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New Affiliate Center Header


Introducing a brand new, redesigned header for the Affiliate Center!


  • Fresh, new modern look.
  • Less clutter.  We’ve removed information that was redundant or located elsewhere (e.g. VP info that’s on the Scoreboard).  We moved a few things as well–such as the official SFI date and time and Sponsor/Upline links–to the footer.
  • Alerts of new SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging) chat messages are now bigger and more prominent in the top right corner.  And the bubble will turn bright green and bounce when someone messages you (click it to join the conversation).  No more should you or your recipients ever miss messages!
  • Alerts of new Inbox (e.g.TeamMail) messages–with a dynamic count on unread messages–have also been prominently positioned in the top right corner for high visibility and easy access.
  • We made search more prominent with a large magnifying glass icon located in the top right corner.  And just to the right of it, we’ve added two handy new buttons:  1. Click the  button with the question mark on it to launch a handy menu of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the most-asked-about SFI topics.  2. Click the button with the rocket icon to jump to LaunchPad training.  By the way, don’t forget, we’re completely overhauling LaunchPad right now, so be looking for a vastly improved and more extensive LaunchPad later this Summer too.
  • New universal alert system.  For special and/or vital alerts that we don’t want anyone to miss (e.g. a downtime notification), there’s now a special alert bar that will appear above the new header as needed.
  • The new header is mobile-friendly.  Since virtually every page of the Affiliate Center utilizes a standard SFI header (and footer), the Affiliate Center as a whole cannot become fully mobile-friendly without the header and footer first being so.  So the foundation is now laid to convert and make every page at the Affiliate Center mobile-friendly.  Yes, you’ll soon be able to readily use virtually the entire SFI site on your mobile device or tablet computer!
  • We’ve overhauled all our menus.  The one with the biggest changes is the TOOLS menu.  Be sure to check it out; we’ve broken out tools into individual categories (Team Building, Marketing, and Communication) and have made it easier than ever to find just what you’re looking for.
  • We’ve added your Rank Badge to the header to open the door for some exciting new badge developments (be watching for the announcement on this soon).
  • We simplified the black menu/navigation bar by replacing three labels with three simple icons.  Your SFI Homepage, located on the left side of the menu bar, is now represented by a “house” icon.  My Account is now represented by a “user” icon.  And you can jump directly to TripleClicks now by just clicking on the TripleClicks logo icon on the far right side of the menu bar (Tip: You can go directly to any of the four main sections of TripleClicks by selecting Buy, Sell, Bid, or Play from the menu that appears when you click on the TripleClicks logo).

Special Note: The new header will likely cause minor formatting issues on some of the hundreds of pages at the Affiliate Center.  As these pages are identified, fixes will come quickly.  However, if you’re still seeing formatting issues after mid-August, please help us out by submitting a ticket with the URL of the page so that we make the necessary fix.  We appreciate your assistance!

Forum Discussion

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New Inbox and TeamMail features!

screenshot_1553We’ve just overhauled the SFI Inbox!  It’s now more attractive, easier to use, and includes some nice new features such as filters and inline replies.  The SFI Inbox is also now mobile-friendly (works great on all mobile devices).

We’ve also made using TeamMail much easier and more fun!  Effective immediately, you can pop up a quick reply screen from anywhere you see the TeamMail envelope. You can do this from:

  • My Movers (coming soon)
  • Genealogy (coming soon)
  • Affiliate Snapshot (coming soon)
  • Stream

Just click the little envelope icon and a TeamMail screen will pop up.  It will also be pre-addressed to the affiliate, so all you have to do is compose your message and click “Send.” You message will be instantly delivered and appear instantly in the recipient’s inbox.  Quick, simple, and easy!

Another new TeamMail feature is that you can now choose to distribute messages via Inbox + email…OR…just the Inbox (“Inbox Only”).  There is no limit on how many messages you can send when using the Inbox Only option.  This is particularly important if you hit your TeamMail distribution limit during the month.  Now, if you hit your limit (or you just want to send more messages without worrying about hitting your limit), you can use the Inbox Only option to get your messages out.

Note: If the affiliate you’re messaging has a confirmed bad email address, Inbox Only will be selected for you (with no option to use the Inbox + email option).

There’s another major feature that comes with the Inbox Only option.  That is, when using the Inbox Only (no email) option, you can now attach images to your TeamMail messages!  Attaching images is a great way to improve your communications.  For example, if you’re teaching a PSA how to do something, you can now attach an instructive image.  Or if you’re congratulating someone, perhaps a fun animated image.

