New rule for Designated Diamonds

Effective immediately, Designated Diamonds will no longer be chosen by sponsors.  Instead, Designated Diamonds will now be selected by SFI.  There are now three criteria:

  • You have to hold the minimum rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader).
  • You must be opted-in to and participate in the Opti-Build program. Learn more about Opti-Build HERE.
  • If your sponsor has more than five Team Leaders on his/her first level, at the end of the month you will need to be in the top five, based on rank (with most VersaPoints for the month used as the tiebreaker, if needed) to be a Designated Diamond for the upcoming month.


Q: What is the reason for making this change?
Two reasons: 1. The old rule relied too much on having an active sponsor and so it often created unresolvable issues and hard feelings. 2. The success of Opti-Build depends on serious, active participants.  The Designated Diamond program, with the new rules, provides a perfect fit for, and appropriately empowers Opti-Build.

Q: I am a Designated Diamond under the old rules.  But under the new rules, I will not be.  How can I keep my Designated Diamond status?
You may reclaim your Designated Diamond status by meeting the new requirements (as listed above).

Q: What about my Designated Diamond badge?
If you currently have the DD badge, it’s yours until the end of the month.  To CONTINUE to have the DD badge, however, you’ll need to qualify as a DD under the new rules (as listed above) before the end of March (before the end of this month).

Q: I was awarded a $200 Signing Bonus previously as a Designated Diamond under the old rules.  Do I lose this Signing Bonus?
To continue to receive payments of the old DD Signing Bonus, you’ll need to qualify as a DD under the new rules (as listed above) before the end of March.  If any time in the future you lose your DD status, you will forfeit any remaining portion of the DD Signing Bonus.

Q: Why is there no longer a Signing Bonus for becoming a Designated Diamond?
Being a DD now means you’ll be putting the power of Opti-Build to work for you…and the benefits of Opti-Build are potentially MUCH, MUCH greater than a Signing Bonus.  It also makes the DD program cleaner and simpler.
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