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As SFI president Gery Carson stated in his January 1st memo, TripleClicks (and TripleClicks SALES especially), are going to be our primary focus in 2017.  “Year of the sale!”

Indeed, there are at least SIX major developments for TripleClicks planned for 2017. The first, which was announced yesterday on January 1st, is the new Spotlight Merchant Directory (now featuring 28 merchants, with dozens more on the way).  Get up to speed on the new directory HERE.

The second is a major expansion of our TC Direct offerings!  Effective immediately, we will be rolling out a minimum of one new TCD (TC Direct product) every week of 2017!  Yes, a minimum of 52 new products are on the way, with the number actually likely to be much higher.

Featured on your TC tab!

Each week of the year, we’ll be introducing a brand new featured TCD.  You’ll find them on your TC tab at the Affiliate Center.  In fact, if you’ll go to your TC Tab right now, you’ll find the first one.

FREE worldwide shipping!


You’ve been asking us to provide better shipping rates.  How does FREE sound?!  Yes, for most TCDs, shipping will be 100% free to most countries!  We’re able to make this happen by working with new international sources that will drop-ship many of the new TCD products directly to you.  TCDs can be purchased for yourself or sold to your customers; free shipping applies for both.

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You’re also going to love the prices on our new TCDs!  In most cases, our price will at least match the best price you’ll find on the internet.  And in many cases, we’ll beat the best price out there!  And, of course, when you’re buying a TCD, you’ll also be receiving ample amounts of VersaPoints and MRP, too!


screenshot_755TCDs aren’t just for affiliates to purchase for themselves of course.  On the contrary, TCDs are designed primarily for earning commissions by selling to the public!

According to recent research, worldwide e-commerce sales topped $2 trillion in 2016, and double-digit growth is expected to continue through 2020, when sales will top $4 trillion!  Incredible!

In short, e-commerce is continuing to absolutely skyrocket.  And and as an SFI affiliate, YOU have the opportunity to share in the billions and billions of dollars in profits by selling products from your store (TripleClicks) and sharing in SFI’s amazing 40% CV Profit Sharing program!

By the way, don’t forget that whenever you make a retail sale (a sale to a non-affiliate), you not only earn a 45% CV Direct Commission but also all the VersaPoints associated with that product.  Hence, by just selling a few TCDs each month, you can earn all the VP you need to qualify for your desired rank AND earn some handsome Direct Commissions, too.  All without any purchases by you required!

But we’re just getting started!

  • smiling young man in blank black t-shirtWe’ve got a third big announcement for our “New Year trifecta” coming tomorrow afternoon, January 3rd.  Be ready for something FUN (and with an opportunity to win some new badges)!
  • Wouldn’t it be INCREDIBLE if you could earn VersaPoints when you dined out, when you fueled up your car, and when you bought groceries…and you paid exactly the same prices you’re paying now?!  That’s all we can say about it now, but we’re fully committed to delivering this breakthrough program this year!  Stay tuned!
  • Two more big, TripleClicks-empowering and commission-boosting programs are also on the way later this year.  Be sure you’re subscribed (see the “subscribe” link in the right column) to be the first to learn about these and numerous other great developments coming in 2017!

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