More winners for Gold Streak!

h-goldstreak-2Effective today, so there can be more daily winners, we are now awarding shares of the Gold Streak daily Zackpot to the top EIGHT longest streaks.

  • All contest entrants with the longest streak for the day will receive 8 shares of the day’s Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the second-longest streak will receive 5 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the third-longest streak will receive 4 shares of the Zackpot. 
  • All entrants with the fourth-longest streak will receive 3 shares of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the fifth-longest streak will receive 2 share of the Zackpot.
  • All entrants with the sixth– through eighth-longest streak will receive 1 share of the Zackpot.

If you haven’t played our popular Gold Streak game yet, check it out HERE.  Tip: Each play earns you 5 MRP and 1 Action VersaPoint (200 max. Game Action VP/month).  One play of Gold Streak also gets you an entry in new DAILY CROWN drawing.  Each day we draw 152 winners for over $1700 in prizes!

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