FIRE SALE on Advanced Liquid Nutrition!!

screenshot_574We’ve got several hundred bottles of Advanced Liquid Nutrition in stock with a product expiration date of September and October.  These are, of course, just “best by” dates, but we DO need to get them sold, so we’re offering them at a very special, below-our-cost price of just…

$5.99 per bottle!

The regular price is $35.80, so you will…

SAVE 83%!


And there’s another reason to buy now…

Unless we can get commitments for at least 100 bottles a month, this will be the last time that Advanced Liquid Nutrition is available.

Yes, sadly, interest in this product has dropped off substantially over the last two years due to the popularity of TCredits, and we’re just not moving enough to continue to have it manufactured for us.

That said, if enough of our affiliates will commit to a Standing Order of at least one bottle a month, we will not only reconsider the decision, we’ll drop the price to just $24.50 (with 750 VP).  You can let us know HERE.


Forum Discussion

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