New chapter in ECA program starts May 6th

At 12:00AM on May 6th, we will be unveiling our first Featured ECA of the Day (featured both at the SFI Affiliate Center and at TripleClicks).

What every SFI affiliate needs to do:

  1. Every day, check out the featured ECA (E-Commerce Associate) on the new ECA tab on your homepage at the SFI Affiliate Center (and score an extra Action VP each day by visiting the ECA’s TConnect store and exploring their products).
  2. If you like what you see, also CONNECT with the ECA by clicking the “Connect” button.
  3. If you really like what you see, become a customer and buy their products!  After all, it is these ECAs that are paying for the VP you’ll be earning…and it’s these ECAs who will be boosting the TripleClicks Executive Pool.  Let them know you appreciate their participation!  Support our ECAs!

By the way, we’re not done yet.  In just a few days, we’ll be adding links to the new ECA tab to allow you to instantly pull up, with a single click…

  • All ECAs in your country
  • All ECAs in your region
  • All ECAs in your country that accept MRP and TCredits as payment
  • All ECAs in your region that accept MRP and TCredits as payment
  • And more

Yes, we really want our affiliates to learn about the ECAs in their countries and regions.  Why?  Imagine hundreds of great ECAs–in your country or even city–offering the very products you’re already buying each month.  Imagine buying these products you already consume and earning EA and Team Leader-qualifying VersaPoints! This is what is known as transfer buying and it means that your qualifying VP each month can be met with no added expense to your budget.  You’re simply buying what you already buy!  The VP comes along for FREE!  Having hundreds of ECAs in your country and/or region also means greatly reduced shipping costs (if any) and delivery times.  Yes, THIS is where we are going, folks!…and it starts by everyone supporting your local ECAs.  If we all support our local ECAs, word will spread and businesses and merchants of all kinds will want to have their products in TripleClicks, too. screenshot_307 Yes, the new ECA tab is the start of many exciting new things coming to TripleClicks.  The fact is, SFI’s product IS TripleClicks!  For SFI to grow and become an ever bigger opportunity, TripleClicks must improve and become much, much, much bigger and better in every way.  The fastest way we can accomplish this is through our ECA program.  We can’t share any details just yet, but the pieces will start to come together over the coming months.  And, wow, are you going to LOVE what’s coming!  Get your sunglasses out, ’cause the future is getting BRIGHTER by the minute!

DISCUSS IT! Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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