New Reassignment Rules

As discussed in our Opti-Build announcement, to maximize Opti-Build’s power and impact for your group, restructuring your first level by the end of March may be in order.

First, though, let’s affirm again:

“The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Let this key principle guide you as you consider your restructuring strategy!


Now, if you’re relatively new to SFI and/or have five or less Team Leaders on your first level, you probably do not need to do much or any restructuring.  But if you DO have more than five Team Leaders, pay very careful attention to the following information.

First, understand that everyone can have no more than five DDs (Designated Diamonds).  And being a DD is a requirement for participating in Opti-Build.  Therefore, if you have more than five Team Leaders, you’re going to have Team Leaders that are not allowed to participate in Opti-Build. That’s probably not good for them or for YOU.

Again, “The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”  Preventing one or more of your first Team Leaders from participating in Opti-Build goes directly against this tenet of course!

So, you have two choices:

  • > Leave your Team Leaders where they are and risk harming your relationship with them and, very possibly, your future earnings from those legs of your business.

  • > Reassign some of your Team Leaders so that ALL of them can qualify as DDs and be able to participate in Opti-Build.

If you feel #2 is the best option, here are our best restructuring tips:

The system is going to identify for you who your five DDs will be on April 1st.  However, unless you have a truly large number of very active Team Leaders on your first level, you should be able to ascertain who they will be now.  They will be your five Team Leaders with the highest rank (and in the case of a tie, the ones with the most VP for the month).

Your next step is to identify your Team Leaders who will NOT be one of the five DDs selected by the system on April 1st.  These persons are the ones you need to consider reassigning now, before the end of the month.

We recommend that you reassign each of these persons under one of your five top Team Leaders (those who you expect to be designated as DDs on April 1st).

You may want to “spread the wealth,” and assign, say, one Team Leader under each of your top five Team Leaders.  Or you may want to concentrate those being moved under one or more of your top five Team Leaders, the one or ones that have clearly proven they’re going to be superstars.  We recommend you also review The Diamond Plan for guidance.

Definitely also consider “compatibility” before making any moves.  For example, do you have Team Leaders that would really work great together because of where they live in the world or the primary language they speak?  Or perhaps you have a new, but inexperienced Team Leader that could greatly benefit from being placed under a mentor “veteran” Team Leader.  Bottom line: There are all kinds of ways that people can be both compatible and incompatible, so DO consider this carefully before making any reassignments.

Bottom line: If possible, restructure your group so you have no more than five of your top Team Leaders on your first level.  Then, manually reassign under each of them the rest of your Team Leaders before the end of March.  This way, ALL of your Team Leaders can be Designated Diamonds when Opti-Build launches on April 1st.


To accommodate the type of restructuring Opti-Build requires, some changes in our reassignments rules were necessary.  Following are the new rules (effective immediately):

1. Affiliates (non-EAs) can be reassigned only to other PSAs unless you are a Designated Diamond OR an STL or higher in rank—in which case you may reassign to your downline (12 generations maximum).

2. Executive Affiliates (current or former) can be reassigned only to other PSAs unless you are a Designated Diamond OR an STL or higher in rank—in which case you may reassign to your downline (12 generations maximum).

3. Bronze and Silver Team Leaders (qualified at this rank within the last 45 days) can only be reassigned to other first-level Team Leaders of equal or greater rank.

4. Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Team Leaders (qualified at this rank within the last 45 days) may not be reassigned without permission from SFI Corporate. Submit a ticket for any requests to reassign a GTL, PTL, or DTL and include your reasons for wanting to make the reassignment, then await further instructions.

5. There is no longer a limit on how many times a person can be reassigned.  However, a person may be reassigned a maximum of once every 30 days.

6. You may reassign PSAs (including those that you did not personally refer to SFI). Once they’re officially your PSA, they are yours to reassign as desired per rules #1-#5.

7. Previously, 5 VP was earned when reassigning an affiliate with at least 600 VP in the prior 90 days.  This has been discontinued, effective immediately.  However, we are planning to replace this with something better in the near future…so stay tuned.


Q: When the system designates a DD, is that permanent?
No. All DDs will be designated at the beginning of each month based on their rank and VP for the previous month, and they’ll be qualified for Opti-Build for one month.  Thus, you could qualify as a DD in March, but then not for April.  Conversely, you could not qualify as a DD in March, but qualify in April.

Q: Are the reassignments I make permanent?
Essentially, yes, that’s why it’s vital that you carefully consider every reassignment.

