New at the Forum: Follow the leader!

Today we’ve added to the SFI Forum yet another powerful new feature. Every member of the forum, behind their name on any post, you’ll now see a “Follow” icon (a little plus sign).

Follow Icon

Click on this icon, and you’ll be able to automatically follow all posts that this person submits on the forum from now on.

How do you see and read the posts of those you’re following?  Click on your “profile” tab (the tab with the head and shoulders icon) at the top of any page at the Forum and you’ll now be able to view and browse all forum posts of those you are following.  Just click on the FOLLOWS section header.  It’s that easy!

Why would you want to follow someone?  One of the fastest ways to learn how to become successful is to emulate those who are already successful.  Now you can easily follow the leaders in SFI and learn daily from them.

Follow icon Green

Special Notes:

1. We’ve set up everyone’s account with some default follows.  Immediately–right now–you are following SFI President and Founder Gery Carson, your sponsor, your co-sponsor, and any Team Leaders in the 12 generations above you.  Feel free to un-follow at any time any of these persons you don’t wish to follow.

2. You can follow anyone that you feel you can learn from.  It’s not just limited to “leaders.”

3. There’s more to come for our new Follow program, too.  For example, we’ll soon be adding the count of how many people are following you to your mini profile panel at the forum.  And a cool new badge for your SFI homepage and Leadership Page that includes your number of followers is also on the way!

So start choosing great affiliates to follow…and start writing great posts to attract thousands of followers for yourself!  Enjoy!

Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


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