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logo-forum_lgThe new SFI Forum has been a tremendous success.  Participation is at an all-time high and its value as a resource for finding and sharing information has never been better.  We are so very pleased!

There is one area, however, where the Forum really needs your help.  That is in regards to our Forum Guru position.  You see, The Forum Guru system is supposed to identify the 200 best contributors at the SFI Forum.  So when you see a post by a Forum Guru, you should be able to trust its content and know that the information is accurate, correct, and actionable.

But this has only been partially successful so far because not enough people are clicking on the “like” button (thumbs-up button) when they read a good post–which is how Forum Gurus are determined.

Please understand that the Forum Guru is not a popularity contest! And treating it like it is harms SFI and harms your business, too–by giving people the badge who really should not be displaying it!

When your new affiliates visit the Forum looking for assistance and they get wrong answers from those displaying a Forum Guru badge, that’s not good for them, for you, or anyone else in SFI.   

So, what we’d like everyone to pledge to do is two-fold:

  1. Whenever you see a good post (especially one that provides accurate information concisely and in an easy-to-understand way), click the “thumbs-up” button!  It takes only a second!
  2. NEVER click the “thumbs-up” button on a post that is poorly written, incomplete, or that adds no value.  They may be your friend, but unless you want to harm your own business, you should NOT give them a like.  That’s not being mean; it’s just common sense to use the system in the way that helps, not hurts everyone.

If everyone will follow these two simple rules, we’ll very quickly have 200 legitimate Forum Gurus identified to help affiliates both old and new in the best possible way.

We thank everyone for your help in making the SFI Forum the absolute best resource it can possibly be!


Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


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