The new LaunchPad is here!!

screenshot_1680WHAT’S NEW

  • Simplified, streamlined, and with a fresh new and modern look.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • All lessons have been updated plus lots of new content and topics previously not covered in LaunchPad have been added.
  • More personalized and more customization.
  • The LaunchPad Index now features 11 “core lessons” (chapters) by default.  All but two have “sub-lessons” which may be accessed by opening the “related lessons” panel beside the core lesson. As instructed, ideally, new affiliates should read all the core lessons first, then explore the related lessons.
  • There are currently 11 core lessons, and 50 sub-lessons.  Additional chapters and lessons will be added as needed going forward.
  • It’s no longer 30 lessons over 30 days any more.  Very few followed this guideline anyway, so we’re now recommending that new affiliates review 2-5 lessons a day, as many of the related lessons are brief (though just one a day is fine of course too). In short, everyone should read LaunchPad at a pace they are comfortable with–without rushing through this critical training of course.
  • Easily page back and forth through every chapter using the provided “Back” and “Next” buttons.
  • We are no longer sending an email every day about LaunchPad.  Instead, we will simply allow new affiliates to go at whatever pace they’re comfortable with. Note that all new affiliates are automatically funneled to LaunchPad upon registering and going through the New Affiliate Intro.  We also refer them to LaunchPad in our Welcome email (and so should you when greeting your new affiliates).
  • For simplification, we’ve eliminated the quizzes from LaunchPad.  To collect VP, you now simply need to click the “I’ve reviewed this lesson” button at the bottom of each lesson.
  • Every now lesson awards 5 VP, with 305 total VP available.  Note: Many of you have already collected 300 VP for completing LaunchPad earlier; you will be able to gain an additional 5 VP now by reviewing a lesson for the current 305 VP total.  And when we add new lessons, you’ll have the opportunity to gain 5 new VP each time. Special Note: If you’re an older affiliate who actually collected more than 305 VP prior to today for LaunchPad lessons, you will NOT earn extra VP until your LaunchPad VP total is greater than the current LaunchPad maximum total.
  • On the To Do List and VP Ledgers, we are no longer spelling out the titles of all the lessons (60+ lesson titles is just too much clutter).  Instead, a single line will appear that guides you on how many of the 61 lessons you’ve completed and how many total VP you’ve collected.  Note: At the LaunchPad Index, you can identify which lessons you’ve reviewed and which you have not yet by the green checkmark balls that will appear beside lesson titles.
  • The new LaunchPad is now THE place for getting educated on the basics of SFI and TripleClicks.  It’s for new affiliates and it’s for experienced affiliates for whenever they need a refresher on any key component of the SFI program.  Sponsors: Make sure you are referring your affiliates to LaunchPad.  It is now absolutely THE best place for getting up to speed on everything about SFI and TripleClicks (but without overwhelming details).
  • LaunchPad is now a fully dynamic and database-driven site, allowing for fast and easy lesson maintenance.  It also allows us to customize and personalize every lesson for maximum impact.
  • The new LaunchPad is a very big piece of work, a project that has taken MONTHS to complete…and it’s still a work in progress.  So bear with us as we continue with refinements, add more diagrams, etc.  Also, please be aware that we are looking at other ways to enhance LaunchPad, such as with videos, audio, etc. And we’re of course very interested in your feedback, so use the Suggestion Box at the Forum to let us know how you think we can make LaunchPad even better!

Forum Discussion

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