New way to go EA2…immediately!

Going Fast-Track Gold provided immediate EA2 status, but as announced, the Fast-Track program is being discontinued on Monday, June 6th.  As as replacement, effective immediately, EA2 status will be granted immediately upon setting up a minimum 1500 VP Standing Order (upon successful processing of order). No need to wait until one’s second month as an EA; you can go straight to EA2 your very first day in SFI.

Being an EA2 means you’re qualified for all of the great regular EA benefits.  PLUS, you qualify for the following additional benefits, starting immediately:

  • Receive 10 free bonus TCredits ($5.90 value) every month, paid with your commissions
  • Can transfer TCredits to your PSAs/CSAs for rewards, incentives, contests, etc.

Note: If you’re the sponsor or an upline member of an EA2, you start earning Matching VP immediately–from the very first VersaPoint earned by your new EA2s.
Forum Discussion

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