Powerful new E365 2.0 has arrived!


We are excited to reveal today our powerful, new, and improved E365 (Entrepreneur365) contest for new affiliates!


  • E365 is now our biggest contest ever!  Every day, a whopping one thousand E365 contestants will share in over $3000 in cash and prizes.  That’s over $1,000,000 (over a million dollars) in cash and prizes annually!
  • There’s no more confusing “green line.”  Instead, to enter the E365 contest, you simply need to complete six simple steps (and for which you earn additional Signing Bonuses, too) to get entered in the big E365 Daily Drawing and have the opportunity to win the prestigious E365 Champion title.  More on the six steps later.
  • To make E365 more fun and allow more contestants to win, there’s now a monthly “Top VP” badge and prize.  We’re also recognizing each class’s Runner-Up.  And, if you don’t finish as the overall championship or runner-up, you’ll also have opportunity to earn the title of E365 champion of your country!
  • New affiliates can now enter the E365 contest at any time during their first year.  The sooner they qualify the better, since every day not qualified is one less chance to win a share of the $3000+ in daily cash and prizes, but there’s no hard deadline. Affiliates can enter whenever they’re ready.  And, by the way, if you’re someone who got knocked out of E365 but you’re still in your first year, you can now get back in the contest!
  • The E365 specs didn’t just get better.  We’ve also paired it with a brand new, splashy website with all the important information about E365 (rules, prizes, leaderboard, etc.) now centralized and presented in a handsome, fully-mobile responsive website.  Check it out at: https://www.sfimg.com/E365
  • We’ve simplified the rules.  ALL VP collected for the entire year now counts.  No exceptions.  No VP expires and there’s no limit anymore on VP from sales.  Clean and simple.


In our original version of E365, every new affiliate was automatically entered in the contest.  This had some upside, but it also meant that within 30 days of joining, 95% of all our affiliates were informed that they had “failed” when they were knocked out of the contest.  In hindsight, that’s not a great message to be giving to new affiliates.

Now, in E365 2.0, entering means completing six specific actions, actions that help them get off to a great, positive start, while at the same time creating engagement with their sponsor.

  • Step 1: Verify your email address (AKA “Double Opt-in”)
  • Step 2: Whitelist SFI, sponsor, other upline members, and co-sponsor
  • Step 3: Answer six basic Account Profile questions
  • Step 4: Upload account photo
  • Step 5: Send commitment letter to sponsor
  • Step 6: Achieve EA status

Steps 1-3 will be presented immediately after the New Affiliate Introduction (AKA GS3) and before LaunchPad.  These steps can be easily completed in five minutes or less, and any or all can be skipped (and came back to later) if desired.

Steps 4-5 are designed to be completed “when ready.”  We don’t want to intimidate brand new, freshly joined affiliates by “requiring” them to find and upload a photo in their first five minutes in SFI.  Nor can we expect them to make a commitment to their sponsor until they’ve had at least a few hours or days to learn more about SFI.

And step six, the final step, is about collecting the VP necessary to qualify as an EA (Executive Affiliate).  New affiliates can of course do this within just a day or two if they want to, but we want them to go at their own pace, to gather these points in as many days as they want–without unwarranted pressure.  And, as always, if they join late in a month, all their VP can be transferred to the next month of course.

Note that the To Do List is now sporting a new E365 section, too, (provided you’re in your first year) with the six steps neatly laid out so that it is crystal clear what steps need to be taken to get entered.  This section will also make it super-easy for sponsors to guide new affiliates about getting entered.


screenshot_960The new E365 also comes with some great new Signing Bonuses!  For each of the first four entry steps, $10 is added to the new affiliate’s Signing Bonus account.  And both step 5 and step 6 add another $20 each.  In all, that’s $80 added to the new affiliate’s account just for entering the E365 contest. 

Combine that with their original $20 Signing Bonus for joining SFI, and every affiliate can start their SFI adventure with a gratifying $100–ready for them to start collecting as soon as they begin earning commissions!


Of course, with a great new contest like E365 2.0, we want to make sure that every single affiliate is fully aware of the contest and the opportunities available to them (the chance to share in over a million dollars in cash and prizes during their first year, and the opportunity to be recognized as the champion of their class)!

To this end, we’ve added a brand new E365 panel on the Scoreboard tab at the Affiliate Center.  Note: If you’re not eligible (i.e. you’re no longer in your first year in SFI), you’ll not see this panel.  For those not yet fully entered, it will display which steps have been completed and which still need to be completed.


For those who’ve completed the six steps already, it will display some handy stats about your position in the contest, a list of prizes won to date, and more.

This new panel will be viewed by all of your new affiliates during their first year every time they hit the Scoreboard tab to collect its daily VersaPoint.  If they’ve not yet entered, it will gently encourage them to GET entered.  If they’re already in the contest, it will keep them fully apprized of their status for the overall, monthly, and country competition, and provide daily, ongoing motivation until their 365th day in SFI.

Note: To provide even more exposure for E365 to new affiliates, a similar (albeit not as detailed) panel has also been added to the WIN IT tab for their first year.

Q & A

Q: I joined SFI less than a year ago, but I was eliminated from the E365 contest during one of the first few rounds.  Are you saying I can participate now, that I can still win the E365 championship for my class?
Yes!  Check your SCOREBOARD for your exact status.

Q: I’ve been in SFI for more than a year, so I can’t participate in E365.  Is there anything for me?
Yes!  Available to you is the Leadership Challenge contest and the new, monthly UNSTOPPABLE contest, not to mention your SFI business itself which is the biggest opportunity of all.

