New PTP and Pricebenders features

For those who like to play the Eager Zebra game, Pick-The-Price (PTP), we’ve added a handy link to the winning price history of every product.  That is, you can now look back and see all of the item’s winning prices…to help you make your prediction.  Just click the Price History link:


We’ve also just added to the top of new Pricebenders auction index a cool little recap of your “bid rewards”  It looks like this:


The recap provides you with a count of your MRP and AVP earned with your bidding today.  It also lets you know if you’ve earned today’s Bonus AVP from your PB Tab at the Affiliate Center.  Last but not least, for our powerful Bid & Build program, it lets you know how many bids you need to earn another spin for a free PSA (one spin is earned for every 10 bids)!

Note that the labels are links to respective associated info and resources.

Special Note: AVP currently display “Pending” instead of an actual number.  However, we are almost finished with new programming that WILL allow us to display the current number here.  And, better yet, with the completion of this new programming–next week likely–we’ll be awarding you AVP as you earn it–instead of having to wait until the auction is over!

Forum Discussion

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