Introducing…Bid & Build!

We are very excited today to announce a brand new program which allows you to build your team of PSAs while simply bidding at Pricebenders.

Here’s how it works:

Each time you bid at Pricebenders, you’ll now be credited towards a new, freshly-generated SFI affiliate sign-up.  Once you reach 50 bids, you’ll automatically earn the new PSA (delivered typically within 5 days)!  It’s that easy…and it’s a 100% free bonus!  The new PSA will then be added to your genealogy and you can begin working with them!

So that you can follow your progress, all eligible auctions will now sport this banner:


With every bid, the blue background will rise and the counter number will increase towards the magic number of 50.

To start earning your free bonus PSAs from the B&B (Bid & Build) program, just choose an auction you’d like to win from the schedule HERE and start bidding.


At this time, so that everyone has an opportunity to earn B&B PSAs, there is a limit of two PSAs per affiliate that can be earned each day.

Also, please note that B&B is a 30-day test program.  However, if it proves popular, we will look to make the B&B program available indefinitely and with larger daily limits, too.


Q: If I’m earning B&B PSAs while bidding, will I still earn MRP and Action VersaPoints, too?
Yes!  Now, your bids can earn you MRP, VersaPoints AND free, brand new, income-boosting PSAs…while also having the opportunity to win the great product you’re bidding on of course, too!

Q: Do I have to pay anything extra to earn these B&B PSAs?
No, all you have to is bid. It’s a completely free bonus for you as an SFI affiliate.

Q: When will I receive the PSAs I earn?
B&B PSAs are an extension of our PSAs To Go program and, therefore, have the same delivery times of, typically, five days or less.

Q: How will I know when I’ve received my PSA and they are in my Genealogy?
You will receive an email notification each time you earn a new PSA.

Q: What if I don’t reach 50 bids before an auction ends or I decide to quit bidding?
Whatever number of bids you’ve placed towards B&B is “banked.”  You can pick up right where you left off at any other auction, now or at another time.

Q: Can I bid on two or more auctions at the same time and earn B&B PSAs?

Q: If I come up short of 50 today, can I pick up where I left off tomorrow or the next day?
So long as the B&B program is still available, yes, you can stop and start any time you want.  We’ll automatically keep track of where you are towards your next B&B PSA for you.

Q: Once I’ve earned my limit of two B&B PSAs for the day, what happens if I keep bidding?
You’ll keep earning MRP and VersaPoints but bids won’t be credited towards any more B&B PSAs until the start of the next day.

Q: How long will the B&B program be available?
At least 30 days.  However, if the program proves to be popular and helps drive additional activity at Pricebenders, we will look to make it available indefinitely. So it’s up to our affiliates!

Q: How are B&B PSAs generated?
B&B PSAs are an extension of our PSAs To Go program.  Hence, they are generated exactly the same way as PSAs To Go.  You can review those details HERE.

Q: What happens if an auction I’m bidding on is cancelled?
Though rare, auctions do get cancelled occasionally due to technical issues.  Should this occur on an auction where you have been bidding towards a B&B PSA, your TCredits will be refunded and the amount of credit towards any B&B PSAs will be reversed.

Q: How are the PSAs assigned?
All B&B PSAs will be assigned on a simple first-come, first-served basis.  Hence, you may receive PSAs who reside in numerous countries around the world.

Q: If I receive a PSA with a bad email address, can I exchange it?
Bad email addresses are rare, but unless there are other, special circumstances, we cannot replace PSAs earned from the B&B program.

Q: Do bidders who are not SFI affiliates also see the B&B banner and earn affiliates?

Q: Is it possible that you will increase the daily limit to more than two PSAs?
Yes, but we need to see how the program works for at least a few weeks before we can commit to higher limits.

Q: I don’t want to build a downline, I just want to win Pricebenders auctions.  Can I opt out of the B&B program?
Yes, you can opt out of receiving B&B PSAs <link coming>.


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