New Affiliate Welcome Reboot

A special memo from SFI President Gery Carson

Hi, everyone!

At SFI, my team and I are continually working on various ideas and concepts to improve SFI.  One of the areas that we have been very focused on recently is improving the “front end” of SFI–that is– those crucial few minutes right after someone has signed up.

And, yes, I truly mean crucial.  If we confuse and/or overwhelm them…they may immediately leave, never to return.  If we give them the perception that SFI is something different than how it was promoted to them…that might also end our relationship with them before it even started.  In short, we have to connect with them right away!

So, with that in mind, today we are introducing a newly revised front end for new affiliates.  Call it “Getting Started 3.0” (or GS3 for short).

GS 3.0

Effective immediately, when someone joins SFI, they’ll land on an all-new, fully mobile-friendly, “Welcome to SFI” site that has a heavy emphasis on selling the new person on SFI.  Why sell them on SFI?  Our research indicates that most affiliates when they register are not yet sold on SFI.  They don’t know yet that SFI is a rock-solid company with an incredible opportunity for them!

On the contrary, most people are highly, and I mean HIGHLY, skeptical of most online “biz opps.”  As far as they know, SFI could be one of those pathetic fly-by-night companies out to empty their wallets. Therefore, GS3 has a strong emphasis on eliminating any skepticism they may have about SFI.

At the same time, we also think it’s vital that the core elements of how they make money with SFI are covered here.  So GS3 also briefly lays out these basics.

When they get to the end of GS3, the new affiliate is hopefully not only sold on SFI but also has a basic understanding how they’ll earn money as an affiliate.

They are now asked to decide between two options…to either “think about it” or proceed to LaunchPad.  Hopefully, of course, most choose LaunchPad.

Would you like to view the new GS3?  Go HERE.  Note: Some parts of GS3/ LaunchPad may be cached and may not display properly without first refreshing and/or clearing your cache.


Our “welcome to SFI” pages aren’t the only thing that’s new.  LaunchPad’s look and feel has been completely overhauled and has been made mobile-friendly/responsive.  Content, by and large, however, is currently still unchanged, but LaunchPad will shortly be undergoing a complete overhaul on content, too!

Yes, this is just the beginning.  We are going to be putting major resources into making LaunchPad as absolutely great as it can be.  We are looking at adding audio (in multiple languages), instructive video clips, and much more.  LaunchPad is going to be THE place for learning about SFI and TripleClicks basics.

Speaking of which, we want to really lock down the path that brand new affiliates take upon joining SFI.  We want ALL of their focus to be on going through LaunchPad.  To this end, SFI Basics and Start will no longer share equal billing with LaunchPad.  SFI Basics will still exist as a resource under our Training menu, for example, but it won’t have its own special button in the header of the Affiliate Center any more.

Again, we’re going to make LaunchPad extraordinarily great…and we’re going to focus our new affiliates’ attention there–rather than risk overwhelming and confusing them with multiple training options and information (as has been the case recently).


For those who are brand new, we’ve added a very special new element to the first lesson of LaunchPad.  That is, before a new person is presented the text for the first lesson, they are required to take a very brief but very important survey.

In fact, the survey is just one question, designed to determine what they feel is their biggest challenge to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.  But from these answers, something magical happens!  From these answers, we will now be able to tailor the SFI experience for them!

If they have little to no money to invest, we’ll show them how to build their business on a shoestring.  If time is an issue, we’ll show them how to make the most of whatever amount of time they can commit.  If lack of experience is their concern, we’ll tailor SFI to these needs.  And so on and so forth.

We believe that not treating every affiliate the same, not forcing them through the very same training, but rather providing individualized attention and tailoring SFI to THEM…can have big payoffs.


  • Most persons joining SFI aren’t yet sold on SFI when they register.  So GS3 has a heavy emphasis on selling them on SFI–before we pivot to training details.
  • New affiliates need to understand how they’ll be earning money with SFI.  Therefore, GS3 introduces them to the cores: Internet Sales, Team Sales, and Profit Sharing
  • We let the new affiliate tell us when they’re sold on SFI and they’re ready to start their training.
  • From now on, LaunchPad is going to be THE training site for new affiliates to learn how to build a successful SFI business.
  • We have to make things SIMPLER.  Too many new affiliates are overwhelmed, and this prevents them from becoming active.  Special note: More simplification, in other areas of SFI, is on the way, too.
  • “One size fits all” is a poor business model.  We’re moving away from that.

Okay, let’s all get ready for more active affiliates and all that comes with it!  Starting NOW.

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