New private forums for Team Leaders

We’ve just added a powerful new addition to the SFI Forum.  Effective immediately, if you’re a Team Leader, you can now have your own private forum that is accessible ONLY by your downline!

As a Team Leader, you can now invite your team members to discuss advertising sources, strategies, game plans, contests, marketing ideas, your team co-ops, and more.  No longer do you have to rely on other unwieldy and/or unfriendly methods to brainstorm and interact with your group.  Just create a thread, let your team know the URL, and put the power of a full-featured SFI private forum to work for you!

There are of course some important rules…

The general and currently-established rules and protocol of our Forum will still need to be adhered to. However, since everyone is part of the same group and cross-solicitation shouldn’t be an issue, you as a Team Leader will be allowed to reference third-party web sources, names, ID numbers, etc., so long as your sole objective is helping your downline and growing your SFI income.  However, violations of this key rule will result in the immediate and permanent loss of your private forum privilege…so make sure you keep your focus 100% on SFI!

Setting up your private forum is super simple.  If you’re a Team Leader, you will see the following panel at the forum:


Simply click the “Create” button.  Your private forum will immediately be created and will now appear near the bottom of the Forum categories index.  You can now start creating threads immediately and sharing the URLs of your threads with your downline to promote participation in your group.

Q & A

Q: Define “downline.”  Who exactly will have access to my private forum?
If you’re a Bronze Team Leader, it would be anyone within your first six generations.  For an STL, it would be 8 generations.  For a GTL, 10 generations; for a PTL, 12 generations; and for a DTL, it would be 13 generations.

Q: In what ways can a private forum help me as a Team Leader?
The most important thing you can do to create duplication (THE key to becoming wildly successful in SFI) is to ACTIVELY ENGAGE with your group…on a regular, ongoing basis.  By actively utilizing a private forum for your team, you can build invaluable, mutually-beneficial relationships that can pay off in huge dividends for all involved.

At your private forum you can do weekly training sessions.  You can brainstorm.  You can work out new co-op ads for your whole team to participate in.  You can oversee mentoring and special assistance programs.  Organize a “welcoming party” for all your new team members.  The possibilities are endless and the ways you can use your private forum to grow and build your SFI business are infinite–all in a safe, friendly environment, at a forum built exclusively by and for SFI!

Q: Who can start threads in a private forum?
At this time, anyone who can access a particular private forum can create new threads.  If this proves to be problematic for Team Leaders, we may be able to adjust this so that Team Leaders can choose to keep this ability only for themselves so as to better manager their private forums.

Q: Will my CSAs have access to my private forum?
No.  You can use email, TeamMail, Stream, etc. to communicate with your CSAs, but we feel that private forums will be most effective as a tool for your proper downline only.

Q: What languages are allowed in private forums?
At this time, you are free to use whatever language or languages you’re comfortable with.

Q: Will moderators be able to access my private forum?
This is a somewhat complicated issue.  On one hand, we certainly want to give every Team Leader the ability to fully “speak freely.”  On the other hand, no Team Leader is going to be okay with a new downline member coming into their private forum and trashing SFI or soliciting everyone to join some other program.  Therefore, some form of moderation has to be utilized.  At this time, our plan is for a “call for moderation” system only.  That is, if a post is reported in a private forum for inappropriate content, for example, a moderator will be summoned to edit, remove, ban the person…whatever is the appropriate action.  Otherwise, moderators will not access private forums, nor will any posts for private forums go through a screening before being posted.  But do note that, going forward, this policy may need to evolve, and we will work with everyone to create the best policy possible that balances privacy with protection.  We are open to your suggestions for how best to achieve this.

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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