.  If they say yes, give them copies of the flyer and ask them to pass them out for you.  You can buy them lunch or give them a TC Gift Card or a Gift Certificate for their help.

Download the flyer here:

(right click on the link and choose the “download file” option to download)

Now, read the following important FAQs:

Q: The flyer doesn’t have a URL to sign up at or a place to insert my SFI ID…so how will I get credited with the referrals?
For now, these are your options: 1. Hand them a TC Gift Card along with the flyer.  Tell them to sign up using the URL on the gift card.  Note that this will make them even more apt to sign up and start playing these new weekly NFL games, as they’ll have six TCredits to use to help them win the games.  2. You can purchase some digital TC Gift Cards and then email your friends the redemption code to those who take the flyer and want to play.  3. You can simply add your TripleClicks gateway to the bottom of the flyer.  This would be www.tripleclicks.com/XXX/games (with XXX being your SFI ID number).

Q: Is there a webpage version of the flyer available?
Not yet, but it’s coming.  Watch for the announcement.

Q: Will there be a version of the flyer available that contains a URL and place for my ID number?
Yes, this is also coming.  Watch for the announcement.

Q: Can I use the flyer after the NFL season starts?
Yes, definitely.  Any time you run into a NFL fan–and there are many, many millions of them–hand them a flyer.  It’s a GREAT way to get PRMs.

Q: I don’t know any NFL fans.  Any tips?
Yes.  You can easily spot NFL fans, especially in areas that have an NFL team, by their hats, shirts, bumper stickers, etc. Having flyers with you to hand out when you encounter such persons is another great way to get new PRMs.

Q: The NFL is an American sport.  SFI is international.  Shouldn’t all Eager Zebra games be games that EVERYONE knows and can play?
We can never please everyone.  Moreover, remember that you joined SFI to make money, not play games.  Fantasy Football is one of THE most popular online games in the world, with an estimated 36 million+ people playing every week of the football season.  And with the exception of India, there are more active SFI affiliates and TripleClicks members from the United States than any other country.  So if you have a downline or you’re building one, you’re going to have Americans in your organization.  If they become regular players of the two new NFL games, it’s likely to lead to commissions for you–which is why you joined SFI.  So it really doesn’t matter if every Eager Zebra game is one you can or want to play.  What IS important is that we are adding to your opportunity to earn money as an SFI affiliate…and providing games for a marketplace as huge as the one that Fantasy Football represents is certainly doing that!

Q: Why not do Fantasy Cricket or Soccer?
These are sports that we are VERY interested in creating similar games for.  But we are an American company, so we need to cut our teeth with the sports/games we know and have experience with first.  With what we learn, we can then create and roll out games for other highly popular sports from around the world.

Q: I don’t know anything about the NFL but I sure would like to play more Eager Zebra games.  What do you have for me?
Well, first of all, PICK OR PUNT is actually not a difficult game to play, as there are numerous websites that will provide you with their expert picks each week.  TD TALLY is a bit more involved, but it’s doable too, even if you’ve never seen an NFL game.  But if it still feels a little scary to jump in, that’s okay because, in just a few days, in the first week of September, we plan to debut a whole other exciting new game that is fully international.  Plus, unlike Knockout Trivia, there should be no latency issues…and everything can be translated into other languages, too.  We think you’re going to love it.  And the fun doesn’t stop there because we have yet another brand new, fully international game lined up to launch by early October.

Q: Why does there seem to be so much focus on GAMES?  Where is the emphasis on our products or improving the affiliate program?
Rest assured, EVERY move we make is designed to enhance the SFI affiliate program.  While it may seem like the focus is on GAMES, the focus is actually on growing TripleClicks and turning it into one of the premier destinations on the web (the more we can do this, the larger the SFI opportunity becomes and the more our affiliates will earn).  Remember, as an SFI affiliate, your product is TripleClicks.com.  And right now, online gaming is a HUGELY growing part of the Web. One of our competitors generates nearly one million dollars (USD) a DAY!  Why?  Because billions of people are online these days and billions of them like to play games…and the numbers are growing rapidly!  We’re certain that every SFI affiliate would like to be sharing in a TripleClicks Executive Pool that grows by a million dollars a day!  And here’s what’s so exciting about it:  There’s not a single reason why TripleClicks can’t become that big, especially when we have over a million awesome affiliates helping us spread the word about TripleClicks every day.  And for the record, there are many, many amazing, incredible things we’re working on that have nothing to do with games…and you’re going to LOVE them!

Q: Will there be new badges that can be won with the new games coming?
LOTS of great new badges, yes!  And new leaderboards to compete for the top spots on, too.

Q: How many weeks are there in the NFL season?
The NFL regular season is 17 weeks.  We may also add additional weeks for the playoffs that start after the regular season ends.

Q: TD Tally and Pick Or Punt look cool, but they’re not really Fantasy Football.  Why not have a real Fantasy Football game?
It’s in the works.


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