New TCredits exchange policy at Pricebenders

Effective immediately, we will be allowing winners of auctions to optionally exchange items won for TCredits, up to three times per month.

How will I know an exchange of TCredits is available to me?
When you go to check out, for the item you’ve won, you’ll see the offer.  If you want to accept the offer, simply select it and the TCredits will immediately be added to your account.

If I accept the TCredits, what happens to the item I won?
If will go back into inventory to be auctioned later.

Why would someone want to take TCredits instead of the item they’ve been bidding on?
There are a number of reasons and we receive many tickets about this.  Sometimes the check-out price is more than the winner has available to pay.  Sometimes the winner has second thoughts (Buyer’s Remorse).  Sometimes winners have mistakenly bid for an item we cannot ship to their country or it is determined, after the auction, to be incompatible in some way.  Whatever the case, mistakes happen and minds change, so we want to offer this flexibility to our Pricebenders participants.

Can I exchange ANYTHING for TCredits?
No.  TCredits packs are excluded.  Some other items may be excluded as well.  If you do not see an exchange offer, it means the item is not eligible for an exchange.

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