Introducing…Flips and Super Deals!

screenshot_1928We’ve just added a very cool new feature to Pricebenders that we think you’re going to love.  We call them “Flips,” and here’s how it works:

For most auctions of physical goods, you’ll now have a new option each time you win…to put the item you’ve won up for immediate sale at TripleClicks for CASH!

  • Your only cost to “flip your win” is the price you won the auction for plus a nominal $3.50 processing fee to cover our costs to sell the item for you.
  • You set the price for what your item sells for–to up to 70% of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).
  • When the item sells, we deposit the proceeds into your TC Member account.  That’s it!

Example: You win a Chromebook laptop computer (MSRP $200) for just $20.00 (including the cost of your bids).  You set the selling price at $129.00–which is a fantastic price for the customer.  Upon the sale, you just made $105.50 in cash! ($129 – $20 cost of win – $3.50 processing fee)

Flips = Super Deals!

With the debut of Flips, we’ll also simultaneously be introducing a new “SUPER DEALS” section to sell flipped items–featured both at TripleClicks and on the TC tab at the Affiliate Center.

What makes them”super deals?” Because every item in this new section will be at least 30% off the MSRP, and most will offer a MUCH greater savings.  Why?  Because when someone wins a Pricebenders auction for a really low price (which is typical), they’re naturally going to be inclined to “price it to sell!”

Indeed, we expect Super Deals to regularly feature deals that no other e-commerce site in the world will be able to match!  Brand new electronics, appliances, and and numerous other great products at a whopping 50% off the regular retail price?  Yes!  60% off?  70% off…or more?  YES!

PLUS, every Super Deal automatically comes with…

  • 50 MRP
  • 200 VersaPoints (SFI affiliates only)
  • 20 bonus TCredits (if the item isn’t already bundled with TCredits) (non-SFI affiliates only)

Marketing Super Deals

It will take a few days to generate an ample stock of Super Deals, but once we have, it’s time to begin a new chapter in customer referrals and sales for SFI affiliates!  As stated above, Flips are going to allow us to have deals at TripleClicks on great, new, name-brand products…at prices possibly no other site (or offline store) will be able to touch.  And this, of course, creates an amazing opportunity for our affiliates to attract customers and generate sales like never before!


To support this important new development, we will be coming out soon with special training and marketing aids just for Super Deals.  But for those who are ready to hit the ground running right now, affiliate links are already in place for you; just grab the Affiliate Link from the SFI Toolbox from the product details page of any Super Deal and start promoting it!

Q & A

Q: What if my flipped item doesn’t sell right away?
If your item isn’t selling, you may need to reduce the price to attract more interest.  You may adjust your pricing down or up, whenever you want, as frequently as once ever 24 hours.

Q: Is there an easy way for me to track and monitor the items I’m flipping?
Yes, in the Member Center, you’ll now find a ledger which lists all current items you have up for sale as well as all items you’ve sold previously.  Dates, prices, etc. are conveniently provided.

Q: Can I only use the proceeds of a Flip sale towards other products at TripleClicks?
No. You use towards any item at TripleClicks…OR…you can opt to receive the proceeds as CASH (works exactly the same as when you generate a Member Listing sale at TripleClicks).

Q: If I choose to flip a win…can I change my mind later?
No, once you’ve chosen “flip” as the option, you’ll need to stick with it.

Q: Why are MRP and TCredits included when you purchase a Super Deal?
You’re looking for ways to get your PRMs excited about TripleClicks, right?  MRP gives them a reason to make future purchases.  The TCredits give them a reason to try out Pricebenders auctions, Member Listings, Eager Zebra games, and more at no cost.  In short, by including MPR and TCredits, we’re expanding your opportunity to engage your PRMs and turn them into regulars customers at TripleClicks.

Q: What if there is more than one Super Deal for the same product?
We will automatically feature the lowest-priced one until it has sold.  The next-best priced  will then move up and take its place in Super Deals.

Q: Will I be able to know if someone else is selling my same item for a lower price so I can consider lowering my price?
Yes, you’ll be advised or be able to know if there are others selling the same item and at what prices.

Q: Are there any VersaPoints awarded for purchasing a Super Deal?
Yes, if you’re an SFI affiliate, you’ll automatically receive 200 VersaPoints for each Super Deal you buy!

Q: Are there any commissions earned when a Super Deal is sold?
No.  All CV and commissions occur on the front-end.  That is, when an item is being bid on at Pricebenders, CV is being generated on the sale of the TCredits being spent (which of course includes 40% going into the TripleClicks Executive Pool that all affiliates can share in).  And with Flip providing the great new benefit of being able to generate ample amounts of cash for Pricebenders winners, we expect bidding to increase (more bidding = higher commissions and a larger TripleClicks Executive Pool).

Q: Does TripleClicks make money on Super Deal sales?
No.  Just like our affiliates, our profits occur on the front-end, at Pricebenders.

Q: As an SFI affiliate, since there is no CV attached to Super Deals, what is my incentive to promote them?
First, let’s remember that Super Deals are likely going to regularly feature products at prices no other store or site on the web can touch.  Truly. SUPER. deals.  So you’ll be doing your friends, family members, and other customers a great favor just by letting them know about Super Deals.  And getting that first sale is BIG, because it can lead to other purchases at TripleClicks, of course, where you CAN earn commissions.  And don’t forget that the purchase of a Super Deal comes with 50 free MRP and 20 free TCredits–both of which can further incentivize future activity and purchases at TripleClicks–for which you can be the beneficiary of.

Q: Why not earmark a portion of the Super Deal price towards CV?
We could, but that would mean less money for the seller, so there would be less incentive to use the Flip feature.  Or perhaps it would push auction winners to just take their product and go sell it on eBay or Craigslist instead where they can earn more.  Either way, it would mean less Super Deals and/or higher prices on Super Deals, neither of which is a good thing for TripleClicks and its SFI affiliates.

Q: So there will never be any CV or revenues directed to the TripleClicks Executive Pool on Super Deals?
Not, we’re not saying that.  We have some options to go in that direction, but we’d like to start with the CV coming exclusively from the front-end.  Let’s see how it goes for awhile!


Forum Discussion

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