September's UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!


We are delighted to announce the winners of September’s UNSTOPPABLE contest!  The September 2016 contest challenged SFI affiliates to develop new EA2s.

Our grand champion and winner of $500 cash was DIJANA ASENOV of the Serbia.  Congratulations, Dijana, you’re awesome!

A hearty congratulations also goes out to the rest of our top ten (shown in red below), who grabbed a total of $1,200 in additional cash and Signing Bonuses.  For our top 50, all cash, digital prizes, and badges will be awarded in the next few days and automatically added to your account (for you t-shirt winners, be looking for an alert to choose your shirt size and confirm your shipping address).

Note: If you’re not yet entered in the current OCTOBER contest, what are you waiting for? Get entered and win great cash and more!  Full details HERE.

  1. Dijana Asenov, Serbia
  2. Hans Bergmeier, Germany
  3. Zaviša Koprivica, Serbia
  4. Jasmina Šolaja, Serbia
  5. Brian Futureco, United Kingdom
  6. Sanja Matanovic, Croatia
  7. Charles Altomo, Papua New Guinea
  8. Stone Evans, United States
  9. George Chabane, South Africa
  10. Tomislav Loncarevic, Croatia
  11. Renata Grgić, Croatia
  12. Marija Sekulic, Serbia
  13. Carmen Maria Bulau, Serbia
  14. Ivana Putica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  15. Yves Lemelin, Canada
  16. Ingrid Gaberc, Slovenia
  17. William Kidu, Papua New Guinea
  18. Branimir Stefanović, Serbia
  19. Owolabi Aremu, Nigeria
  20. Marjana Todorova Aleksova, Macedonia
  21. Esad Hadzic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  22. Anna Loredana, Orlando Italy
  23. Erich Winnecke, United States
  24. Branka Milosevic, Serbia
  25. Helena Oberholzer, South Africa
  26. Yoseph Darius Say, Indonesia
  27. Andrijana Blazevska, Macedonia
  28. Raymond Joseph Freyaldenhoven, United States
  29. Anita Gagovska Shutinoska, Macedonia
  30. Dejan Lucic, Serbia
  31. Janet Croft, United States
  32. Werner Nieuwoudt, South Africa
  33. Peter Bechtold, United States
  34. David Smith, Australia
  35. Temitope Victoria Asubiaro, Malaysia
  36. Birdie Hurt, United States
  37. Svetlana Romeva, Macedonia
  38. Holly Carr, United States
  39. Abraham Hayles, Canada
  40. Gordana Ivanovska, Macedonia
  41. Mirko Zulian, Italy
  42. Meliha Skopljak, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  43. Eldon Taylor, United States
  44. Zlata Markovic, Serbia
  45. Zeeshan Butt, Pakistan
  46. Marina Jokovic, Serbia
  47. Maureen Labiran, Nigeria
  48. Monika Veljanoska, Macedonia
  49. Lokendra Dhakal, United Arab Emirates
  50. Craig Warren, United States
  51. Maria Tenorio, Venezuela
  52. Sherwin Valoria, Philippines
  53. Zoran Cvetanoski, Macedonia
  54. Lynn McAfee, United States
  55. Jelena Stanković, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  56. John Uffort, Nigeria
  57. Edisa Orucevic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  58.  Danijela Panic, Serbia
  59. Osede Obatta, Nigeria
  60. Arthur Walker, United States
  61. Goran Krstevski, Macedonia
  62. Luis Carlos Vergara Martínez, Colombia
  63. Roy Justin Ganaweria, Papua New Guinea
  64. Munevera Baljic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  65. Sonja Kamenkovic, Serbia
  66. Sheniece Wisdom, Jamaica
  67. Kabre Elie, Burkina Faso
  68. Olivier Carter, Canada
  69. Nikola Vucinac, Serbia
  70. Carol Ewing, United States
  71. Yinka Adebiyi, Nigeria
  72. Nuno Amorim, Mozambique
  73. Zsuzsa Gugan, Hungary
  74. Suzana Dragosan, Serbia
  75. Djordje Tepavac, Serbia
  76. Svetlana Ristic, Serbia
  77. Luc Jennings, Canada
  78. Milka Bobolinska, Macedonia
  79. Gilmar Gödl, Germany
  80. Sanja Vuksanovic, Montenegro
  81. Maisy Talowani, Papua New Guinea
  82. Max Jacobs, Canada
  83. Ijiljana Damnjanovic, Serbia
  84. Darko Aleksovski, Macedonia
  85. Sylvie Jolicoeur, Canada
  86. Christine Donaldson, Gibraltar
  87. Rohit Upreti, India
  88. Vladimir Ilic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  89. Julian Cole, United States
  90. Brigitte Knaapen, Netherlands
  91. Juliano Alex, Romania
  92. Pier Angelo Zanuttini, Italy
  93. Mike Savage Jr., United States
  94. Maurice Tate, Australia
  95. Lyle Kannenberg, Canada
  96. Bethany Marsh, United States
  97. Carlton Murray, United Kingdom
  98. Mark Antwi, Ghana
  99. Annetjie De Lange, South Africa
  100. Azhar Ali, Pakistan

Per the contest rules, for ALL who entered the contest and developed at least one new EA2, we also drew ten winners of 50 TCredits each (to be added to your account shortly).  Those winners were:

  1. Janet Croft, United States
  2. Maria Enorio, Venezuela
  3. Munevera Baljic, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  4. Sanja Vuksanovic, Montenegro
  5. Sylvie Jolicoeur, Canada
  6. Jelena Vadjon Djurisic, Montenegro
  7. Andrijana Eleši-Mihaljenović, Croatia
  8. Mats Eklund, Sweden
  9. Ljiljana Brankovic, Serbia
  10. Jayantilal G. Patel, India

Once again, a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to all our UNSTOPPABLE affiliates!  We look forward to seeing your name in the top 10, 20, 50 or 100 again in the months to come!

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