Q: I’ve been in SFI for more than a year and I don’t think it’s fair that I can’t get back in the E365 contest like so many others can now.
This is where you need to put on your “big picture” glasses.  Being in the E365 contest and having the opportunity to win the championship for your class is great of course, but the real opportunity–the opportunity to build a residual income of thousands of dollars a month by simply building your business–is of course the main reason for being in SFI–and this is fully available to you.  Meanwhile, consider how much you can add to your monthly earnings by the opportunity now afforded all your affiliates who’ve joined SFI in the last year…and all your future new affiliates. In short, the new E365 is going to help you build something great!

Q: I see that one of the qualifications to enter the E365 contest is qualifying as an EA (Executive Affiliate).  Doesn’t this make it harder for someone who joins SFI late in a month?
No, because they can transfer all VP from the month they started to their second month.  So it makes no difference when you join.

Q: Is there still a second chance program?
No, it’s no longer needed, because if you’re in your first year, you can jump in and compete for the championship of your class at any time.

Q: Are any of the new awards going to be awarded retroactively?
Yes!  If you are currently (as of today, June 6) second in VP in your class, and you did not win the overall championship, you’ll soon be sporting the new RUNNER-UP badge!  And if you’re tops in VP in your country right now (minimum 5000 VP), and you did not win the overall championship, you’ll soon be sporting the new Country Champion badge!

Q: How does the new E365 entry process help me as a sponsor?
Great question!  Let’s go through each of the six qualifying steps:

  1. Email address verification.  Having a confirmed-valid email address for your affiliates is BIG, because it helps ensure that they receive your email communications, a critical component for you to build a successful team.
  2. Whitelisting. You absolutely want your affiliates receiving SFI’s emails, your emails, and the emails of your upline  But if whitelisting isn’t done, even having a verified valid address isn’t good enough, because emails may otherwise be diverted into junk or spam folders, never to be seen.  Whitelisting prevents this and helps ensure that your and our emails get both delivered and SEEN by your affiliates.
  3. Affiliate Profile Basics answers some key questions (see below) that helps both SFI and you learn about your new affiliate so the best possible support and assistance can be provided.  For example, the person’s primary language is recorded–very important for quality communication.
  4. Account photo upload.  When your affiliate takes care of this step, they’re putting a face on their business and also deepening their engagement in SFI.  One of your jobs as their sponsor is to develop a personal one-on-one relationship–much easier when you can put a face to their name.
  5. Commitment Letter.  When your affiliate completes and sends you this letter, you now know for sure you’ve got a great new affiliate on your team!
  6. Achievement of EA rank.  As a sponsor, there are of course few things better than when a new affiliate advances to the rank of Executive Affiliate…now on their way to becoming a highly valuable member of your team…and bringing you one step closer to becoming a Diamond Team Leader.

Q: What are the six questions asked in the Affiliate Profile Basics?

  1. What is your primary language?
  2. How did you learn about SFI?
  3. What was your #1 reason for starting your business?
  4. What do you feel you need most to succeed with SFI?
  5. Gender (optional)
  6. Birthdate (optional)

Q: Where can I see the responses to the Affiliate Profile Basics questionnaire?
From the Genealogy, open the affiliate’s Affiliate Snapshot, then open the PROFILE section.  Note: Some affiliates may choose to not share this information with their sponsor for privacy reasons.

Q: What do the new badges look like?
Here are the five badges now available:


Note: The “Challenger” badge is awarded to every affiliate who qualifies for the E365 contest.  If you win the monthly VP contest (collecting the most VP for the month for your class), your Challenger badge gets the special gold trim added for approximately one month to recognize that achievement.

Q: How will eligible affiliates know that E365 is available to them?
E365 is now promoted on the To Do List, on the Scoreboard, and on the Win It tab as well. If they are around the Affiliate Center at all, it will be very hard to miss.  Additionally, it’s discussed in LaunchPad, and is referenced in certain emails sent to new affiliates during their first month.  There’s also continuous, daily recognition of E365 champions on the Growth tab, at the Forum, etc.

Q: Should I promote E365 to my new affiliates?
It’s a good idea, yes, but because we are exposing them to E365 prominently (as explained in the previous answer), there’s no need to be overly aggressive (and it may even be counter-productive).

Q: I liked the green line.  Why did we have to get rid of that?
First of all, many affiliates had difficulty understanding how the green line worked and what it represented.  This caused confusion and exasperation–and caused many to be turned off of SFI altogether.  At the same time, every round eliminated hundreds of affiliates.  By day 30, we’d told approximately 95% of all new affiliates that they were “failures” when they got knocked out of the contest.  What made this worse was that many of those folks were knocked out of the competition before they even realized they were in a contest, or what the rules were.  I’m sure you will agree that all of this runs counter to giving our affiliates a good, fun, positive start in our business.  But now, with E365 2.0, all affiliates can enter the contest at their convenience, when they’re ready.

Q: I had already qualified for the finals of the E365 contest.  What is my status now with the new E365 rules?
If you were already qualified for what was the finals in the old E365, you’ve been grandfathered into the new E365.

Q: What is the “big picture” impact of the new E365?
The new E365 contest, combined with today’s discontinuation of Fast-Track, represent a major step towards simplifying getting started for new affiliates.  Instead of multiple contests with multiple (and short) deadlines to immediately deal with upon joining, new affiliates can instead focus on a few key and basic activities to help them get off to a positive and productive start.

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