New Forum Guru Program Debuts

logo-forum_lgThe new SFI Forum has been a tremendous success.  Participation is at an all-time high and its value as a resource for finding and sharing information has never been better.  We are so very pleased!

There is one main area, however, where the forum needs real improvement.  And that’s the Forum Guru program.  You see, The Forum Guru program is supposed to identify the best, most knowledgable members of the SFI Forum.  So when you see a post by a Forum Guru, you should be able to trust its content and have confidence that the information is accurate, correct, and actionable.  This is extremely important.  When your new affiliates visit the Forum looking for assistance and they get wrong answers, that’s not good for them, for you, or anyone else in SFI.  Our gurus need to be gurus!

But, to date, the Forum Guru program has only been partially successful because the system we have been using to determine Forum Gurus has been based exclusively on “likes” (people clicking on the “like”–thumbs-up–button).  We thought it would work, but too many were just not using it appropriately and we felt that this would not change.

So, effective today, a hand-picked group of voters will determine who our Forum Gurus are.  Our voters will consist ONLY of members of the forum that have proven themselves to be worthy of this very important role.

Here’s how voting will work:

Each time one of our voting panel members sees a high quality post, they’ll give it a vote.  Votes will be tabulated continually and those with the 200 most votes will sport the Forum Guru title and badge (old votes will drop off over time to allow the most active current members of the forum to achieve the rank of Forum Guru too).

For those who had held the Forum Guru title, and now it’s gone, don’t despair.  Just keep posting good, quality stuff, and the voters will notice and you’ll regain your Forum Guru title.

Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


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