The Daily Grand just got…grander!

Effective immediately, we’ve upped the number of daily winners in the Daily Grand from 200 to 250!  That’s 50 more chances every day for you to win a share of now over $2500 daily in valuable, business-building prizes!

iStock_000071827871_SmallWith this announcement, we are also debuting something new that we call PROMO BIDS.  What’s a Promo Bid?  They work just like TCredits except that you can only use them for bidding at Pricebenders…and they do not include VP, MRP, or Bid & Build.

We will be awarding 10 Promo Bids to 50 lucky affiliates each day through the Daily Grand.  Recipients can immediately use them at Pricebenders on over 60+ daily auctions and have a chance to win one or more of the great products being offered.

Here’s how to use your Promo Bids: When you have Promo Bids to spend, the standard “Bid” button on all eligible auctions will instead display “Bid Free.” The button label will continue to display “Bid Free” as long as you have Promo Bids.  Click the button to place a bid. Your TripleClicks User Name will now be displayed as the current high bidder.  Tip: Before you start bidding, you may want to review How Pricebenders Works and Tips For Winning At Pricebenders.  If you run out of Promo Bids, the button will change back to the standard “Bid.”  Note that you can, of course, continue bidding using TCredits if you wish to.

One more important note: Promo Bids expire in 24 hours.  So when you win Promo Bids, don’t wait too long to start using them.

We hope you are excited about Promo Bids!  We think it will help thousands of new people discover the fun and thrill of Pricebenders!

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