Special Note: At this time, the pop-up TeamMail message composition screen works only for individual messages.  Once we’ve established that the user interface is working as planned, we will roll out this same functionality to Group Messaging from the Genealogy so that you can distribute unlimited Inbox Only group messages and include images with your group messages, too!

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

Meet the new and improved Stream!


The new STREAM (one of the tabs on your Affiliate Center homepage) is now live!


1. First and foremost, we’ve greatly simplified Stream.  There’s a place to compose your own posts (with the option to include images)…and there’s a timeline–which displays posts from SFI Corporate, your Sponsor, your Co-Sponsor, and other upline members (shown newest to oldest).  Essentially just two simple sections.

2. You can of course “like” posts, by clicking the “thumbs-up” icon, and we encourage you to do so (your likes help posters earn and upgrade their Likes Badge).  If you LOVE a post, click the new “heart” icon (“loves” are also counted on the poster’s Likes Badge).  If you’re not sure whether you like a post or not, click the “neutral” face icon.  Or, if you don’t like the post, click the “sad” face icon.  TIP: Be sure to regularly use this feature and rate posts honestly so that you’re providing feedback to the poster.  This will help them improve their future posts.

3. You can also now “restream” posts.  That is, if you really like a post and want your team to see it, you can forward it on to your team with a click.  Note: Do not restream posts that are not appropriate for your team.

4. Improved reply features.  If you wish to reply to a post, there are now up to three methods.  A) Click the envelope icon to respond with an easy and quick TeamMail message to the poster.  B) Click the “bubble” icon to initiate an instant message (chat) session with the poster. C) Click the “double bubble” icon to go to the poster’s private sub-forum (not applicable if poster has not set up a private forum for their team).  Note that all three reply options are contingent upon whether you are allowed to communicate with the poster. 

5. Posts from ECAs will no longer appear in Stream.  But fret not, ECAs!  We’re simply moving your posts to a new “mini-Stream” panel which will be located on the more appropriate TripleClicks tab–where you’ll have less posts to compete against too.

6. SFI is going to lead by example.  That is, with the new Stream now installed, SFI will now be posting regularly and frequently our best tips, alerts, and other valuable information.

7. We’ve also greatly simplified who gets your Stream posts.  That is, when you post something now (or restream a post), it will automatically go to every affiliates within 12 downline generations of you, PLUS all your CSAs, regardless of what your rank is.

Why only the ONE option for who receives your posts?  In short, we want to eliminate complexity and redundancy within our communication tools.  If you really need to send a message to just your PSAs, for example, use the PSA Mailer.  If  you want to communicate with your CSAs specifically, use the CSA Mailer.  And/or use the Genealogy Group Mailer to target messages to any specific group you want.  Don’t forget that we also have SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging), the Forum (including Private Forums just for your downline), and TeamMail.  In short, you have at your disposal all kinds of ways to distribute messages and communicate with virtually any subset of your team…so let’s keep Stream SIMPLE.



  • General tips & advice
  • Inspirational/motivational messages
  • Recognizing achievements of Team Members
  • Comments on the latest SFI and TC news
  • Invitations to engage in discussions at the Forum (be sure to include the URL)
  • Referrals to great Knowledge Base answers (be sure to include the URL)
  • Appropriate quips and witticisms

Again, remember that all posts will go to everyone within 12 generations downline and your CSAs.  And remember that your posts may get restreamed and, hence, distributed much deeper–potentially to be seen by tens of thousands of affiliate (and all the likes that might come with ’em!).

NOTE! Using Stream for advertising or solicitations of any kind is strictly prohibited. Violation will result in immediate suspension and/or permanent loss of posting privileges.  If you see a violation, report it immediately–using the “Report” link.

Forum Discussion

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

DON’T FORGET! Sunday, July 31st, is the deadline for…

icon-blog_sfiSunday, July 31st, is the last day…

1. To get in on the July S-Builder Co-op. Just plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving signups (both SFI affiliates and TC members). Just 72 cents a day gets you on your way; it’s one of most economical ways to build an online business ever! For complete details, extensive FAQs, and an order link for S-Builder, see the S-Builder central info page.

2. To retain your Executive Affiliate status for July. If you’re under 1,500 VersaPoints for this month, get to your SFI Homepage at the Affiliate Center right away and see your SFI To-Do List for a list of ways to acquire the points you need.