2017 New Years Message from Gery


To: All SFI affiliates
From: Gery Carson

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s with great excitement that I get to address you here on this first day of the new year…2017!  I LOVE the start of each new year, because it’s such a great opportunity to “hit the reset button” and start fresh, with a new list of goals and resolutions, and with renewed vigor and energy.

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But before we move onto and start talking about what’s in store for 2017, let’s (briefly) give 2016 it’s due!  In 2016 MUCH (and I mean MUCH) was accomplished and achieved.  Following is a list of just some of our 2016 additions and improvements:

Tip: If you’ve been with SFI for less than a year (or just need a refresher), this is a great list to go through, to make sure you’re taking advantage of our newest features and programs.

Yes, my team here was definitely “on fire” in 2016, and I’m SO proud of the great, great effort and how many important pieces we were able to put in place for our affiliates.

But, of course, just like riding a bicycle uphill, if you want to keep climbing, you can’t stop pedaling (or soon you’ll be rolling backwards).  So just like I hope each and every one of you are, we are ready to hit the ground running in 2017!

Today and over the next couple days you’ll see the first evidence of this with three major announcements (see the first of these three here).  But these will be just the tip of the iceberg!

Year of the Sale

smiling young man in blank black t-shirtIn 2016, our major focus was on SFI.  In 2017, our main focus will be on TripleClicks.  More specifically, our focus will be on improving TripleClicks in ways designed to substantially accelerate sales.  Hence, we’re calling 2017, “Year of the sale!”

To that end, we will be aggressively addressing:

  • ECA quality
  • Shipping & delivery
  • Product selection
  • Site user-friendliness

We want to greatly expand product offerings and improve shipping and delivery.  We want to improve the experience of all persons visiting TripleClicks.  We want to make all parts of TripleClicks mobile-friendly.

And our long-time plan to bring in restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and other local merchants to TripleClicks should also finally become a reality in 2017!  Imagine being able to earn all the VersaPoints you need each month by simply patronizing your favorite local merchants!  Yes, if we do this right, this one program alone could be the biggest thing we’ve ever done!

We also have plans to open up engagement opportunities between affiliates and their PRMs!  That is, we want to give you more ways to directly engage with and impact the activities of your PRMs.

If we can accomplish these objectives, 2017 will indeed be a banner year for sales at TripleClicks…and I, for one, am planning on exactly that!

Why it’s so important

Why is making TripleClicks better and creating more sales so important?  Well, it’s like this, folks:  No matter how great we make the SFI side of things, no matter how good our gateways are, no matter how good are SFI training, tools, and leadership is, no matter how many tens of thousands join SFI, if we don’t have great products behind it, we’ll never be any more than a shadow of what we could be.

But if TripleClicks has the products, prices, features, and other amenities that attract and keep today’s online customers, the SFI affiliate opportunity has almost no limits in its potential…and the emergence of future SFI affiliate millionaires becomes a real possibility.


In short, SFI’s foundation has to be about our products.  So in 2017, let’s all work together to take TripleClicks to a new level.  Let’s truly make 2017 the “Year or the sale!”

In closing

SFI Nation is huge.  Our community numbers in the hundreds of thousands, made up of men and women from virtually every country in the world.  And so it requires only some simple math to know that tens of millions of hours were invested by our affiliates in 2016.  Tens of MILLIONS of hours!  I’m humbled by this.  And I’m enormously grateful that so many invest so much to make SFI go and continue moving into the future.  THANK YOU!!

And speaking of that future, it’s truly never been brighter.  2017 holds incredible promise, with unprecedented opportunities.  But that promise will not be realized without real and true commitment, without rolling up sleeves and doing the hard work that building great things requires.  For myself and for our corporate team here, rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in 2017.  Indeed, we will out-work and out-hustle our competition every day of the year, and we will not rest until SFI has changed the world.  Who’s with us?!

Gery Carson
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