Special Double VP auctions!

To send off November in style, we’re awarding DOUBLE VP (VersaPoints) for every bid at Pricebenders today!

Every auction at Pricebenders today, Wednesday, November 30th, will be a Double VP auction!  That means that for every bid you place today, on EVERY auction, instead of just 1 VP, you’ll earn TWO VP!  Enjoy!

NOTE: The limit of 1000 VP per month from bidding at Pricebenders still applies.  

For the complete line-up of available auctions, go to:


And don’t forget that you can set an email and/or text alert for any auctions you want to be reminded of when they start from the UPCOMING auctions tab!

For a Pricebenders guide and tips for winning, go HERE.

P.S. Don’t forget the exciting new Flip option at Pricebenders (which allows you to convert your auction wins into hard cold CASH)!

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