Q: Could moving a Team Leader under another Team Leader create additional momentum in my group?
Yes, absolutely!  And it’s actually two-fold.  The one receiving the new Team Leader is likely to be DELIGHTED to have a new, active first-level Team Leader.  And the person you reassigned is likely to be excited also, because in doing so, you’ve given them what they needed to qualify as a DD and to be able to participate in Opti-Build!  Such a move aligns perfectly with the key tenet, “The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Q: What about non-Team Leaders on my first level?  Should I reassign them, too?
Yes, so long as you have at least one Team Leader on your first level who will qualify as a DD, you should strongly consider reassigning all your non-Team Leaders under your Team Leaders.  Why?  Again, “The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Q: I will likely meet the qualifications for DD by the end of March, but I know my sponsor has more than five Team Leaders, so I may be left out.  What can I do to improve my chances of being one of my sponsor’s five DDs?
The best way is to simply see to it that you are one of your sponsor’s five highest-ranked Team Leaders (and with enough VP to win out over any other Team Leaders with the same rank as you).  But if that’s not realistic, we would then encourage you to start a conversation with your sponsor immediately.  Let him or her know how much you want to be a DD and respectfully request that he/she reassign you to one of his/her top first-level Team Leaders so you may be a DD and participate in Opti-Build.

Q: What about CSAs?  Have the rules also changed on CSA reassignments?
We’ve made just one change on CSAs.  There’s no longer a limit on how many times a CSA may be reassigned (though no one may be reassigned more than once in a 30 day period).  TIP: We strongly recommend everyone review this article about how reassigning CSAs can sparks growth and momentum in your group!  Try it!

Q: I understand that Opti-Build works best when the lines it feeds into are narrow.  So will Opti-Build work better for me if I have less than five DDs?
Yes.  If you don’t already have five first-level Team Leader who will be DDs, we recommend focusing on no more than 2-3 people to start.  That is, help 2-3 of your PSAs become Team Leaders and DDs.  You may even want to consider reassigning everyone else on your first level under them.  Then pause on developing more first-level Team Leaders and make your focus be about getting your 2-3 DDs all the way to platinum.  Just by limiting your first level to 2-3 people, you’ll be automatically concentrating the power of Opti-Build…and making Opti-Build work more effectively for you (simply because all the sign-ups flowing through the Opti-Build stream will be less spread out). Then, each time one of your DDs hits platinum, add a new first-level DD.  Soon, you’ll have five first-level PTLs, per The Diamond Plan…and YOU will be a DTL!

Q: Do these new reassignment rules apply ONLY to Opti-Build?
No, ALL reassignments, both manual and automatic (Opti-Build), are now covered by these rules.

Q: I’m not familiar with manual reassignment.  What is the value of reassigning an affiliate…and how do I actually reassign someone?
See this Knowledge Base article. And/or search on the keyword “reassignment” from the Affiliate Center’s search engine.

Q: Can moving Team Leaders negatively impact income?
If you have a very deep group, it could, yes.  This is because you could move override income (Matching VP) out of your “pay range.”  Example: You’re a GTL, which qualifies you to earn on Matching VP down 10 generations.  You move an established STL down a generation, which puts some of the Matching VP you were earning on in that leg now on your 11th generation.  Such moves of Team Leader with deep groups can also similarly impact the earnings of your sponsor and other upline Team Leaders.  This is why we are encouraging everyone who is looking at reassigning Team Leaders to carefully and diligently consider every reassignment.  Special note:  You may want to consult your sponsor and/or other Team Leader who may have had a hand in developing/nuturing the Team Leaders you have on your first level.  Consulting with and asking for their blessing on any such moves is encouraged.

Q: Won’t I be giving up Direct Commissions if I reassign affiliates to other affiliates on lower generations in my group?
Yes, but don’t forget that you can still earn Matching VP on every one that is at least an Executive Affiliate (EA).  And, one more time, remember the tenet:

“The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Sure, you might earn a little more in the short term by keeping all your affiliates on your first level and tapping into the Direct Commissions they could generate for you.  But in the long term, you may very well be leaving a fortune on the table!  The fact is, the big money in SFI comes from leveraged income (duplication).  Opti-Build provides you with a way to put this part of your business into overdrive!  And, with proper focus, Opti-Build can make your Direct Commissions pale in comparison to your override commissions (Matching VP).  Also note that Direct Commissions will eventually roll up to you if the person/persons in between become inactive in SFI.

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