TIP: Tapping into your Upline

Team-BuildingBe sure you contact ALL your Upline members while building your SFI business. In addition to your Sponsor and Co-Sponsor, your upline team leaders may have great advertising co-ops you can join, offer rewards and prizes for various achievements, or have invaluable knowledge, tips, and advice to share! You never know WHAT resources await you upline–until you reach out. Each member of your upline has a vested interest in your success and should be ready to assist you with your SFI business.

Access your Upline here:


NOTE: Be sure to enter the e-mail addresses of your SFI sponsor, co-sponsor, and team leaders into your e-mail account’s whitelist so you’ll be sure to receive important messages from your upline!

Your SPONSOR is the person in your upline most responsible for your support. Therefore, when you have basic questions about the SFI Affiliate Center or your SFI business, we strongly encourage you to ALWAYS contact your Sponsor, then your Co-Sponsor first.

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