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For years we’ve been extolling the benefits of building a “5×5” organization (5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on), as outlined in SFI’s Diamond Plan.

And while some affiliates use The Diamond Plan as a guide, many use a more haphazard approach to their business, which is often ineffective.

So, today, we are extremely excited to reveal a program that not only actively and directly helps you build a powerful and lucrative 5×5 team, but also every member of your team, too!  This is because Opti-Build™ directly harnesses the synergistic energy of real teamwork and funnels this energy in a way that can make your SFI business explode with growth.

The power of Opti-Build starts with a policy change on Designated Diamonds.  Effective immediately, SFI now designates all DDs (Designated Diamonds), instead of sponsors. There are now two primary qualifications to be a DD:

  1. You have to hold the minimum rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader)
  2. You have to participate in Opti-Build

So what exactly IS Opti-Build?  Opti-Build can be thought of as a live auto-reassigner of your sign-ups.  Participating in the program means you’ll be automatically and immediately reassigning a minimum of 50% of your personal sign-ups to those who’ve been designated as DDs on your first level and, later, to DDs residing on lower generations in your group.


An example of what your group could look like after a year of “Opti-Building.”  And, yes, those are ALL Team Leaders!

NOTE! Opti-Build isn’t designed to use only the sign-ups YOU are generating.  On the contrary, if your upline members are also participating (and hopefully many or all will), THEIR sign-ups will also go into the Opti-Build “stream,” which can deliver a constant flow of sign-ups to you and  every affiliate in your downline, too.  Indeed, it’s what makes Opti-Build so potentially powerful!

Following is an example of how Opti-Build works:

“Leaving only PTLs in its wake”

Let’s say that your sponsor, his sponsor, and two other upline Team Leaders have all qualified as DDs and are participating in Opti-Build.  These four total upline members of yours are also savvy marketers and are currently generating over 200 new affiliate sign-ups a week.

Upon qualifying as a DD yourself, you’ll begin receiving a portion of those 200+ sign-ups your four upline members are generating each week!


As these PSAs you’re receiving advance in SFI and become DDs themselves, part of the flow of sign-ups you’ve been receiving from your upline will now automatically be “diverted” to YOUR DDs. Of course, you’re feeding your DDs as well—with the sign-ups you’re personally generating too.

This process continues ever downward, “leaving only PTLs in its wake!”

And all you and every other participant had to do was qualify as a Designated Diamond and “feed the stream” with your own sign-ups.  Simple, totally automated, and very, very POWERFUL. 


Q: What sign-ups will go into the Opti-Build “stream?”
Participants in Opti-Build can have ALL of their sign-ups go into Opti-Build…including from S-Builder Co-op, from the new Builder Bundles, PSAs To Go, Bid & Build, PSAs won at Pricebenders or purchased at TripleClicks, and of course any sign-ups they generate through their own advertising and marketing.

Q: So my upline will be building my downline for me?
They can certainly help you, yes, but definitely don’t look at Opti-Build as a “welfare program.”  On the contrary, you should enter participation with the full intent to contribute mightily to the system, as it will be this “synergy” of pooling resources and efforts that will make Opti-Build work for you, your downline, your upline, and all of SFI nation! Remember, all Executive Affiliates and Team Leaders share in a big 40% profit sharing plan (TripleClicks Executive Pool), so the more success SFI has companywide, the better for every individual affiliate.

Q: Is participation in Opti-Build mandatory?
No, participate only if you wish to benefit from the Opti-Build system.

Q: When will Opti-Build go live and start actually automatically reassigning sign-ups?
Opti-Build will go LIVE on April 1st, 2017.

Q: I’m already a Team Leader.  Where do I opt in to Opti-Build to meet the second DD qualification?
Opt in to Opti-Build HERE.  Note that you’ll need to select the percentage of your PSAs that you’ll be contributing to Opti-Build and agree to the terms of participation.

