New for 2016: Milestone Shares!

fejbbije.Effective today, January 1st, 2016, for every 10 personal VP you earn, you also earn up to 18 bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool that will be paid to you upon reaching the milestones of SFI’s five Team Leader ranks!…which are:

  • Bronze Team Leader (BTL)
  • Silver Team Leader (STL)
  • Gold Team Leader (GTL)
  • Platinum Team Leader (PTL)
  • Diamond Team Leader (DTL)

You will bank:

  • 10 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is Affiliate or EA
  • 12 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is BTL
  • 14 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is STL
  • 16 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is GTL
  • 18 Milestone Shares per 10 VP if your rank is PTL

Shares that you bank each month are reflected in a new Milestone Shares counter we’ve added to the Affiliate Center header.  Your Milestone Shares will also be displayed in the My Earnings panel on your Scoreboard tab.


1. We want Milestone Shares to provide a significant and meaningful bonus–commensurate to the effort invested to earn them.  However, it’s also vital that the TripleClicks Executive Pool not become rewarding only to some but not to others.  Therefore, quarterly, the quantity of Milestone Shares award per 10 VP may be adjusted up or down (with the rate increase or decrease effective starting with the new quarter).

2. Milestone Shares earned expire after one year.

Each time you hit a milestone, all non-expired shares you’ve banked to date are added to your monthly commissions as a one-time bonus.  That is, you’ll earn these special bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool when you achieve the rank of BTL, and then each time you advance your Team Leader rank (up to five times total).

Q & A

Q: How do I start earning Milestone Shares?
Just keep doing what you’re doing!  For every 10 VersaPoints you now earn, you’ll automatically be banking up to 18 Milestone Shares!

Q: What do you mean when you say that shares are “banked?”
It just means that we’ve put those shares into a special account for you, to be paid to you upon reaching your first/next milestone.

Q: Is there any limit to how many Milestone Shares I can earn?
Nope.  In fact, we hope you’ll substantially increase the amount of personal VP you’re earning each month so that we can pay you tens of thousands of extra shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool each time you hit a new milestone!

Q: I can earn tens of thousands of extra shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool?
Yes!  Let’s say that, through your personal actions and sales, you’re collecting 6000 personal VersaPoints each month for a year.  That would be 72,000 (minimum) and up to 129,600–depending on your rank–extras shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool added to your commissions as a bonus upon reaching a new milestone!

Q: Does the new Milestone Shares program help me meet the new Team Leader requirements?
Absolutely, YES!  There’s now a great new incentive for every one of your PSAs to be more active than ever (the more VP they earn, the more Milestone Shares they receive!).  Milestone Shares also will firmly put your PSAs’ focus on THE PLAN–which can of course be instrumental in boosting YOU to SFI’s highest-earning rank–Diamond Team Leader!

Q: Why expire Milestone Shares after one year?
Two reasons.  First, you don’t want the affiliates in your group purposely not advancing in rank just to earn more Milestone Shares.  Secondly, the one-year expiration creates urgency and sharpens the focus of your affiliates towards advancing since no one will want to lose the Milestone Shares they’ve banked.

Q: Is there a place where I can keep track of Milestone Shares that have expired or will be expiring soon?
Yes, we will be adding a Milestone Shares Ledger with full details for you, as a new report located in the My Account area.

Q: What if I achieve a Team Leader rank, then lose that rank, and then achieve it again at a later time?  Do I earn the Milestone Shares each time?
No, you can only earn Milestone Shares one time for each Team Leader rank.

Q: What if I’m already a Team Leader?  How does the program work for ME?
If you’re already a Team Leader, you won’t be able to earn bonus shares for all five Team Leader milestones, but you’ll be able to earn for all the Team Leader ranks you’ve not yet achieved.  And you’ll be earning your bonus shares at a higher rate (see above chart) if you’re a BTL or higher ranked Team Leader. And don’t forget all that Matching VP you can earn as a Team Leader when your affiliates and CSAs are all earning more VP due to the Milestone Shares incentive!

Q: If I’ve been earning Milestone Shares at the 10x rate as an EA and then advance to BTL a few months later (which bumps the rate up to 12x), how are the total Milestone Shares due to me calculated?
Looking back one year, you’ll receive shares at the 10x rate for the months you were an EA…and at the 12x rate for the months you were a BTL.  If within that year you advanced further yet, say, to STL for a couple months, you would earn some shares at the 14x rate, too.

Q: Do I earn Milestone Shares for all the Matching VersaPoints I earn?
No, Milestone Shares are banked only on the PERSONAL VP you earn.

Q: What happens to my Milestone Shares bank once I achieve the top rank of Diamond Team Leader?
Once you reach Diamond status and are paid your banked shares, you’ll no longer be earning Milestone Shares, your Milestone Shares account is zeroed out and it will no longer be displayed to you.

Forum Discussion

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P.S. Be watching for a special New Years message from SFI president Gery Carson later this morning.

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