New checkbox feature at Genealogy

Your Genealogy now features a checkbox behind the name of each person.

You can use checkboxes to help manage your team and do communications.  For example, let’s say you wanted to send a special group mailing to 37 people matching a certain criteria.  Now you can simply check the box for each of those persons.

As soon as you start checking boxes, you’ll see this new element appear under filters:


Once you’re done checking boxes, click the “Search for these affiliates” button to pull up JUST those affiliates you’ve checked.  You can now do your group mailing.

Once you no longer need these persons “flagged” (box checked), simply click the “Clear Checkboxes” button.

TIP: While checkboxes can occasionally come in handy, please don’t overlook your Genealogy’s powerful filters.  Checking boxes can be tedious and very time consuming, especially if you have a large group.  But by smartly using filters instead, you can pull up very specific subsets of your Genealogy easily and within seconds.  In short, if you value your time, make sure you understand how the Genealogy filters work and use them to efficiently manage and build your team!

Special Note: The Reassignment tab in your Genealogy also uses a checkbox.  Note that the reassign checkbox is located in FRONT of the person’s name.  The general checkbox–that this announcement is about–is located BEHIND the person’s name.

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