Q: How many of my PSAs can be receiving sign-ups from Opti-Build?
Opti-Build will work best when the lines it feeds into are “narrow.”  Therefore, a maximum of five of your PSAs can be designated as DDs and, hence, can be receiving sign-ups at any given time.  To avoid the scenario of having more Team Leaders than Opti-Build will provide for, you may wish to reassign some of your Team Leaders under some of your first-level DDs (more on this later).

Q: How does SFI limit it to a maximum of five DDs?
If you have more than five Team Leaders on your first level who wish to participate in Opti-Build, the five with the highest ranks will be designated as your five DDs.  If a tiebreaker is needed, the affiliate with the highest rank AND highest current VP will be the one used.  SFI will use your rank and VP as it stands at the end of each month.  Example: Your rank and VP at the end of March will determine if you’ll be designated as a DD for the month of April.  Your rank and VP at the end of April will determine if you’ll be designated as a DD for the month of May.  And so on.

Q: You say that Opti-Build works best when the lines it feeds into are narrow.  So will Opti-Build work better for me if I have less than five DDs?
Yes.  If you don’t already have five first-level DDs, we recommend focusing on no more than 2-3 people to start.  That is, help 2-3 of your PSAs become Team Leaders and DDs.  You may even want to consider reassigning everyone else on your first level under them.  Then pause on developing more first-level Team Leaders and make your focus be about getting your 2-3 DDs all the way to platinum.  Just by limiting your first level to 2-3 people, you’ll be automatically concentrating the power of Opti-Build…and making Opti-Build work more effectively for you (simply because all the sign-ups flowing through the Opti-Build stream will be less spread out). Then, each time one of your DDs hits platinum, add a new first-level DD.  Soon, you’ll have five first-level PTLs, per The Diamond Plan…and YOU will be a DTL!

Q: When does Opti-Build start diverting sign-ups from the Opti-Build stream to lower generations?
The simple algorithm that Opti-Build uses is this: Feed all DDs in the Opti-Build system until they’ve reached the rank of PTL (Platinum Team Leader)…while incorporating a 50/50 split.  Therefore, until you reach the rank of PTL, you’ll be the beneficiary of 50% of the sign-ups coming down the stream from your upline.  The other 50% will be automatically rotated between your first-level DDs–until they develop their own DDs—who will then automatically start receiving a percentage of the flow of sign-ups.   This process will automatically continue downward.

Q: Can I receive sign-ups from Opti-Build infinitely?
Not personally, no.  Once you’ve reached the rank of PTL (Platinum Team Leader), any sign-ups coming from the upline stream will bypass you and be assigned downline.  This of course can build income security for you by furthering the advancements of your downline team members while still continuing your own advancement towards becoming a DTL (Diamond Team Leader)!

Q: So when I’m personally generating sign-ups, how many generations below me might my sign-ups find a home with?
Imagine the birth of a new waterfall on a mountain.  At first, no water reaches the bottom, but as the crevices and deep spots on the way down are filled, the water cascades down.  Similarly, in time, as your group grows, your sign-ups could wind up two, three, four, five, even six or more generations below you.  And this will be a very good thing (see next answer)!

Q: But won’t I be giving up Direct Commissions if my sign-ups are reassigned to affiliates on lower generations in my group?
Yes, but don’t forget that you can still earn Matching VP on every one that is at least an Executive Affiliate (EA).  Moreover, it’s crucial that you understand the following concept:

“The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Sure, you might earn a little more in the short term by putting all your sign-ups on your first level and tapping into the Direct Commissions they could generate for you.  But in the long term, you may very well be leaving a fortune on the table!  The fact is, the big money in SFI comes from leveraged income (duplication).  Opti-Build provides you with a way to put this part of your business into overdrive!  And, with proper focus, Opti-Build can make your Direct Commissions pale in comparison to your override commissions (Matching VP).  Also note that Direct Commissions will eventually roll up to you if the person/persons in between become inactive in SFI.

