New Active Sponsor policy

Beginning May 1st, 2017, SFI will employ a new, accelerated roll-up/compression policy so as to provide a higher level of support and leadership companywide.

Here’s how it will work:

Being a bonafide sponsor requires being active, engaged, and supportive of those you are the sponsor of.  Unfortunately, many affiliates sponsor others only to essentially abandon them.  To mitigate these situations, all sponsors of affiliates will now be required to:

Log in at least once AND have at least 250 VersaPoints every 45 days

Affiliates failing to meet these two requirements will immediately and permanently forfeit all PSAs to their sponsor.  If the receiving sponsor also fails to meet the two requirements, he or she will forfeit as well…and so on up the line.

Therefore, if your sponsor and, say, four other upline members between you and an active upline Team Leader are inactive, you’re going to move up FIVE generations in May!  Yes, if you don’t currently have an active sponsor, you’re going to have one soon!

This new accelerated roll-up/compression policy is also designed to align with the objectives of The Diamond Plan and Opti-Build.

IMPORTANT TIP: Some of you, especially if you’re a Team Leader with a lot of generations of “dead wood” in your group, you may find yourself with dozens or even hundreds of new, forfeited affiliates on your first level in May.  We strongly encourage you to treat this as a business-building opportunity!  That is, if you’ll reassign these persons under the Designated Diamonds (DD) in your group, you have the opportunity to not only juice your DDs but also juice these new, received affiliates who can now have the opportunity to get more active and become DDs and participate in Opti-Build themselves!  A win/win for all!


Q: What’s the main objective of this policy?
To help ensure that as many affiliates as possible have an actively-engaged and supportive sponsor and upline team.

Q: My sponsor probably doesn’t currently meet the two requirements, but still I’d like him to continue to be my sponsor.  Anything I can do about this?
You can contact your sponsor and make sure he is aware of the new policy so he can get himself qualified by the end of April.

Q: If someone is not meeting the new requirements, will they no longer be an SFI affiliate?
No. They will only forfeit their PSAs.  They will still be an affiliate until they’ve gone an entire year without logging in (per our standard policy). And as an affiliate, they can still earn unlimited commissions and even start sponsoring again and build a new team if desired.  The new rule just helps ensure that every SFI affiliate has an actively-engaged and supportive sponsor.

Q: Could this roll-up of people increase my commissions?
It could, yes.  The more people that move into your payline (i.e., the generations where you’ll earn Matching VP), the more you could earn.  You could also increase your Direct Commissions for those who rolled up to your first level.  However, we do want everyone to be aware that rolling up all these people to Team Leaders could mean more Matching VP is earned (i.e., more shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool), which could reduce pool share values somewhat.  But in the long run, the positives will certainly outweigh any temporary negatives for most if not all.

Q: So, this roll-up of people could increase my commissions even if I don’t receive any on to my first level?
If you’re a Team Leader, it definitely could, yes.  This is because the more people that move into your payline (i.e., the generations where you’ll earn Matching VP), the more Matching VP shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool you’ll earn on.

Q: If I’m the direct beneficiary of forfeited affiliates, do they become my PSAs?
Yes, they become your PSAs, with full sponsor rights, including the ability to reassign them as desired.  Tip: If you’re reassigning, be sure to follow the guidelines of The Diamond Plan (e.g. build a 5×5 structure).  More on reassignments to optimize Opti-Build HERE.

Q: Will sponsors who are in jeopardy of forfeiting their PSAs receive any advance notice from SFI?
Yes. Starting in May, we will automatically send a warning email at 35 days and 44 days so the sponsor is informed of the pending forfeiture of his/her PSAs.

Q: What if I was ill, away, or had some other situation that wouldn’t allow me to fulfill the requirements for awhile?
For such an instance, you may put your account on Vacation Mode and we won’t include the days you’re away in the 45 days.  Note, however, that the limit on using Vacation Mode for this purpose is six months.

Q: Could someone forfeit their PSAs and then get them back by meeting the requirements later?
No.  Once they’ve been forfeited, they cannot be reclaimed.  The only exception would be if the upline person who received them agreed to reassign them back to the person who forfeited them.

Q: When will we see the results of these roll-ups?
We plan to complete all the roll-ups during the first week of May.

Q: Will we have to wait 45 days for each level to roll up?
No. During the first week of May we will identify every affiliate who is not meeting the requirements and roll up their PSAs.

Q: How often will these new roll-ups happen?
From May 1st on, every day our system will identify the affiliates who are not meeting the requirements and roll up their PSAs.

Q: When a PSA is rolled up to a new sponsor, what happens to any affiliates that might reside under that PSA?
The entire downline/group under the PSA will move along with the PSA.  They’ll still have their same sponsors, but they will have moved up one generation in the company.

Q: Just logging in and having 250 VP every 45 days doesn’t ensure that someone will be a good sponsor, does it?
This new policy isn’t a cure-all because, yes, there can still be sponsors who log in somewhat regularly and have the required VP, but still are essentially absent from their business.  But we believe this policy will help a LOT and positively impact thousands of existing affiliates who currently have a less-than-ideal sponsor.  And should we need to go further, make the requirements even higher in the future, we will consider that too.

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