New Eager Zebra game, Gold Streak, is here!


We are delighted today to introduce you to our latest Eager Zebra game, GOLD STREAK!

In Gold Streak, your objective is to correctly guess the most and least popular answers to survey questions.  Build one of the longest streaks of correctly answered questions for the day, and you’ll win a share of the big daily Gold Streak Zackpot!  Compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak Leaderboard and earn cool badges, too!

Play for just one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.

You can also play Gold Streak in conjunction with our broader “Streakasphere” contest where you can compete for the longest day-to-day streak.

You’ll be proud to note that Gold Streak uses the very answers you–our awesome SFI affiliates–have been submitting for the last few weeks (see July 24th announcement)!  Yes, YOU played an integral part in the creation of Gold Streak!  We built this TOGETHER!  When you show Gold Streak to your friends, family, and prospects, be sure to let them know that YOU helped build it!

You can start playing Gold Streak now at:


1. Before you play, make sure you read our TIPS FOR WINNING article here.

2. A brand new gateway for promoting Gold Streak and all now SIX Eager Zebra games will be available in a few days.


There’s a special bonus for SFI affiliates with a rank of at least EA2: If a Gold Streak winner is one of your PSAs or PRMs…AND you have played Gold Streak at least once during the same day–you’ll automatically receive a 10% match of his or her winnings.  Example: Your PSA wins 200 TCredits, so you win 20 TCredits!  Plus, there’s no limit to how many TCredits you can win in this way, so encourage your PSAs and PRMs to play!

You can also earn 1 AVP (Action VersaPoint) for each play of Gold Streak (maximum 200 Game AVP/mo.).  You’ll also earn 5 MRP for each TCredit spent playing Gold Streak, with no limits.


Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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