11 Eager Zebra League E-Cards debut!

We’re pleased to make available today 11 new cards designed to help you invite your Affiliates, friends, co-workers, and others to join your Eager Zebra leagues!


Sending e-cards is easy. Just follow these quick instructions:

1. As the commissioner of a league, grab your league invitation URL (for pasting later) from your Eager Zebra league page.

2. To send E-Cards to your friends, family, and co-workers, select an Eager Zebra league E-Card HERE, and click the Send this E-Card link. To send EZ league E-Cards to your affiliates, just click the little paper airplane icon to the far right of each Affiliate’s name in your Genealogy, select the Join My League category from the drop down menu, and click Go. TIP: Use your Genealogy filters to select specific groups of people who you want to send a specific card and message to.

3. After choosing your E-Card, you’ll then be directed to the E-Card preview screen, where you can enter your recipient’s e-mail if necessary, your greeting, and a personal message. Be SURE you include the invitation link in the message, so your recipient can click and join your league. After proofing your E-Card, click the Send Message button when you’re ready to send.

Remember: E-Cards provide an unlimited number of ways to welcome, inform, congratulate, and recognize your team.  E-Cards are free to use, but there is a sending limit of 200 per day to affiliates and 10 per day to non-affiliates; additionally, you may not send any one person more than one card a day. Get more information about using E-Cards HERE.

Forum Discussion

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