Win minimum of 100 TCredits in PROGRESSIVE auctions!

Effective immediately, TCredits PROGRESSIVE auctions will begin with a base bundle of 100 TCredits (up from 50 previously)! That means that no matter what, auction winners are guaranteed to receive at least 100 TCredits!

But the total amount won will very likely be even more because once our reserve bid price is reached, the amount of TCredits in the progressive bundle begins to increase in proportion to the number of bids placed. You can check the “odometer” on the auction details page for the current quantity of TCredits you’re bidding on. And there is no limit to how high the bundle quantity can go! Win the auction, and you’ll get the quantity displayed!

Check out the Pricebenders Auction schedule for times and dates of TCredits Progressive Bundle auctions and to set an alert to remind you when an auction begins.

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