New policy on checks for commissions

Businesswoman Hand Signing Cheque

As this article clearly illustrates, the use of checks as a form of payment is rapidly collapsing.  For SFI, it’s a particularly poor payment method because of our vast international footprint which demands faster, cheaper, better ways to receive one’s commissions each month.  Cutting and mailing out check is also just plain inefficient and, hence, not cost effective.

So, effective today, March 1st, 2017, we will begin phasing out the use of checks for commission payments.

You may change to one of the following alternate payment options:

  • TripleClicks Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • ACH Direct Deposit (electronic deposit to your bank account, US only)

OR, you can choose to accumulate your commissions on account.  TIP: Commissions that are accumulated can be used for quick and easy purchases at TripleClicks, including all ECA products, as well as business-boosting products like S-Builder Co-op units and mighty TCredits.

Select your payment choice at:

NOTE: If you wish to continue to have us issue you a check, you may do so, but the monthly fee will be increased, starting today, to $5.00 (and may increase further in the future) to cover our cost to manually issue and process checks.


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