New Pricebenders page with new Bidding Tools

PricebendersLogoPricebenders now features a new, sleeker, better-organized details page for every live auction.  We think you’ll find the page more attractive and easier to use.

With the new page design we’re also introducing some new features and elements.  Something that we’d like to make sure everyone gets familiar with is a new section called Bidding Tools.

Bidding Tools includes Bid Assist (previously known as the autobidder), the Bid Log, and a brand new tool we think you’re going to really like.  It’s called BID RESCUE.  Here’s how it works:

Some auctions can go on for an extended period of time. During such an auction you may need to answer the door, make a phone call, or visit the bathroom.  You can use Bid Rescue to make sure that these necessary activities don’t cause you to lose an auction.

screenshot_195To set up Bid Rescue, just open it from the right sidebar of any live auction.  Choose how many rescues you want (1 to 5) and click the “Activate” button.  Once set, if you have to momentarily leave your computer, or you get distracted, Bid Rescue will rescue you by bidding for you just before the timer expires, up to five times per auction.  Note that each rescue costs 2 TCredits.

TIP: For further peace of mind, you can set Bid Rescue to be on for ALL auctions that you participate in automatically (by default, it will rescue you up to five times).  To set Bid Rescue to be ON by default, click the checkbox at the bottom of the Bid Rescue set-up section.  You may turn the default to OFF by unchecking the box at any time.

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