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New one-click Standing Order charge option

SFI News Square IconToday, we’re unveiling a one-click Standing Order charge option that will make it easier than ever for TripleClicks members to process their Standing Orders for the month, as well as buy their favorite products when and as often as they wish.

To process this month’s Standing Order now, just select the check box at the bottom of your Standing Order Manager, and click the Process this Standing Order NOW button above. Our system will record this transaction as your regularly scheduled, monthly standing order and will not charge you until next month’s Standing Order processing date.

To re-order your Standing Order products BEFORE the following month, just return to your Standing Order Manager, and click the Process this Standing Order AGAIN button. Our system will process this order as a normal, one-time purchase that will not affect your future Standing Order transactions or settings.

For example, say you have a Standing Order for 200 TCredits. Not only can you choose to process your order NOW and instantly receive your TCredits but you can also go back to your Standing Order page whenever you want, and with a single click, buy 200 more…as many times as you wish!

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