New for ECAs: CPV Ad Campaigns!

We are pleased today to announce a new CPV (Cost Per View) program for all TripleClicks ECAs.  Through our new AD CAMPAIGNS program, ECAs can have their product collections featured on the TripleClicks homepage and also on T-Time entry pages (with more spots in the works).

The cost is just $.015 per view, and you can choose a daily budget of as little as $3 a day and the demographics of who sees your ad, too!  For example, you can choose to have your ad seen only by SFI affiliates…or only by persons from your country.

Here are the six steps to get your ad campaign up and running:


Go to the ECA Center at TripleClicks and click the “Create/Manage Ad Campaigns” link.



Click on the “+ NEW CAMPAIGN” button.



Choose the Product Collection you want to promote, when you want your campaign to run (start date and duration), and your target audience.  Then click the “Design Campaign” button.



You will now add a description and choose an image for your campaign from our collection of images.  Note that you can search for appropriate images by typing in keywords.

Note: Persons seeing your ad will be able to instantly view the collection you’re promoting by clicking anywhere on the ad.  And/or, they can visit your ECA TConnect page by clicking your company name displayed in the small link at the bottom of the ad.

Once you’ve added your description and chosen your image, click the “Payment” button.



Set up your ad budget and payment information.  Note that payment must be via credit card at this time, but we plan to add PayPal shortly.  We will charge your card once per day for any payments due–for all of your campaigns (charge deferred until next day if total is less than $5).  Then click the “Confirm” button to finalize your new campaign.



Verify everything is set up correctly, then click the “Create Campaign” button.  Your campaign will start on the date you’ve chosen after it has been approved (approval will typically be two business days or less).  If you need to change something before proceeding, use the “Back” button.


Once your campaign is up and running, return to the ECA Center, click the “Create/Manage Ad Campaigns” link, and then click the ACTIVE CAMPAIGNS tab to view your results (including sales for the products in your promoted collection).



  1. We have thousands of ECAs and there is a finite number of ad views available daily, so if you’d like to lock up some prime exposure for your products, don’t delay in setting up your ad campaign.
  2. For SFI affiliates who have referred one or more ECAs: This new CPV program is a great way to get your ECAs’ products in front of tens of thousand of potential customers at TripleClicks each month (and fire up your ECA royalty commissions).  We’ll be directly letting all ECAs know about the new program shortly, but you may want to let them know, too.

If you haven’t yet referred a ECA, check out this training resource:

Forum Discussion

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