Two new X-Cards debut!

NOW AVAILABLE! Two new X-Cards you can use to spread the word about TripleClicks, gain new TC Members, and boost your commissions!


USA Football X-Cards (pack of 50): Designed exclusively to tap into football fever and promote our TD Tally and Pick Or Punt Eager Zebra games, the business-card-sized USA Football X-Card sports a glossy, full-color front-side and is printed on heavy card stock. The card features an invitation to all fantasy football fans to join the fun and play our Eager Zebra football games: TD Tally and Pick or Punt. Click here for full X-Card details and to order.


TripleClicks X-Cards (pack of 50): Redesigned to reflect all the exciting, recent additions and enhancements to, these X-Cards are designed to promote the TripleClicks Website, including Pricebenders, Eager Zebra games, TC Music, our grand selection of products from all over the world, and the ability to sell your stuff at TripleClicks. Click here for full X-Card details!

At just $0.08 apiece, These new X-Cards are a great, easy, and inexpensive way to promote your TripleClicks store. After printing your SFI ID number in the gray box located on side two of the X-Card, you just distribute them per the suggestions outlined in the Affiliate Center Marketing Methods page. Your recipients enter your SFI ID in the URL referenced on the X-Card and sign up for free as a TC Member (with you as their referrer). You’ll receive an e-mail notification each time one of your cards generates a new member sign-up and earn commissions on any purchases they make…SIMPLE!

TIP: Because this card (and the landing page it links to) is “generic,” you can use these cards to promote ANY aspect of TripleClicks.  Example: You could give one to someone you know who likes to play online games.  Or, if you’ve just won a great deal at Pricebenders auctions, you could show a prospect what you won (and for how much) and give them a card to go check it out.  Know someone who’s having a garage sale?  Give ’em a card and mention the “sell your stuff” component.  And so on.  Whatever you want to promote of TripleClicks, you can use this card for it.



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