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icon-blog_sfiFor the past few months, we’ve been building out our new, proprietary forum software.  Many great, new features have been added to make the SFI Forum a highly valuable resource for sharing and discussing news and ideas, for getting questions answered 24 hours a day, and more.

Many of these forum features have been specifically designed and added to improve upon what a2a was designed for.  That is, a2a was created primarily to provide assistance when your sponsor or other upline members were not from your country or region and, hence, might be less capable due to language barriers and/or due to a lack of knowledge of your region’s culture.

Our country and regional sub-forums at the Forum now allow you to connect with the most active affiliates in your area…and there’s no requirement to make a friendship request and wait and hope for an approval.  Just jump right in!  Also, many SFI affiliates don’t participate in a2a.  Now many more SFI affiliates are potentially available to interact with.

We’ve also created our powerful FOLLOW program.  By simply following a person, you can easily monitor all of their forum posts and interact with them directly on the forum.  And with follows, you don’t have to make a friendship request and wait and hope for an approval.  Just click the follow icon behind their name and start learning!

Today, our final piece for having the forum take over (mostly) for a2a has arrived in the form of a new homepage tab.  Effective immediately, instead of the a2a tab, you’ll now see our new forum tab on your SFI homepage.  You can view it now at:

The new forum tab is a special page focused on current forum discussions–customized just for YOU!  It automatically provides you with:

  • Hot (most currently popular) thread links
  • Thread links for your country or region
  • Links for threads and posts you’ve subscribed to or have asked for notifications on
  • Links for all posts by persons you follow
  • Links for all posts by any of your downline members (within 12 generations)
  • Links for all posts by any of your CSAs (co-sponsored affiliates)
  • Links for all posts by any of your a2a friends

Special Note: You are automatically set to follow your Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and upline Team Leaders.  So all threads and posts by these individuals will automatically appear on your forum tab.

To score your daily Action VP for this tab, simply click on any thread of interest and spend at least 30 seconds at that thread at the forum.

We think you’re going to find the new forum tab to be one of the most valuable tabs on your homepage.  And, moreover, we think you’re going to LOVE how it allows you to easily and instantly interact with highly-knowledgable Forum Gurus, upline members, downline members, CSAs, and a2a friends at our awesome forum!

So what’s changing with a2a?

First of all, a2a has been moved to our Support area HERE (i.e. you can now find a2a by viewing the options under SUPPORT on the main navigation bar at the Affiliate Center), where you can use it to search and find a2a friends and to maintain your a2a friends list.

The bigger change is that you will now be limited to a maximum of ten a2a friends.  Why just ten?  First and foremost, a2a has become too big of a risk to keep it as is.  Sadly, some have used a2a purely as a method to try to poach affiliates or to solicit them for other business opportunities.

Who knows how many affiliates have been convinced to vacate their SFI account and go join (under another name) someone else’s SFI downline or for other program with the promise of “greener grass” (better support, a great co-op, or other incentives).  This had to be stopped.  Surely, no one wants to have the affiliates you’ve worked so hard to bring into SFI stolen away from you by unethical persons!  We must protect your business and ALL of our affiliates’ businesses!

And while a limit of ten sounds like a small number, we believe that, for just about everyone, if you really analyze your a2a friend list, you’re going to find that you have no more than ten persons who you really, truly have developed a relationship with.

And even if you DO have more than ten, you can FOLLOW an UNLIMITED number…and you can interact with them at the forum (where everyone is safe from poaching and cross solicitation attempts).  More on this in a moment.


The first thing you need to do is choose up to ten a2a friends you wish to retain.  This must be done no later than 11:59pm CT on Monday, March 23rd.  You will do this by simply designating up to ten people as your NEW a2a friends.

The second thing, while you’re going through your list designating your friends, is to ALSO designate those you want to follow.

You can get started now by going to:

Note: You’ll need to select “Old Friends” or “Old Top Friends” to see your existing a2a friends.



Q: Why limit to just ten a2a friends?
Protecting our affiliates is the primary reason.  Sadly, a2a has been abused, used for spamming, cross solicitation, and poaching.  These are very serious transgressions that must be stopped. By limiting to ten, we GREATLY mitigate the abuses, while still keeping 99% of the program’s value intact (very, very few truly need more than ten a2a friends, and you can continue to interact with unlimited numbers of former a2a friends via the forum’s FOLLOW program).

Q: When is the deadline to select my ten a2a friends?
Monday, March 23rd at 11:59pm CT

Q: What if someone forgets to choose and/or misses the March 23rd deadline?
If you don’t make your choices by the deadline, you’ll have to start fresh (select a new list of a2a friends).

Q: Can I make an a2a change later, can I drop and add friends?
Yes, though to prevent potential abuse, changes will not take immediate affect, communications with new additions will not be immediately available, and there will be a limit on how many changes you can make each month.

Q: Who should I designate as my ten friends?  Who should I designate to follow?  Any tips?
For those you designate as a2a friends, you’ll be able to engage in one-on-one communications via SFI’s TeamMail messaging system and SFI Instant Messaging (coming soon).  Factor that in.  But mostly, those who you designate as your a2a friends should be those whom you have developed a true and valuable relationship with.  If your relationship is only semi-valuable, just follow them instead (you can always make them an a2a friend later).  Note that SFI rank, geographic location, and date of last log-in, are provided for all your current a2a friends (and you can also click their name to view their entire Affiliate Snapshot).  You can use this information to help with your selections too.  For those for whom NO real relationship exists (i.e. they’re just a name on your a2a list), do NEITHER.  Don’t designate them as a friend and don’t follow them would be our recommendation.

Q: Will the a2a friends that I designate as my NEW a2 friends have to approve my request?

Q: What is the limit for how many people can have me as one of their ten friends?
There is no limit on this.  A million affiliates could have you as one of their ten friends–so long as you approved their friendship request.  But unless you also designated them as one of your friends (on your list of ten), you would be unable to contact them; they could only contact you.  That is, you can only initiate contact with those you’ve designated as one of your own ten a2a friends.

Q: Should I set up some people to be my a2a friends AND follow them, too?
Doing so may create unnecessary redundancy so we don’t recommend it.  Do one or the other, but not both.

Q: How will I be able to communicate with my a2a friends?
You will be able to send individual messages via the SFI TeamMail system.  Also, we’ll soon be adding your a2a friends to SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging)–which is currently being redesigned with some great new features.

Q: Can I use SFI TeamMail now to send individual messages to my current a2a friends?
No, but you can use it for mailings to your NEW, designated a2a friends.

Q: Do I still earn one daily Action VersaPoint for visiting the a2a page?
No.  That’s now replaced by the one daily Action VP you earn for visiting the forum.

Q: How long must I spend at the forum each day to earn the daily Action VersaPoint?
A minimum of 30 seconds, but we hope you’ll spend MUCH longer.  And we’ve even made it the last tab on your SFI homepage so you can stick around the forum for a while each day.  Remember that the fastest way to build a successful business is to work smarter…and the easiest way to get smarter is to LEARN from the numerous SFI experts at our exclusive knowledge resources like the SFI Forum and Ask SC.

Q: To earn the daily VP, do I have to start from the forum tab or does just going directly to the forum count?
Provided you spend at least 30 seconds on a thread at the forum, you’ll earn the daily VP.

Q: Can I make new a2a friend requests between now and March 24th and then designate them as one of my ten new friends?


Forum DiscussionLog in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.


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