Standing Orders redefined

IMPORTANT NOTE: SOQ (Standing Order Qualified) is now BCQ ( Booster Club Qualified).  See this announcement: Introducing…TripleClicks Booster Club!

In an effort to simplify and improve SFI’s Standing Order program, we are redefining the definition of a Standing Order.

Effective February 1, 2017, the new term you need to become familiar with is Standing Order Qualified (or SOQ for short).

Payment by cash

To be SOQ simply means that you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND also in the previous month.

Your orders can be those set to reoccur automatically each month (via the Standing Order Manager) or they can just be placed manually at any time throughout the month.  Any combination.

Note: Alternately, you can achieve SOQ status immediately with a minimum of 3000 VP in orders in the current month.

We are also greatly expanding payment options.  You can now pay for your orders with:

  • Credit card or debit card (including TC Payoneer MasterCard)
  • Paypal
  • SFI Account funds
  • TC Account funds
  • TCurrency
  • Money Order
  • Cashiers Check
  • Personal Check (United States only)


  • Your badge mantel will be sporting a prestigious, new “Standing Order Qualified” badge!
  • Save money!  You can buy any TripleClicks product at the discounted Standing Order price…whenever you want!
  • You will receive 100 Bonus VersaPoints each month!  That’s 100 extra shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool paid to you monthly, too!
  • You will receive two additional entries each day in the big Daily Grand drawing!  That’s a whopping 730 extra chances each year to win hundreds of dollars in valuable and income-boosting prizes!

Q & A

Q: How will I know when I’m Standing Order Qualified?
Next to your rank badge in the header at the Affiliate Center, if you’re SOQ, you’ll now see a small “Standing Order Qualified” emblem.  If you see this emblem, you’re officially SOQ and are eligible for all SOQ benefits.  If you don’t see it, it means you’re currently not Standing Order Qualified.

Q: I don’t have, nor can I get, a credit card.  I also cannot get a PayPal account.  So how can I make qualifying purchases?
Your best option then is probably to accumulate your SFI commissions and pay for orders out of these funds. TCurrency is also an excellent option in most countries.  By using TCurrency, you can actually pay for your orders using your local currency or even barter!  Learn all about TCurrency and how it works HERE.  Tip: You are not limited to buying TCurrency from merchants in your country; feel free to use merchants in your region or even outside your region. No TCurrency merchants in your region?  Consider taking advantage of this opportunity by becoming a TCurrency merchant yourself.  Learn about this HERE.

Q: So how many total VP do I need?
Being SOQ means that you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND in the the previous month…so a minimum of 3000 total VP for the two months.

Q: Can I only purchase TC Direct products to become SOQ?
No.  You can buy from any ECA or any Spotlight Merchant as well.

Q: What do I need to do to be SOQ as soon as possible so I can qualify for all the SOQ benefits?
Just generate a minimum of 1500 VP in purchases this month, before the end of January…and then another 1500 VP in purchases before the end of February.  Note that these can be any combination of orders placed automatically or manually, whenever you want during the month.

Q: So purchases are now required at SFI?
No, nothing has changed from this standpoint.  You can still earn all your necessary VP doing actions that are free and/or have no out-of-pocket cost.  Moreover, you can still earn unlimited commissions regardless of your rank and regardless of whether you are SOQ or not.  The SOQ program simply adds some extra perks for those who are practicing transfer buying and supporting their store.

Q: When will I receive the new SOQ badge?
Provided you’ve had a minimum of 1500 VP in purchases in January, you could collect the new badge as early as February 1st with another minimum 1500 VP purchase on February 1st.

Q: Can I pay for my orders with MRP and/or TCredits?
Not at this time.

Q: Can I use backdating when placing orders to qualify for SOQ status?
Yes.  The backdating option on orders is available during the first 8 days of each month.  By choosing this option during checkout, you can have the VP and CV for your order applied to the previous month.
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