Important information about your Auto-Delivery(ies)!

If you have any Auto-Deliveries set up for your account that have NOT already been processed this month, they will be processed starting on Friday, March 10th. Of course, if your Auto-Delivery is set for the 11th, we’ll process on the 11th; if set for the 12th, we’ll process on the 12th, and so on.

If you do NOT wish to have them processed this month, you need to go to the Auto-Delivery Manager and remove the item(s) before your scheduled processing date at:

Note that this same policy will be used every month going forward.  After commissions are processed, any of your Auto-Deliveries not already processed for the month will be processed (on the date you’ve selected).

Special Note on Quick Orders:

If you ever want to have your Auto-Delivery processed NOW (instead of waiting for your normal processing date)…OR…if you want to have your Auto-Delivery processed multiple times in the same month (because, for example, you need to replenish your stock of TCredits or need a quick infusion of VersaPoints), you can!  Just click the green “Quick Order” buttons on the Auto-Delivery Manager page. For the following month, your Auto-Delivery will be processed as usual on your normal processing date.

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