Q: Is there any way to participate in Opti-Build but still have SOME of my sign-ups go to my first level like normal?
Yes. You can choose to keep 50% of your own sign-ups (50% placed normally, the other 50% placed automatically by Opti-Build).  This allows you to keep building out your first level, to find and develop additional Team Leaders, while still actively participating in Opti-Build.

Q: Will any of the sign-ups I generate go outside of my downline?
No, ALL sign-ups that you contribute to Opti-Build will be reassigned exclusively to DDs in your group.

Q: What is the cost for Opti-Build?
The only cost is your commitment to the program in contributing your sign-ups.

Q: Can my Opti-Build preferences be changed or are they permanent once set?
You can increase or decrease the amount of PSAs you’re contributing, or stop your participation in Opti-Build any time you want.

Q: Does Opti-Build utilize CSAs in any way?
At this time, no, at least not directly.  However, from your Genealogy, you can of course reassign your individual CSAs to affiliates in your group.  If you’re serious about making Opti-Build work for you, we recommend any CSAs you reassign be reassigned to your first-level DDs and/or DDs in lower generations in your group.  Why?  Remember the rule: “The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”  Obviously, awarding CSAs helps in this area.  And your interests are protected because the CSAs will be returned back to you if the persons you award them to drop below the rank of EA.

Q: Can Opti-Build help me, even if I’m not a DD myself yet?
Yes.  One of the great benefits of Opti-Build is that everyone’s PSAs will have a strong incentive to become a Team Leader so they may participate in the program.

Q: May I participate in Opti-Build even if I haven’t qualified as a DD yet?
No, but you may want to go ahead and opt in in preparation for when you meet the other requirement(s) for being a DD.

Q: Do you have to be a DD to receive sign-ups from Opti-Build?
Yes.  You can contribute some or all of your sign-ups regardless of your rank, but to receive sign-ups from Opti-Build you need to be a DD.

Q: My sponsor is inactive or won’t qualify as a DD.  Does that mean I can’t receive any sign-ups from above?
No.  Your inactive or unqualified sponsor will simply be skipped over when sign-ups come down the stream.  Same goes for any other inactive/unqualified upline members (they’ll be skipped as well).

Q: Can I have DDs after I’ve qualified as a DTL (Diamond Team Leader)?
The Team Leaders on your first level who are currently PTLs cannot be DDs (once you’ve advanced to PTL, you can no longer receive sign-ups from Opti-Build).  However, were you to add a new PSA who became a Team Leader and who wished to participate in Opti-Build, yes, they could be a new DD for you.  In fact, you could continue to develop PTLs on your first level, as many as you want, indefinitely, in this way.

Q: I can’t wait to become a DTL, but what if one of my five PTLs quits or becomes inactive after all I and my upline team members have invested to get them to Platinum?
We’re making a policy change to address this. That is, your goal should absolutely be to develop five FIRST-level PTLs.  However, we will allow the PTLs to be in any of your legs (minimum of one PTL in five different legs). Put another way, if there is a PTL within 12 generations, below one of your PSAs, we’ll count your PSA as a PTL as it pertains to your DTL qualifications.

Q: I’m an established affiliate who has more than five Team Leaders (and potential DDs) on my first level.  Can I move some of them (as you’ve recommended) so as to optimize how Opti-Build will work for me?
At this moment, we are preparing to adjust the reassignment rules to accommodate affiliates like yourself.  However, because such moves can affect not only your income but the income of your upline members, we want everyone to give all such moves careful consideration first.  Therefore, the reassignment rules will not be adjusted until later in March.  In the meantime, we encourage you to carefully assess how you want your organization to look like and who might work best with who, if reassigned.  Furthermore, you may want to consult your sponsor and/or other Team Leader who may have had a hand in developing/nuturing the Team Leaders you have on your first level.  Remember, moving Team Leaders can affect their income, so consulting with and asking for their blessing on any such moves is encouraged.

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