Major new team-building tool now available!


We are very excited today to announce a powerful new team-building tool for Team Leaders.  Effective immediately, Silver Team Leaders and up have the ability to reassign their CSAs throughout their downline!

Why is this a tool to be excited about?  Because by strategically reassigning CSAs, you can now provide the incentive for many members of your group to both become EAs and maintain the minimum rank of EA every month!

Especially for those of you anxious for ways to re-qualify at your current TL rank after the new TL requirements go into effect in January, this may very well be THE tool you’ve been looking for!

One of the best features of the new CSA Reassignment program is that if you reassign CSAs to someone, and they do not maintain their EA rank (or, in the case of someone who has not yet reached the rank of EA, if they do not achieve the rank of EA), they roll back up to YOU!

That’s right…it’s a great big WIN/WIN!  Either your reassigned CSAs create EAs for you…or you get the CSAs returned back to you (and you resume your role as their Co-Sponsor with all the Co-Sponsor benefits you had before).

And for the person who you reassigned the CSAs to–provided they maintain their EA status of course–it’s a WIN too, because you’ve markedly helped them build their team and potentially their commissions, also.

There is MUCH, MUCH more to this new tool, but rather than include in this post all the how-to information, restrictions, strategies, FAQs, etc., please see the following new Knowledge Base article:

Team Leaders are also invited to come join a special discussion about this new tool in a Team Leader-only sub-forum at the SFI Forum here:

P.S. For those who are not yet an STL, you’ll of course have full access to this new tool, too, as soon as you achieve the rank of STL.

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