New individual/group win limits at Pricebenders

screenshot_193Effectively immediately, we’ve installed a new win limits system for Pricebenders.

It works like this:  For most products, we’ve set a specific limit of how often you can win that item.  For the majority of physical items, the limit is once every 30 days.  But there are also many other products, especially digital products, where the limit is once per day, five days, or ten days.  And for products such as the 3-month TCredits subscription, the limit is one win per 90 days.

In setting these limits, we’ve asked the question:  “How often should a typical bidder be allowed to win this item, and what is fair and appropriate for this specific product?”  And we’ve set the limits accordingly.

Of course, there are several types of products that are very similar.  An example would be TCredits packs.  Another example would be iPads.  Another example would be CSAs.  For items like these, we’ve put them in GROUPS…and the win limit applies to any product in the group.

Example: The win limit on TCredits pack is ONE per day.  Hence, if you’ve won a 300 pack of TCredits today, you won’t be able to then go bid on a 400 pack.  Not until tomorrow anyway.

The big, big benefit of having limits tied to specific products (or product groups) is that it will greatly open up the opportunity for more people to win auctions.  No longer can a particular product be won over and over and over by the same person.  Instead, with those new win limits, that same product will be won by MULTIPLE persons.

In other words, we’ve just made it way easier to win the products you want at Pricebenders!

For the full Pricebenders auction schedule, go HERE.


Q: What if I’ve reached the limit on the item I want to bid on?
You can wait until you’re allowed to bid on it again (the number of days until you can do so will be displayed at the auction). OR, consider bidding on another item; we have numerous other great products up for bid every day with many more new items are on the way.

Q: What about the win limits used previously (4/week and 12/month)?
These are still necessary so that everyone has an opportunity to win, but the new individual/group win limits DO diminish the need for those limits.  Hence, we’ve raised the overall general limits 50% to 6 wins per week…and 18 wins per 30-day period.  If these turn out to be too high or too low, we will make adjustments as necessary after a few weeks.

Q: What if the individual/group limits are proving to be too high or too low?
We can make adjustments whenever needed.  We’re always monitoring.

Q: Are there any exceptions?
Yes.  Individual/group limits do not apply to Big Dog auctions.


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