Opti-Build™ has arrived!

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Today, the first day of April 2017, we start a new chapter in SFI, with Opti-Build now assisting thousands to “build optimally” and empowering them to automatically follow The Diamond Plan.

In case you missed the Opti-Build announcement, you can get all the details HERE, but the basics are simply this:

For years we’ve been extolling the benefits of building a “5×5” organization (5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on), as outlined in SFI’s Diamond Plan.  Opti-Build helps you actively and automatically build this 5×5 “dream team,” and every member of your team, too!

Now that Opti-Build is LIVE, here are EIGHT IMPORTANT THINGS to know:

1. Participate with the right mindset!

Nothing is more important than to enter and participate in the program with the right mindset.  That is, Opti-Build is NOT about sitting around and waiting for spillover (sign-ups given to you from above).  If that’s your mindset, Opti-Build is not going to work for you.  Yes, you may very well receive spillover, but it’s critical that you take full responsibility for the success of Opti-Build for you and your downline members.  “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

Make certain that you’re personally contributing a steady supply of sign-ups (through your own advertising and/or with the help of S-Builder Co-op or a Builder Bundle unit).  If you’re not feeding into the system, don’t expect those above you to feed you!  

Yes, this is the time to be a leader and set an example for all of those in your downline.  Show ’em how it’s done!  And when they duplicate what you’re doing, the effects of Opti-Build can be astounding for you and your team of Designated Diamonds!

Remember, Opti-Build is all about “synergy,” about focusing every participant’s efforts on a common goal…of creating Diamond Team Leaders far and wide.  So resolve to be someone who consistently gives into the system, not someone who is just a taker, and teach this mindset throughout your team!

2. New Opti-Build email notifications

Each time you’re responsible for a new sign-up that is automatically reassigned by Opti-Build, you’ll receive a special email notification letting you know the name, location, and email of the person…and the name, location, and email of the Designated Diamond in your group they were reassigned to.

3. New Opti-Build filters for Genealogy

We’ve added two QuickFilters to the Genealogy.

  • Select the “Opti-Build-received” filter to see the people reassigned to you via Opti-Build from an upline member.
  • Select the “Opti-Build-reassigned” filter to see the persons you were the Originator of but who were reassigned by Opti-Build to a Designated Diamond in your downline.

4. Keycode for friends

So you’re participating in Opti-Build.  Great!  But what if you want to sponsor a friend or family member, and ensure they land on your first level?  By using the keycode 9999, you can exclude up to three sign-ups a month from Opti-Build.  That is, if you add “.9999” on the back of your SFI ID number on your SFI Gateway URL, Opti-Build will not apply the reassignment algorithm, and they’ll come into SFI with you as their direct sponsor.

Example: http://www.sfi4.com/21505.9999/free

But don’t forget that you can do this a maximum of only three times per month!

5. New Designated Diamonds

If you qualified as a Designated Diamond at the end of March, your Affiliate Snapshot, Leadership Page, etc., should now be sporting the DD badge.

For those of you who didn’t quite make it, who were unable to get designated as a Designated Diamond by the end of March, you’ve got a fresh month ahead of you to qualify  again by the end of April.  If your goal is to become a Designated Diamond, now’s the time to get busy.

6. Team Leader Co-ops when participating in Opti-Build

Here’s the rule:

  • If you’re participating in Opti-Build at the 100% level, no sign-ups you generate can go towards any Team Leader Co-ops you maintain.  Opti-Build take precedence.
  • If you wish to participate in Opti-Build AND operate a Team Leader Co-op, too, you’ll need to have your participation in Opti-Build set at 50%.  With this setting, half of your sign-ups will flow into Opti-Build…and the other half will go towards your Team Leader Co-op(s) and use whatever placement rules you’ve set up.

If this sounds “messy” to you, you might want to consider discontinuing your Team Leader Co-op.  Why?  Because Opti-Build is very much like a co-op already.  Opti-Build automatically pools together the advertising and lead generation resources being invested in by the participants, and then uses its AI to smartly place the sign-ups in a way that is designed to maximize success and income for every participant.  Opti-Build also, by requiring people to “raise their hands” and become Designated Diamonds to participate, has identified the workers (“work with the workers“) in your organization.

7. New Diamond Team Leader rule

As shared in the Opti-Build announcement, we’re easing the requirement for becoming a DTL.

Your goal should absolutely be to develop five FIRST-level PTLs as the Diamond Plan guides.  However, we now allow the PTLs to be in any of your legs (minimum of one PTL in five different legs). Put another way, if there is a PTL within 12 generations, below one of your PSAs, we’ll count your PSA as a PTL as it pertains to your DTL qualifications.

8. Unstoppable Contest paused

So that everyone can focus on the objectives of the new Opti-Build program in April, we’re pausing the Unstoppable Contest. We hope to “un-pause” it later this Spring.  Watch for announcements.

 What’s next?

Opti-Build has already been excitedly received by thousands of SFI affiliates, and April should be a very exciting first month.  What’s next is to get even more people involved in this new program.

For those of you who have budding organizations, you’ll want to keep looking for ways to refine your structure through manual reassignments.  Review the new reassignment rules HERE.  By strategically reassigning team members, you’ll get more and more people focused on the Diamond Plan and becoming Designated Diamonds themselves.  Read all about how to do reassignments and benefits of reassigning affiliates HERE.

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